Thursday, April 21, 2016

The death of Prince seen in Chinese astrology

Prince was born on June 7, 1958 at 6:17 PM. The Chinese signs for his birth year, month, day, and hour are Earth Dog, Fire Snake, Wood Rabbit, and Wood Rooster, respectively. He was born in Chinese summer season; its element is Fire.

The element count in Prince's chart is 4 Fire, 3 Earth, 3 Metal, 3 Wood, and 0 Water. 00 Water is most interesting, as it points to danger in years and cycles of Water. Prince's chart shows two cycles: his age 50 - 60, and 60 - 70 ruled by Water (Water Dog, and Water Pig, respectively).
Water rules over cold, wet climate. Living in the north, such as in Minneapolis, was a challenge to his vitality, especially in these Water cycles.
Prince's vital element was Metal. The best fengshui advice for him would have been to move to a dry, cool climate by age 50. It would have prolonged his life, although his vitality would have weakened nontheless. He could possibly have lived another 10 years. Metal climate is clear mountain air.

Prince's chart shows a generally favorable run of luck from his late teens to early 50s, His strongest vitality was in the period of his mid-30s to early 50s, a period that also favored romantic relationships.

The zodiac sign of his cycle from age 50 to 60 is Water Dog. Combined with the signs of his birth chart, this generates Wood and Fire. Prince's vital element is Metal. Wood and Fire destroy Metal. This means that Prince's vital element was destroyed in this cycle. His resistance to disease became poor. Had he come for a Chinese astrological reading, the advice would have been, since age 50, to look after his health seriously.
Breaking down the signs Water and Dog, Dog came up in Prince's age 55 to 60. Dog combines with the sign of Prince's day of birth, Rabbit, to generate Fire. Fire killed his vital element, Metal. This, happening in a cycle ruled by Water, should have been a warning to him. What's more, the life cycle he was in from age 50 to 60 is called 'Burial.' It all means he was weak and unable to withstand illness. Had he managed to fight his way out of this, he would probably have died sometime in his life cycle of age 60 to 70; it is called Death.

The year 2016, Fire Monkey, especially the 1st half of the year, from February to August, is a Fire year. He died in the spring, whose element is Wood. Wood and Fire came together and killed his vital element, Metal. Monkey, the zodiac sign of 2016, combines with the signs of Prince's birth chart to bring out two stars: Traveling Star, and Robbing Star. These obviously acted as malefics. He was robbed of his vitality and is now moving on.  4/20/16 was the day of Water Monkey, and 4/21/16 is the day of Water Rooster. The Water of both of these days confirms the matter. We wish him well.

In his relatively short life, he accomplished much. His life was rich.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The outlook according to the spring equinox and lunar eclipse

The spring equinox came on March 20 at 4:31 GMT. Because it came so close to the lunar eclipse on March 23, they can be viewed together.

The spring equinox chart has only one lunar aspect: Moon quincunx Mercury. This means that in the atmosphere of all the other planetary aspects, there is only one thing to anticipate, as far as this chart is concerned. Moon and Mercury rule the mental state of the world. The quincunx says it is unstable. The world is everywhere ill at ease, and in need of adjustments everywhere.

Mercury is in Pisces, his weakest sign. A wave of fear, distrust, disbelief, and confusion sweeps over the world. Changes and political decisions made this quarter, whatever they are, will tend to be unfortunate. There is coming and going to no purpose. Contracts and agreements bring misunderstanding. Promises and appointments are not kept. There will be plenty of false news to distract attention involving bad publicity, scandals, petty quarrels, gossip, tale-bearing, and there will be legal disputes.

The context of all the above is shown by the following planetary aspects.

On the hard side,
Mars is square Venus and Neptune,
Jupiter is square Saturn and opposite Neptune,
Saturn is square Neptune,
Uranus is square Pluto.

On the easy side,
Mars is trine the Sun,
Saturn is trine Uranus.

Mars is in a critical degree: 4 degrees Pisces. This means a crisis in which underground aggression comes out.

Short of going into details, the general atmosphere shows six hard aspects against two easy. The Moon quincunx Mercury favors the hard aspects. The general tone of the time is distressed. The quincunx aspect is, by definition, an aspect of distress requiring adjustment and probable separation.

The spring equinox chart, made at Greenwich, UK has its Ascendant in Aquarius. This means that the reading holds water for an entire year.

Briefly, the chart at Greenwich has Venus, Neptune, Mercury, and the Sun in the 1st house opposite the Moon and Jupiter in the 7th house. There is a strong pulling apart of Britain from the EU in evidence. Mars is in the 9th house, conjunct the Mid-Heaven exacerbating the tension and involving heated quarreling in the respective Governments. Saturn is in the 10th house. Square Neptune in the 1st, opposite Jupiter in the 7th, and trine Uranus in the 2nd. The hated bond between Britain and the EU is most likely to break, and a new, more enterprising direction taken. If they manage to stay together, a new direction will be the only course open.
In the charts both of the UK and EU, the Moon in the 7th house is quincunx Mercury in the 1st. An adjustment must happen. Separation is highly likely. Saturn in the 10th house trine Uranus in the 2nd house in both charts says that if the two sides split up it will open new avenues for economic development. It is the most optimistic outlook, especially for Britain.
The EU is apt to begin fragmenting.

The chart at Washington DC has Mars and Saturn in the 1st house. This shows the angry and extremely discontented feeling of the people. Mars in a critical degree square Venus and Neptune in the 3rd house points to possible rioting on the streets, possible terrorist activity in addition to staged political riots. Stay out of harm's way.

The lunar eclipse comes on March 23 at 12:02 PM GMT. It is at 3 degrees Libra. The eclipse Moon is opposite Mercury. So, we see the equinox Moon quincunx Mercury answered in the eclipse chart by the Moon opposition Mercury. Nature is eloquent. The eclipse is driving home the meanings of the equinox chart Moon/Mercury aspect. Where it is most likely to affect is where the eclipse is visible. That is across North America, most of South America, and all the way across the Pacific to Asia as far west as Pakistan.
The traditional reading for a lunar eclipse in the 1st decanate of Libra is violent weather. If we add to this the Sun's position at 3 degrees Aries, it tells of violence and sedition in the human realm.
The eclipse charts for the UK and EU show the Moon at the nadir opposite Sun and Mercury in the zenith. This brings extreme tension between the ruling parties and their opposition. Europe is in serious political turmoil.
The eclipse chart for Washington DC has Neptune, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Uranus all in the 12th house opposite Moon and Jupiter in the 6th. This brings up a wave of criminal activity, and points to scandals in connection to the Administration, and probable rioting during the period of the coming three months in which this eclipse is in effect. The eclipsed Moon in the 6th house sextile Mars shows a spike in police and/or military activity. Pluto in the 10th house square Uranus in the 12th shows a delinquent President.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

An astrological view of the solar eclipse of March 9

The solar eclipse came on March 9 at 2:07 AM GMT. It was at 18:56 Pisces.

A solar eclipse in the middle section of Pisces, according to tradition, presages tidal waves. This eclipse was fully visible over Indonesia. There is a strong probability of seismic and tsunami activity coming to Indonesia and that region as an effect of this eclipse. It could also cause a volcanic explosion. When this happens could be this month, or any time within a year at most, as repercussions of solar eclipses tend to spin out over time.

And eclipse in Pisces unleashes chaos.

The effects of this eclipse for the world in general, looking at the planetary aspects are as follows.

The eclipse in Pisces is exactly opposite Jupiter in Virgo. The polarity of Pisces and Virgo has generally to do with labor and services, public health, food, and military services.
Pisces has generally to do with issues of asylum, hospitals, prisons, charitable institutions, crime, secret military, and terrorism.
Virgo has to do with health, food, military services.
The eclipse opposite Jupiter points to serious upsets in the migrant situation, probable terrorist activities tied to transportation, streets, roads, bridges, ships. The situation is a big mess.
The eclipse is exactly conjunct Germany's Moon (of the chart of German political unification of 10/3/1990). So, this eclipse brings trouble to Germany's legal system, law courts; shipping and trade relations; and foreign relations, overshadowing and potentially upsetting affairs of the federal government. The Moon is also the people in general. The people, as shown by this eclipse, are very deeply distressed. The eclipse may divide the people.Germany is in for a year of trouble. Merkel will probably be voted out in the upcoming elections.
The eclipse also points to epidemics, possibly affected by migrant populations, or by deliberate criminal activity.
There will be food shortages, possibly tied to failed crops, problems with food processing, and/or problems with international food transport.
There will be large losses of money spent on migrants. This will increase the general poverty.
Crime will rise.
Secret military activity will increase.

Jupiter is involved in several aspects that are triggered by the eclipse. These are as follows.
Jupiter is closing a tight square with Saturn.
Juipiter is quincunx Uranus, and Saturn is trine with Uranus.
Jupiter is trine Pluto, and Pluto is square Uranus.
In a nutshell, these aspects point to a spike in underground criminal activity, especially theft, involving people in high places. It also suggests huge sums of money being used for secret criminal activities possibly linked to terrorist activities.

At the eclipse, Mercury was also applying to conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is Mercury's weakest sign. In conjunction with Neptune, lots of confusion, trickery, and lying especially running through the media can be expected. In the political situation, this can mean rampant underhandedness, and scandal mongering.

The effects of this eclipse, especially for NYC, are bad for the market. The eclipse, as well as Mercury and Neptune, show up in the 5th house in NYC. The 5th house rules speculation. What is means, in a nutshell, is that the stock market will be erratic through the coming months. We see both Mars and Saturn in the 2nd house. Mars is square Mercury and Neptune. Saturn is square Jupiter and the eclipse. Fluctuations will involve some sharp drops.

The upside of this is that there are a lot more events in the heavens that can mitigate this one's effects. I would not, however, advise wearing rose colored glasses, Pisces notwithstanding.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

An astrological picture of the GOP in 2016

The Republican party, or GOP, was born on March 20, 1854 at 6:30 PM LMT, in Ripon, Wisconsin, its main objective at that time being the abolition of slavery. Because of the current turmoil in that party, I drew up its natal and progressed charts to see how it shows up and how it might resolve.

The natal Ascendant of the GOP is 4 degrees Libra. There is a lunar eclipse coming on March 9, 2016 at 3 degrees Libra. The eclipse is not visible in the US, therefore won't act destructively on the GOP chart, but, it will signify an important development in the GOP's outlook this coming spring.

The outstanding transits on the GOP's birthday, March 20, 2016 are Venus conjunct Neptune at 14 Pisces, both conjunct the GOP's natal Neptune, and these opposite the transiting Moon, and transiting Jupiter. This shows the party not in the happiest of moods, in a state of confusion, and laboring under no small degree of underhandedness.
It is very significant to note that 2016 - 2017 marks the GOP's Neptune Return. Not exact this year, Neptune returns to its original degree and minute, 14:02 Pisces, in May, 2017. Because Neptune in the natal chart is in the 6th house, the Neptune return brings out the critical question, who are you serving?

In the progressed chart, we find the progressed Mars trine to natal Venus. When the party was born, Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant, was in tight opposition with Mars, foreshadowing the coming Civil War. This year, 2016, we find Mars trine the natal Venus. It gives the party the ability to go forward into new territory, to have success with the public, to make new agreements and deals, accept challenges, take a stand, and profit by using dynamic energy.

In the converse progressed chart, we find the converse progressed Ascendant, conjunct converse progressed and natal Uranus, square converse progressed Mars. These are potentially disastrous aspects that demand revolutionizing, and can break up the party.
Converse progressed Saturn is square natal Venus warning of serious errors of judgment, unfavorable publicity, harsh criticism, and huge losses of money, The old guard appears to be killing the party.
Converse progressed Venus is sextile natal Jupiter to tell us that all is not doom and gloom, and that the party will do well to expand its vision.

In the Directed chart we find the Ascendant conjunct the natal Neptune, and the Descendant, conjunct Mercury opposite the natal Neptune, pointing out, yet again, the underhandedness of unscrupulous people causing chaotic conditions to undermine the party's better interests.
The directed Mid Heaven is square natal Neptune. This gives very bad publicity to the party. The worst things are being said.
The directed Mars is square natal Uranus. The factions of the party champion lost causes, and many in the party are upset and angry.
The solar arc directed Moon is sextile the natal Sun and square the natal Mars showing opportunity born out of conflict.

The party is being crippled, and needs to be revolutionized.
Transiting Uranus comes to trine the natal Moon this April 2 - 18, and then again next November 27 - January 29, 2017. This does bring new ideas.
Another hopeful sign is that Jupiter enters the 1st house of the natal chart in later September. This will give the party a more hopeful outlook.

Come November, the progressed Moon forms no aspect; the converse progressed Moon forms square to converse progressed Sun; the directed Moon form trine to natal Sun and Mercury, and square to Natal Venus. The party is struggling.

All in all, it looks like tremendous conflict through which the party has a good chance of being renovated, reorganized, revolutionized, and/or regrouped. There is the danger that it will fragment, and it will be very difficult for the party to get a handle on the treacherous elements that are undermining its better interests at this time. The party is in turmoil. And it is not the fault of Trump. He didn't invent the heavens, nor did he found the GOP. He's sailing on rough seas. And the country is in turmoil.

This article in no way offers to predict who will win the upcoming election.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

The death of Scalia: astrological view

Whatever your or my opinion of Scalia is, it has nothing to do with this report. It is simply whether there was any indication of his being assassinated that the following charts were made: his natal chart, progressed and directed charts, and his diurnal transit chart on the day of his death. I also calculated the Part of Assassination, and its solstice point to see if it registered at his death, which it did.

First, to ask whether his death was natural, we look at aspects formed in the progressed and directed charts. The following show up.

1. Progressed Ascendant trine his natal Jupiter,
2. Progressed Saturn is conjunct his natal Sun,
3. Progressed Mars is square his natal Saturn, (Mars being the ruler of his health),
4. Converse progressed Moon is square his natal Mercury,
5. Directed Ascendant separating from square his natal Mars,
6. Directed Mars trine his natal Moon and sextile his natal Uranus,
7. Directed Pluto in opposition to his natal Mars.

The above aspects show that he had been having health issues. However, Ascendent trine Jupiter (1), and Mars trine Moon and sextile Uranus (6) gave him strength. Certainly, the Ascendant trine Jupiter would have protected his health.
Saturn and Sun (2) were in conjunction all through his life, his natal Saturn at 13:52 Pisces, and his natal Sun at 21:20 Pisces, so the conjunction of Saturn and Sun, although it would have weakened his vitality to some degree, cannot be said to have killed him. With a Saturn-Sun conjunction a person can be mean spirited and live well into old age.
Mars square his Saturn (3) is a violent aspect.
Pluto and Mars in opposition (7) is also a violent aspect.
The only lunar aspect at the time of his death was converse progressed Moon square Mercury, showing mental strain. The converse progressed Moon was at 28:53 Scorpio, natal Mercury is at 28:15 Aquarius. This is not a death aspect, but one showing mental tension, and, with the Mars aspects to Saturn and Pluto, potential quarreling.

Scalia's natal chart has Moon at 3:24 Scorpio in the 1st house in opposition to Uranus at 3:05 Taurus in the 7th house. It shows him to have been a passionate, witty, and eccentric character, with a genius especially for law, who attracted open enemies, and enjoyed cutting repartee. He was very strong in his opinions, and had deep, conflicted emotions.

Now, the Part of Assassination, a mathematical calculation that allegedly registers in all charts of people assassinated, in Scalia's natal chart is at 17:28 Scorpio in the 1st house, its solstice point being 12:32 Aquarius in his 4th house. These form aspects with his natal Saturn, Sun, Neptune, Venus, and Mars. So how the Part of Assassination registers at Scalia's death is like this: the directed Mid Heaven is exactly to the minute square the solstice point of the natal Part of Assassination (directed MC being 12:32 Taurus, and the solstice point of the natal Part of Assassination being 12:32 Aquarius) meaning that his career reached its ultimate turning point through assassination. Conversely, his directed 4th house cusp is exactly square the solstice point of the Part of Assassination, meaning that the end of his life involves his assassination. We also find the directed Mercury, at 17:01 Taurus in opposition with the natal Part of Assassination. Mercury confirms that Scalia was assassinated, although you probably won't hear about it. Scorpio hides its events, and suggests that the causes are extremely deep and complex.

The transits on Scalia's last birthday, March 11, 2015, showed no sign of his death. What happened does not appear to be natural.

The diural transit chart of Scalia's day of death has the following aspects.

Mars in the 2nd house trine Scalia's natal Sun and quincunx the diurnal Part of Assassination. He was in high spirits that day.
Saturn trine natal Mars. It is unlikely that he was ill at the time.
Venus opposite natal Pluto. It is probable that he was being hunted - how ironic.
Sun conjunct natal Venus. He was in happy spirits.
Moon was conjunct natal Uranus and opposite natal Moon. His humor probably was probably sparkling. He had a wit.
Pluto square natal Mars and square transiting Uranus, with Uranus quincunx the natal Part of Assassination. This shows violence.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chinese new year predictions for year of Fire Monkey, 2016

2016 is the year of Fire Monkey.
 As with all signs, Monkey comes every 12 years, each under a different one of the 5 elements to complete its cycle of 60 years. There is a Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey, and Wood Monkey.
The Fire Monkey is particularly active and smart. For the world this means 2016 is going to be a particularly active year with lots of fluctuations in the markets and lots of political drama, especially in the west.
In fengshui, south directions are not considered lucky this year. Avoid sitting with your back to the south at important events this year unless you wear or use the color green.

The following are predictions for each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. To get complete, detailed predictions, of course, you want your entire Chinese horoscope drawn up and read. But what follows gives a pretty good idea, especially if you were born in a year or day of one of the following signs.

Rat is in harmony with Monkey. Monkey is in a creative relationship with Rat. It supports and helps Rat. This is a good year for improving your home, learning new things, and cultivating whatever supports your health and well being. This is also a good year for initiating a new project, starting a new job, moving to a new location, or starting a new adventure in life.

Ox is in a time that is good for making plans, tending to works in progress, and saving money. Monkey encourages Ox to be courageous and use planning ability to advantage. This is a good year for you if you are an artist or work in a talent related profession. Be careful to avoid fights. This is not a good time for lawsuits, or legal entanglements. If you are married, or are in an intimate partnership, Monkey warns that it is to your advantage to be supportive of your spouse to prevent any unnecessary trouble or misfortune. 

Tiger may have a lively year head. This year favors moving, traveling, making needed changes in your career, and/or redesigning your home. This may be a productive year of increased vitality and good health. And it may be socially lively. People may make demands on you that you will have to stand up to. Fire Monkey can also challenge your reputation, cause entanglements in love and even harm your relationship if you are not careful. If you are a woman, however, this could also be a year to get married. You are attracting attention.

Rabbit This is a good year for romance. At the same time, Monkey, being your Robbing Star, while making you sharp and smart this year, warns that you can be used, and taken unfair advantage of, even robbed if you don't protect yourself. Monkey also tells you to be practical. You can manage your affairs very well and be successful at work, and with your finances this year.

Dragon is in harmony with Monkey. The combination of Fire Monkey with Dragon is highly intelligent. This is a good time to develop your projects and career, and to take up a new study. Monkey also favors you if you are an artist, or are in a talent related profession. To build up your work will bring money.

Snake may have a complicated year ahead. Fire Monkey encourages Snake to be independent, to be confident, stay focused with your own ideas and opinions, and achieve your goals, and prosper through sheer diligence. Monkey gives you the courage and planning ability to do that. If you are alone, that works well enough for you. But if you aren't, for all your work and productivity, demands will be made on you that could make you feel lonely or misunderstood. Avoid needless fights. If you are married or are in an intimate relationship, pay attention to your spouse, especially if they are having trouble.

Horse is at a high point this year. This could be a year of great success. It could also be a year in which you precipitate a disaster. The Fire Monkey gives you a Knife Blade star. You may find your patience tried. This year favors you, nonetheless, if you are determined, competitive, tough, decisive, flexible, and opportunistic. It works well if you are in a speculative career. You could make a lot of money. Monkey encourages you to make strategic changes in your career this year, also travel, move house, and/or redesign your home. If you are married, be careful; Fire Monkey does not favor relations with in-laws this year.

Sheep is in a year good for harvesting, or reaping the rewards of work begun in the past. Monkey favors those Sheep who are creative, or who pursue talent related professions. The down side of the year is that you might feel lonely at times, even if you are in a relationship, and could be taken unfair advantage of, notwithstanding, Monkey gives Sheep a keen mind that helps in making shrewd decisions.

Monkey This is your year. Fire Monkey gives you the ability to take advantage of any difficult situation, and get out of anything you got into that you don't like. This is a good year for initiating a new life, new path in life, or new lease on life. It also favors exploring things metaphysical and gaining from alternative sources of knowledge. If you are independent you can make good money. It is very good to take the lead now.

Rooster is at an end in some respect. Something significant reaches completion this year. A predicament is resolved. Fire Monkey favors Roosters who are trustworthy, upright, disciplined, and forthright, and who are good at management. It also favors Roosters in legal and legislative fields. It seems this year is, at least in part, about letting go of the past and tending to the practicalities of life.

Dog is in a good year to accumulate wealth and to bury old stuff. The past is the past. It is time to move on. Monkey is Dog's traveling star. This is a good year to take up something new in your career, travel, move house, redo your home, or fix it up finally. If you are an artist, or in a talent related field, this is a good year for you. Money comes as the result of productive work.

Pig welcomes everything new this year. Don't lay back. Monkey clashes with Pig, and can make a mess of your affairs this year if you do. Monkey favors you if you do some research and investigation, maybe such things as metaphysical studies too, and devote your energies to helping others. Monkey also gives you a sharp, bright mind, and warns you not to let others drain and take unfair advantage of you this year.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mars in Scorpio

Mars entered Scorpio on January 3 at 2:34 PM GMT and will be in Scorpio until March 6, when he enters Sagittarius.
Mars is at home, and strong in Scorpio. In the ancient book, The Sephir Yetzirah, Mars is said to be wise in Scorpio. As shown by the planetary aspects at the time he entered Scorpio, Mars' wisdom is best understood now as cunning.
The aspects were as follows.
1. Mars was square Mercury, with the Moon applying to conjunction Mars and square Mercury (soon to turn retrograde).
2. The Sun was applying to conjunction Pluto square Uranus.
3. Venus was applying to square Neptune and conjunction Saturn.
In a nutshell, these are destructive, evil, violent aspects with no small degree of treachery. At a glance we can anticipate more strife, terrorism, trickery, and lying. In the context of the more sanguine winter solstice charts, these prognostications should be softened to some degree; it could be worse.

What these mean:

1. The Moon applying to conjunction Mars square Mercury, with Mercury about to turn retrograde, shows a war of words, and threats that are not kept. One example: Obama's executive action about the guns will not amount to much. Another: the situation in Oregon is misrepresented by the media and Feds. It is an ugly distraction; watch for other sly moves in the making these coming days. Another example: the sword rattling between Iran and the Saudis won't get too far - yet, but will fester. Don't get upset for the wrong reasons. We can expect lots of terrorism not only in violent events, but through media. These are dangerous days. The demons feed on your fear.
Another reading of Mars square Mercury is theft. On a worldwide level this could have huge implications.

2. The Sun applying to conjunction Pluto square Uranus points to violent upsets and fighting in the world.

3. Venus square Neptune points to scandals, social unrest, and financial fraud. Venus in conjunction with Saturn shows financial losses, problems with banks, and depreciation of stocks. It also points to mistreatment of women.

Mars in Scorpio points to places ruled, at least in part, by Scorpio. Trouble spots in the world may include Turkey, Syria, Algeria, Judea, Morocco, Norway, Catalonia, and so on. Cities that come under Scorpio include Washington DC, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and so on.

The charts for the UK, EU, US, and China all have Mars in succeedent houses, meaning the world economy is being affected by this strife. Economic conditions will fluctuate. The markets are unstable and apt to gyrate.

The chart for the US has Uranus in the 2nd house, Moon and Mars in the 8th, and Sun and Pluto in the 11th. This shows harsh financial conditions - sudden losses. Saturn is in the 10th house square Neptune in the 1st house. The President looks bad to the people. Saturn afflicted in the 10th house shows misfortune to people in positions of authority. The people of this country are discontent.
Venus is conjunct the MC in the US chart, and, square Neptune in the 1st house, shows a powerful woman subject to scandal, and disrespect.

The chart for Tehran has Moon and Mars in the 4th house with Mercury in the 7th. This shows possible fires in public buildings, earthquakes, and troubles for the government, especially since Uranus is in the 10th house square Pluto and Sun. The square of Moon and Mars to Mercury in the 7th house shows double dealing and breaking of agreements with foreign powers, diplomatic troubles, international trade disputes, and disagreements in international affairs.

The chart for Moscow is similar to that of Tehran, but has Uranus in interception in the 10th house. This points to someone very influential, and very high up in an inner, secret, circle of the Government possibly being cut out or dying.

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