Thursday, September 11, 2014

Will Scotland separate from UK?

Looking at this question in horary astrology, a chart was cast for 9/9/2014 in NYC to see what it had to say about the matter. The Moon is forming eight aspects. This means shilly-shallying, and nothing simple and straight forward to be expected. The Moon's first aspect is square Pluto retrograde, and her final aspect is counterparallel Neptune retrograde, meaning what began badly will run into confusion and end, after a long time, badly. The Moon is also besieged between Neptune retrograde and Uranus retrograde, meaning one bad turn leads to another; trouble behind, and trouble ahead. Besieged Moon does not function freely. Also Moon in Aries is apt to run off course. The matter is extremely complicated. It is disadvantageous for Scotland. Retrograde Neptune behind the Moon shows change involving loss. Scotland will lose. Neptune in Pisces is oil in the north sea. Retrograde, it is being withheld. Moon counterparallel to Neptune means it slips out of Scotland's control. The counterparallel also means when it is too late to do anything about it.
Mercury is the ruler of the 2nd house (what is coming up in the matter). Mercury is in Libra in the 6th house opposite the Moon. This means that confusion and disagreement will develop.

The Moon's aspects are as follows.

1. Square Pluto retrograde.
2. Trine Jupiter.
3. Opposition Mercury.
4. Parallel Uranus retrograde.
5. Counterparallel Mercury.
6. Conjunction Uranus retrograde.
7. Parallel Venus.
8. Counterparallel Neptune retrograde.

The Moon's aspects are three easy, five hard; the matter is difficult to work out. A lot of going back and forth is happening. The Moon rules the 3rd house (talks) and is in the 12th house (behind the scenes). The Moon also rules the 4th house (the people and the end of the matter). Moon in Aries wanders off course, and, with a majority of bad aspects, especially the last aspect bad, suggests that a lot of tangential issues come into play. The Moon's first aspect square Pluto retrograde in the 9th house (Pluto ruling the 7th house) shows the matter to be old and fraught with complications connected to (secret) foreign interests, some criminal. The Moon's final aspect counterparallel Neptune retrograde, with Neptune in the 11th house shows the matter confused. Parliament is confused. It will not be settled any time soon.
Mercury, ruler of the 2nd house (finances) is in opposition with the Moon. The move would be financially disadvantageous for the Scottish people, to put it mildly.
Saturn and Mars in the 7th house shows contention. Saturn in 7 says that the question itself needs to be questioned. Obviously something has to change in Scotland's relation to the UK, but the question might better be what and how.
That Scotland is moving to separate from the UK cannot be ignored. It points out something very deep in the UK that must be sorted out.
Venus is the ruler of the Ascendent in this chart. Pluto is the ruler of the 7th house. The relationship between the ruler of the Ascendent and the 7th house show the relationship, as a marriage. While Pluto is retrograde, Venus is applying to trine with Pluto. They are mutually applying to trine. The trine does not point to separation, but to agreement. A mutually acceptable agreement will be reached amid a lot of difficult issues that need sorting out. The relationship is extremely complex.
It all suggests something of a compromise will be made.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joan Rivers' death as seen in Chinese astrology

The signs of Joan Rivers' year, month, day, and hour of birth were Water Rooster, Earth Horse, Wood Snake, and Fire Ox, respectively. Her chart shows someone whose career was totally into entertainment. Her vital element was Water, showing her at her strongest in her 40s through 70s. Her peak cycle, being in her 80s, endangered her life.
Rivers' cycles made death possible in her cycle of 80 to 90. 2014 does not look like the time that she would naturally have passed away. She was killed. Her death was untimely. A natural year for her passing could have been anywhere from 2015, at the earliest, to 2021. The sign of the month in which she went through her fatal surgery is Water Rooster. She was born in the year of Water Rooster. Water Rooster violently attacks Water Rooster. This was obviously a terrible month for her to have had surgery.
Did she have enemies? She was born on a day of Wood. There is only one Wood in her chart. Metal kills Wood. Her chart has four Metals. Metal made her stand out very bravely, even brazenly. It does represent enemies. Yes, she had enemies.
Having only one Wood, and Wood being her ruling element, she had what is called in Chinese astrology a Flying Bird. The legend of Flying Bird is: "Flying Bird gets shot." Her outspokenness contributed to her vulnerability.
The element that killed her Flying Bird is Metal. We are now in the season of Chinese fall, the Metal season. With the lunar month beginning 5/29 , and running all the way up to 11/7, there is strong Metal. Rivers' death happened in the middle of a strong run of Metal. Still, the year doesn't show her death, and it would have been wrong to predict her natural death this year. Next year would have been possible. It appears she was killed.
One Wood with five Fires in her chart made her very outspoken. She was a firebrand, and she always loved being in the limelight. Still, all in all, predicting her death in 2014 seems a stretch. It should not have happened so early.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chinese astrological portrait of Robin Williams

Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951 at 1:34 PM in Chicago. The signs of his year, month, day, and hour of birth are Metal Rabbit, Wood Sheep, Water Dog, and Fire Horse, respectively. His birth stars are 4 Wood, 3 Wood, and 6 Metal. He was a gentle, very lively, creative soul. His personality, as shown by the signs of his year and day of birth, shows a keen sense of discernment, intuitive sensitivity, aesthetic sensibility, and the ability to understand others objectively. He was very subtle, and made an art of life. He also was a deep thinker, and had the ability to hide what he thought. He had the ability to appear nonchalant and ebullient when he was troubled. He was very sociable and inclined to entertain others. He was gregarious and suspicious, and prone to confusion as he didn't trust his own better judgement and had an aimless habit of anxiety. It was extremely difficult for him to resolve doubts. Over and above this, he had a very charming manner.

Williams' birth stars show him to have been an expert navigator, but prone to recklessness, and apt to take on more than he could handle. He ran into serious difficulties several times in his life.

Williams' chart has 1 Water, 3 Woods, 4 Fires, 3 Earths, and 2 Metals. Fire is the predominant element, showing a very active character. Water is the weakest element, very dangerous for him, because he was born on a day of Water; he was ruled by Water. 1 Water for him was a sitting duck waiting to get shot. Weak Water, especially as the birth element, shows vulnerability of emotions, sexual functioning, nerves, bones, and brain.

Because of the weakness of his birth element, and because his chart has Heaven Medicine Star, it is obvious that Williams' was prone to serious illness. His suicide followed severe depression. He was emotionally ill, and had serious addiction problems. It is also reported that he had the beginning stages of Parkinson's.

The weakness of his birth element, Water, indicates that Metal was Williams' vital element. Metal was strong in Williams' chart between his age 35 and 55. Despite any untoward circumstance in his life, he was going strong in those years. Prior to that period, in the cycle between his age 25 and 35, he appears to have been having a rough ride. The cycle 25 to 35 is Water Dragon. The Water of that cycle brought out his worst weaknesses. Personal relations in that cycle were also turbulent.

The balance of yin and yang in Williams' chart shows 10 yin and 3 yang. It is extremely unbalanced, denoting a proneness to illness; he had a weak heart. The extreme yin of his chart also shows that he took in a great deal, and was easily affected by others. It is reasonable to say that his illness was triggered by the insanity of the circles in which he moved and worked. He was a victim of Hollywood.

The chart deity of Williams' chart is called Explicit Talent Deity. It shows that he was cut out for a career in entertainment. Had he managed to get past this period of illness he would have reached his peak in the cycle between age 65 and 75. But, between age 55 and 65 he was going through an impossibly difficult time.

Williams' birth element was Water. The cycle of 55 to 65 is Earth Ox. It is extremely strong Earth. Earth kills Water. Williams' weakest element, his birth element, was being killed in his cycle of age 55 to 65, hence his falling into his illness that lead to his suicide. The signs of Earth Ox also clash with Williams' career signs, Sheep and Horse, showing that he was discontent with his career toward the end.

Williams' vital element, the element that could have saved his life, Metal, is extremely weak in the 55 to 65 cycle. And in the year 2014, the year of Wood Horse, Metal is destroyed. Metal is weakened by Wood, and is killed by Fire. Horse is Fire. So, Wood and Fire ganged up and killed Williams' Metal. This year also put Williams' birth star in a pivotal position; this was a pivotal year in Williams' life. It shows that he was very angry toward the end of his life. He was in tremendous conflict. 8/11, the day of Williams' death was the day of Wood Tiger. Tiger is a Wood sign. So, there was extreme Wood. The Wood exhausted Williams' Metal, and so he died.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The meaning of the lunation period of July 26 to August 25

The perfect image for this period is that of Hercules fighting the lion. This is a month of struggles. In astrology we see, at the new moon of July 26, Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon all in conjunction in Leo square Mars in Scorpio, pointing to a time of extreme violence and hatred in the world. Then, at the full moon of August 10, we see the Sun and Moon square Saturn in Scorpio, another violent configuration. The tide of violence seen at the new moon is growing and will become much uglier by the full moon. It is possible that, toward and right after the full moon, in addition to all the fighting, there will be some major seismic event(s) and storms.

Saturn at the new moon was at 16:40 degrees Scorpio, quincunx Uranus at 16 degrees Aries showing, with the Mars square Jupiter and the new moon, a breaking point in the cosmic energy. Saturn at the full moon is at 17:00 degrees Scorpio, having moved only 20 minutes. And here he is very tightly square the Sun and Moon at 18 degrees Leo and Aquarius, respectively, a violent configuration. Because of the quincunx between Saturn and Uranus, the full moon and Sun sextile and trine Uranus, respectively, there will be violent release of the cosmic tension: a sudden move, or jolt. It could bring explosions, not only bombs and increased rioting, but possible volcanic activity. Uranus is in Aries, a fire sign. The Moon is in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus, and is opposite the Sun and Square Saturn. This confirms the reading that there will be a violent jolt.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jupiter's Ingress into Leo

Jupiter entered Leo on July 16 at 11:31 AM GMD. A fiery planet in a fiery sign, Jupiter here expands all in the world that is fiery both positive and negative, creative and destructive. Jupiter's stormy side is expressed in fire; his more peaceful side is expressed in water. In the cabalistic book, the Sephir Yetzirah, Jupiter in Pisces, therefore in water signs, is said to be peaceful; and in Sagittarius, therefore in fire signs, is warlike. Leo, a potentially violent sign, is, nonetheless, the sign of love affairs, luck, games, sports, gambling, speculation, creative self-expression, children, and pure power. Jupiter magnifies these urges in the world from now until he enters Virgo, the sign of his detriment, in August, 2015. We may see world leaders becoming more emboldened in the coming months.

Jupiter in Leo affects developments in countries, regions, and cities under the influence of Leo, including France, Czech Republic, Italy, Sicily, the Alps, East Africa, Madagascar, Palestine, Iraq (Mesopotamia) Romania; Rome, Berlin, Philadelphia, Prague, Chicago, Mumbai, Damascus, Detroit, Jerusalem, Miami, Oklahoma City, San Francisco; Oregon, California (the extreme western part of the US), Western Canada, Alaska. Leo rules the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Islands. Leo also rules forests in general. The influence of Jupiter in these areas can work benignly and destructively. The danger to the Pacific is seen in increasing radiation from Fukushima. There will also be an increase in volcanic and seismic activity in the Pacific islands, possibly including Hawaii. The danger to forests is fire. Fire may also come out in the release of methane gas in the far north.

The charts for the UK and EU show Jupiter in the 10th house at 00 degrees Leo. Jupiter is also in mutual reception with the Moon, giving him a second reading in the 5th house. The Sun is also in the 10th house, and the Moon is in the 6th. Jupiter entering Leo in the 10th house signifies an important change in the top circles of the Government. The mutual reception position of Jupiter links this to diplomatic affairs. The Moon in the 6th house stresses public and military, especially naval service. The Moon trine the Sun shows that these developments benefit the Governments. Mars, on the other hand, is in the 1st house square to the Sun in the 10th house showing that the people are angry. Saturn is in the 2nd house, retrograde, showing deep and persistent financial woes. The economies of the UK and EU are not exactly booming. Jupiter in the 10th house benefits the upper circles.

The chart for the US (at Washington DC) has Jupiter in the 1st house conjunct the Ascendant. In mutual reception with the Moon his mutual reception point is in the 8th house. This shows on the one hand, benefits to the people in general, and a noticible influx of new comers (immigrants). Uranus is in the 10th house square the Sun in the 12th house, square Pluto in the 6th and quincunx Saturn in the 4th, and with Mars in the 4th does not help the Potus. Uranus in the 10th not at all well supported brings sudden and unexpected, potential emergency-like developments to him and/or members of his circle. No doubt, security will be increased. DC is not exactly the safest place to be. The incumbency is also subject to sharp criticism; its opposition, as shown by Mars and Saturn in the 4th house, is doing its best to undermine it.

The chart for New York City has Jupiter rising just above the Ascendent, in the 12th house. Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury are all in the 12th house. Jupiter's mutual reception degree is in the 8th house, all showing favorable developments with more money going into public institutions benefiting the city to some degree. The chart for NYC is better than that for DC: Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant is protective; Uranus in the NYC chart is not in the 10th house, but in the 9th stimulating international trade, but warning of accidents. Mars and Saturn in the 4th house, nonetheless, bring obstacles and difficulties to the city Government; affairs will not go smoothly (did they ever?). Saturn in the 4th retrograde in Scorpio also warns of underground water and sewer mains in need of repair. Mars in the 4th house square the Sun warns of fires in public buildings and possible explosions.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A look at the July full moon in western and Chinese astrology

The full moon came on July 12 at 12:26 PM GMD. The Moon and Sun at 20 degrees Capricorn and Cancer, respectively were square to Uranus and Mars to form a grand cardinal cross, making this very tense. At the full moon we also see Mercury at 29 degrees Gemini, and Jupiter at 29 degrees Cancer, showing people running out of patience. At the same time there is a tight trine between Venus and Mars, very favorable for matters of love, but, considering the other aspects, it brings out passionate conflict. We can see this in the rise of anger and hatred in the word these days especially in the middle east and the Ukraine. The Moon was in her 23rd Mansion, called Casiah; it is unfavorable for coming to agreement, and indicates strife, envy and jealousy.

The full moon charts for the UK and EU have the Sun in the 10th house, the Moon in the 4th house, Mars in the 1st, and Uranus in the 7th, all showing tremendous tension in political and public affairs. There is great tension between the leadership and its opposition. The people are in opposition to the ruling class. Mars and Uranus in these charts show great anger and danger of violence. Saturn is in the 2nd house retrograde, shows poverty. The trine of Venus and Mars shows international agreements being made, but not to benefit to the people; the people are angry.

The full moon chart for the US has the Sun in the 12th house, the Moon in the 6th house, Mars in the 3rd house, and Uranus in the 9th house. These all indicate news coming late, trouble with public services, and heightened possibilities of air, car, and rail accidents. Be careful on the road. Violent storms are also indicated. The trine of Venus and Mars show agreements made between the Executive and Congressional branches of the Government in face of developing international emergencies. Mars in the 3rd house opposite Uranus in the 9th shows the matter of illegal immigration urgent. Mercury at 29 degrees Gemini in the 11th house shows members of Congress running out of patience. Jupiter at 29 degrees Cancer in the 12th house is unfortunate for children, possibly meaning a rising death rate.

The Chinese signs for the year, month, day, and hour of the full moon are Wood Horse, Metal Sheep, Wood Monkey, and Fire Rabbit, respectively. The chart has an aspect called Knife Blade. It is bad for children, and indicates dangers of accidents to the elderly. The chart shows unstable conditions in the days around the full moon, and encourages self-reliance. The elements in this chart are 4 Woods, 4 Fires, 4 Earths, 2 Metals, and 1 Water. The energy is profusely active, and needs limiting. If matters go on unchecked, relations are undone. The chart calls for discipline.

Boiled down to an I Ching hexagram, the full moon gives us hexagram 62, Preponderance of the Small, line 1. The hexagram says that when the bad days are over, everything will return to normal. The hexagram does not favor ascending; it favors descending, doing small things, and paying attention to details. The hexagram is not lucky in summertime. The 1st line of the hexagram says, make sure to be prepared before you act. Premature action brings inevitable danger.

All in all, this is pointing to a need to maintain self-control and be watchful in face of turbulent forces.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The June new moon in western and Chinese astrology

The new moon came on June 27 at 9:10 AM GMD. It was at 5 degrees Cancer forming a trine with Neptune to bring lucky breaks for those of us who have planets at or near 5 degrees Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and/or Capricorn.

In opposition with Pluto, the new moon also tells those of us who have planets at or near 5 degrees Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, or Libra to avoid compounding complicated conditions. The absence of someone depended on may frustrate you. Cooperation and patience are best.

Mercury is retrograde at the new moon pointing to minor hesitations, or changes of plans. Mercury at the new moon was at 25 degrees Gemini. He goes into direct station on Saturday, June 28, and turns direct on Wednesday, July 2. When in direct station, decisions will begin to firm up, hesitations notwithstanding. When direct, all will start moving forward once again. Where depends on the house in your chart in which Mercury turns direct. For example, if Mercury turns direct in your 10th house, your career should take a turn for the better. Mercury turns direct at 24 degrees Gemini when the north lunar node is at 24 degrees Libra. Being in the same degree, the turning point of Mercury will have strong impulse that should register in whichever house the north lunar node is transiting at this time as well. For example, if the north lunar node is transiting your 2nd house, it will register in your finances. The Mercury direct trine north lunar node is fortunate; it supports positive decisions and actions, including signing of papers, money transactions, business and financial deals, communications and possible travels.

Venus at the new moon is at 4 degrees Gemini, a critical degree, and is forming a square with Neptune, showing a danger of wasting money, indulging in the wrong things that can cause illness, and being prone to disappointment due to pie in the sky.

The piece de resistance in this chart, however, is Mars exactly opposite Uranus, an explosive aspect. Mars is in Libra and Uranus is in Aries. And both of these are square Pluto in Capricorn. This generates tension. We can see the effects of this tension in the violent turmoil happening in the world, not only in all the fighting and quarreling, but in seismic and volcanic activity. If you have any planets at or near 16 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, and/or Capricorn you will feel this tension and may have a hard time controlling your temper.

The new moon seen in the UK and EU is in the 11th house showing changes coming in parliamentary activities. Because the new moon is both trine to Neptune and opposite Pluto, with Pluto involved in a T-square with Mars and Uranus, activities will be both beneficial and difficult. Difficulties appear to be related to diplomatic and international affairs as well as to commerce. There also appears to be dangers of car, rail, and/or air crashes this month. If traveling in the UK or Europe this month, be careful.

The new moon seen in Washington DC is in the 2nd house shows much activity developing in financial and stock market affairs. It is both good and bad. On the one hand, the trine to Neptune shows great gains possible. But, on the other hand, the opposition to Pluto square Mars and Uranus shows dangers of loss. Uranus is in Aries opposite Mars in Libra. Aries is in the NY Stock Exchange 10th house. This makes the market conditions potentially volatile.
In the new moon chart in DC we find Uranus in the 11th house with Mars in the 5th. It speaks of difficulties, angry arguments, and unexpected developments in Congress with the danger of an accident or disgrace to one of it members.
Neptune is in the 10th house in this chart. Neptune is square to Venus in the 12th house, Venus being in a critical degree. This brings a degree of disgrace to the Potus in connection with a woman, or women, not necessarily his wife, but someone who talks behind his back; Venus is in the 12th house-of-secret-enemies. We find Neptune in mutual reception with Uranus connecting him with someone in the Congress. There appears no way around trouble, the mutual reception notwithstanding, because mutual reception Neptune is in opposition with Mars and is square Pluto. There is a mess brewing.
Mercury is retrograde in the 1st house. Mercury also rules the 1st house in this chart. This means that the people are in a indecisive mood,  but this mood will change, as Mercury is soon to turn direct.

The signs for the year, month, day and hour of the new moon seen in DC are Wood Horse, Metal Sheep, Earth Snake, and Fire Tiger, respectively. This is the month of Metal Sheep. It is somewhat aggressive in tone as it clashes with the year sign, Wood Horse.
The element count is 7 Fires, 6 Earths, 2 Metals, 00 Water, and 3 Woods. The energy is very hot and dry. The chart wants to produce Metal, meaning it strives to get to the cutting edge. This has ominous meanings for military activity, but very good meanings for the arts and fashion.
The predominance of Fire makes this month extremely active. It could bring intense heat and fires. So much Fire and Earth could also bring a spike in volcanic activity. In the human sphere it could bring out anger and anxiety. In areas of the world in military conflict this will be an extremely hot and ugly month.
The yin/yang balance in this chart is 7 yin and 8 yang. This is very good, as yin and yang are almost perfectly balanced and support both beginning and ending. The energy of the month supports productivity.

The new moon reduced to an I Ching hexagram gives us hexagram 20, line 4. Hexagram 20 is called Observation, or waiting, and implies trust. It has the symbol of abundant flowers in full bloom, a sign of prosperity. But because hexagram 20 is not good for summer, the good indication is modified.
The advice given by line 4 is to take a broadened outlook, to be open minded, and consider what is of universal benefit.

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