Sunday, February 26, 2017

Solar Eclipse: February 26, 2017

The solar eclipse of 2/26 has some interesting aspects. There is a stellium of Mercury, the eclipsed Sun and Moon, and Neptune, all in conjunction. Then there is a configuration of Mars conjunct Uranus, opposite Jupiter, square Pluto, and trine Saturn. This is a very malefic picture.

The eclipse was not visible in the northern hemisphere, so it acts more like a strong lunation. But, it was visible  across the southern part of South America, and across into Africa where it's effects will be more directly felt. There will probably be an earthquake in Argentina or Chile, as shown by the map of the eclipse path.

A solar eclipse in the 1st decanate of Pisces is unfortunate for the sea-coast. This one was at 8 degrees Pisces. It could point to danger of a tsunami.

The eclipse chart at Washington DC has Mercury, the Moon and Sun, and Neptune all in the 11th house in interception. There is something going on in Congress behind closed doors, in secrecy. This is confirmed by the ruler of the 11th house, Uranus in the 12th house, exactly conjunct Mars ruler of the 12th house in the 12th, opposite Jupiter in the 6th house, and square Pluto in the 9th house. The ruler of the 10th house is also Uranus. This involves the President as well as the Congress. Uranus, ruling both the 11th house and 10th house, is semisquare the eclipse in the 11th house. This denotes considerable friction between the two factions. Attempted reforms are being met with turbulence and danger of violence. An eclipse in the 11th house denotes a possible death in that house. Uranus and Mars in conjunction and afflicted in the 12th house denotes a rise in criminal activity, violent protests, and possibility of terrorism.

Raphael Simons

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese new year's predictions for year of Fire Rooster: 2017

The new year came in Beijing at 8:08 AM, 1/28, or 7:08 PM 1/27 in the USA. The charts are showing the East more active than the West, this year. In the chart at Beijing there are 4 Wood and 2 Metal, Wood showing the east and Metal showing the west. In the charts for the EU and UK there are 4 Wood and 1 Metal, and 3 Wood and 1 Metal, resp. In the chart for the USA there are 3 Wood and 4 Metal.
The US may pose a challenge to China, but China is leading now.
The chart for China is positively expansive, or yang, whereas the chart of the US is contracting, or more yin. 
Strong Wood and Fire generally predict storms, and high winds, especially in Asia.

The Year's predictions for each of the 12 signs. This is only general. For complete personally accurate predictions, you should have an astrological chart made and read to you.
These prediction are for the year and/or day of your birth.

Rat is neutral, neither good nor bad, with Rooster, but the relationship is productive. Business and creative work are good. If there have been predicaments, they should resolve this year. You may receive assistance and a promotion. The year may also bring love to you. This year favors all talent related professions. 

Ox is favored by Rooster. Ox is in a relation to Rooster of being resourceful; it finds expression in caring for others.  You need to watch your health. The study of medicine, psychology, philosophy and divination are good this year. This year favors psychics, astrologers, scholars, doctors, researchers, and writers.

Tiger is neutral, neither good nor bad, with Rooster. But Tiger is lucky this year, and if there have been problems, you will find the way to resolve them. Tiger is challenged to stand out and take the lead. Your intelligence becomes sharper. There is a danger of being robbed, however, or of having others take unfair advantage of you and your time. This year also brings love to you. The year favors finances, entrepreneurship, investment, and trading.

Rabbit clashes with Rooster. Rooster brings the necessity of change to Rabbit. Rabbit can take advantage of this by taking the lead and looking for better conditions at work. Greater prosperity is possible. The year favors speculative professions such as stocks, trading, bonds, and so on.

Dragon is in harmony with Rooster. Dragon is in a relation to Rooster of being resourceful. It finds expression in caring for others. Love comes to you. If you are involved in any art, this is a good year for you.  This year also favors teaching, nursing, researchers, and so on.

Snake is favored by Rooster. Nonetheless Snake is challenged to stand out. Snake will succeed. But, be careful not to lose your patience, your temper, and become overly aggressive, causing you unnecessary trouble. This year favors administrative, managerial, legal, and legislative fields.

Horse is neutral, neither good nor bad, with Rooster. You are challenged to stand to stand out this year, however. There is love, and the prospect of greater prosperity for you. There is also the danger of being robbed, cheated, or having others take unfair advantage of you. Your intelligence is sharp. This year favors adventure. It is good for instructors, judges, specialists, doctors, the military, and so on.

Sheep is neutral, neither good nor bad, with Rooster. Sheep is in relation with Rooster of being resourceful. It finds its best expression in caring for others. It is a good year for artists of all types. It is also good for metaphysical studies, psychics, astrologers, scholars, designers, librarians, and so on.

Monkey is favored by Rooster. It has the possibility of love. The year favors adventure. You may need to engage is independent trades with no constraints to be happy this year.

Rooster clashes with Rooster. This is a dynamic year, when you show your best (and worst) qualities. If you have been having problems they should resolve this year. You will glow with vitality and vigorously carry things through to the end. This year holds the promise of increasing fortunes, and is very good for practicing divination, astrology, and religion. You can stand out to advantage. You will be happy if you are independent and work for yourself. This year favors being friendly but independent.

Dog is in an ambivalent relation with Rooster. It can get along well, and it can clash. So the year may be marked by ups and downs. Dog is in a position of resources to Rooster, best expressed by caring for others. But others can take unfair advantage of you, either robbing you of your time or money. The year brings the possibility of love. It favors teachers, philanthropists, nurses, researchers, metaphysicians, artists, and so on.

Pig is neutral, neither good nor bad, with Rooster. Pig is in a supported relation with Rooster, good for pursing business interests and creative work. Take command this year and move forward with your career. This year favors all arts, invention and innovation, also careers in sales, foreign relations, and so on.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Inauguration of Donald Trump in astrology

Donald Trump was sworn in as the President on 1/20/17 at precisely 12:00 PM in Washington DC. This put the Ascendant at 14 degrees Taurus. The middle of fixed signs, especially Taurus, shows the country with a tight grasp on money. We find Mercury, and Pluto trine the Ascendant from Capricorn in the 9th house, and Neptune and Venus sextile the Ascendant from Pisces in the 11th house. This means positive developments will be seen coming from the areas of foreign trade and from acts of Congress. There will be far less wasting of money by the Government.

Venus rules the chart. Peaceful Venus is 17 degrees Pisces, the sign of her exaltation in the 11th house. Venus is exactly mid-point and besieged twixt Neptune 10 Pisces and Mars 24 Pisces, and exactly sextile Pluto 17 Capricorn in the 9th house. Venus will rise above and take advantage of otherwise untoward circumstances. This is very hopeful.

The Sun is 00 degrees Aquarius in the 10th house, conjunct the Mid-Heaven, widely square the Ascendant, and separating from square of the Moon. The square to the Ascendant says Trump MUST lead.

The Moon at 9 Scorpio has the following aspects. She is separating from square Sun, and separating from sextile Mercury. Then she is applying to trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, trine Venus , square the Part of Fortune, and trine Mars. All in all, she is showing a struggle in the past that lead up to the present, and relatively smooth progress coming.

Looking at the Moon more in depth, she in in the sign of her fall, thus prone to go to extremes if provoked. She is in the 6th house having to do with the workers, and the armed forces. She is also in her 18th Mansion, Alchas, the heart of the Scorpion. According to old books, "it causes discord, sedition, and conjuration against princes and powers, and to the revenge of enemies, but it delivers captives, and makes good for buildings." It also takes time for the Moon in the 6th house to get thing sorted out.

Also Moon is between Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter behind her, and Saturn up ahead. The squandering of the Government is coming to an end. The money, as ruled by Mercury depends on foreign trade, as Mercury is in the 9th house, trine the Ascendant, is very sanguine. Meaning foreign money will come more and more into this country.

Now, there is a lot of blabber about the T-square of Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto and all the horrible things it is doing. In this chart we find Uranus intercepted in 20 Aries, opposite Jupiter intercepted in 22 Libra, square Pluto 17 Capricorn, showing the tide of crime being contained, and dealt with.

The T-square is otherwise mitigated by Saturn 23 Sagittarius, Pluto 17 Capricorm, and the Part of Fortune 22 Aquarius, all forming good aspect to the opposition of Uranus - Jupiter. The Moon coming to square the Part of Fortune shows the President's ultimate rise to success. At any rate, the Moon's final aspect shows how it all works out. Her final aspect is trine Mars, and Mars is in the 11th house which is proof against all untoward conditions.

One more aspect to be looked at is Mercury trine the north Lunar Node. The Node is in the 5th house, confirming diplomatic relations dealing with foreign trade.

This is the chart of Donald Trump's inauguration.

Raphael Simons

Friday, August 26, 2016

The solar eclipse of Sept. 1, 2016 in astrology

The solar eclipse of Sept. 1 comes at 10:19 AM GMD. It is at 9 degrees Virgo, forming a tight T-square with Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces.

A solar eclipse in the first decanate of Virgo is read as causing great calamity, and death of some head of state, or king. Countries and regions of interest, ruled by Virgo, include Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Kurdestan; also Switzerland, the West Indies, Crete, Croatia, Greece, and Brazil. Cities under Virgo include Jerusalem, Paris, Lyons, Toulouse, Strasburg, Boston, and Los Angeles.
The eclipse is visible through central Africa. It spells calamitous conditions for that region.

The affects coming from the eclipse last at least one year. Transits to the eclipse degree will trigger repercussions. The eclipse is at 9 degrees Virgo. Neptune is at 10 degrees Pisces (opposite the eclipse). Neptune currently retrograde, arrives at 9 degrees Pisces exactly opposite the eclipse on September 27, turns direct at 9 degrees Pisces on November 20, and goes back to 10 degrees Pisces on January 11. This means that the general condition in the world between later September and mid-January is going to be more chaotic than it is now, and that we will see what is meant by calamity and death of heads of state. Other transits to the eclipse degree will happen. For instance, Mars will oppose the eclipse degree on December 31 and January 1, warning us of violence around New Years Eve. Mars also moves to square the eclipse on May 4 and 5. Also lunar transits to the eclipse degree will cause repercussions, the first coming on September 15 when the Moon is opposite the eclipse.

Current news about the difficulties that the Deutsche Bank is also shown in the eclipse. The original birth chart of Deutsch Bank, first founded as an international commerce bank on January 22, 1870 in Berlin, has Venus 10:27 in Pisces in the 1st house; Neptune 16:57 in the 1st house; Jupiter 11:29 Taurus in the 2nd house, and Pluto, ruler of the 9th house of internation trade in the 2nd house conjunct Jupiter. Deutche Bank is extremaly rich and powerful, but, at this point is in considerable hot water. The important planet to note here is Venus. The bank's natal Venus is at 10:27 Pisces. We see transiting Neptune now at 10:40 Pisces retrograde. Venus, in the original chart, rules the 8th house of debts, credit and derivatives. Neptune shows a bubble in credit and derivative, and fradulent manipulation. Neptune currently retrograde promisses more woes to come to Deutche Bank through this year and well into 2017. The eclipse is almost exactly opposite Neptune conjunct the bank's natal Venus, showing how much danger it is in. This is exacerbated by the square aspect to Saturn and Mars. In the eclipse chart for Berlin Mars and Saturn are in the 2nd house showing an extremely dangerous financial condition.  It threatens Germany. If this is not strictly controlled by the German government it will cause an economic crisis not only in Germany, but in all of Europe and so on. It is interesting to note: Deutsche Bank's natal Saturn is at 24:19 Sagittarius. Saturn will be at 24 degrees Sagittarius in early February, 2017. This means that the bank is coming to a Saturn return in early February, 2017, and will be involved in a process of reorganization with probable streamlining, meaning losses of jobs.
The eclipse happens at the zenith of Berlin. Neptune is in the 4th house, and Mars and Saturn are in the 2nd house. This shows growing chaos in Germany, not to mention Europe. There is increasing opposition to the current government that will ultimately fall from power.

The eclipse in Bruxelles is in the 11th house in a stellium. Sun, Moon, north node, Jupiter, and Mercury are in the 11th house in Virgo, and Venus is in the 11th house in Libra: there are 5 planets with the north node in the 11th house. The 11th house signifies the parliament. There is trouble in the entire parliamentary governance of the EU as shown by this eclipse. The eclipse is opposite Neptune in the 5th house and square Saturn and Mars in the 2nd house. A major issue lies diplomatic relations connected to economic woes. This has something to do with ties to the UK. The European stock markets are also in danger of falling.

The eclipse in Ankara, Turkey, Turkey being ruled by Virgo, is in the 10th house. Mars and Saturn are in the 1st house. This is very bad for the government except that Jupiter is also in the 10th house, and gives protection. It, nonetheless, spells war.

The eclipse in Moscow is in the 10th house along with north node, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus. And Saturn and Mars are in the 1st house. There is a tremendous activity in the top levels of the government, and the outlook is warlike. Because the eclipse is at the zenith at these longitudes of the world, we can expect the violence there to intensify. Russia will be all the more directly involved in the conflict in Syria, as will Turkey. The situation for Assad is extremely dangerous. The war in Syria will get worse. Assad is in serious danger.

The eclipse in London is similar to Bruxelles. It shows danger for the banks and stock market, and difficulties in diplomatic relations connected to Parliament. The eclipse opposite Neptune spells a split with EU, but with lingering questions unresolved.

The eclipse in Washington DC is in the 1st house opposite Neptune in the 7th and square Saturn and Mars in the 4th, showing general unrest, ill health, and discontentment among the people. In the 2nd house, however, we find Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Virgo, and conjunct Venus in Libra. This shows good and improving economic conditions.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The outlook for the DNC as seen astrologically

A horary astrological chart was drawn up, July 24th at 11:47 in NYC, with the question what the future outlook is like, considering the turn of events. Here is what it says.
Moon is at 1:53 Aries in the 6th house, showing, right off that the matter will take time to sort out. It will not be easy.
The Moon is besieged between Neptune and Uranus. Directly behind the Moon is Neptune and in front of the Moon is Uranus. One bad turn leads to another. The entire thing is troubled.
Neptune behind the Moon shows what led up to the current state of affairs, and it is fraudulence and lying.

The Moon's aspects in order of transit are:
1. trine Sun in the 10th house,
2. trine Saturn retrograde in the 2nd house,
3. sextile Part of Fortune in the 9th house exactly square the lunar node in the 11th house.
4. square Pluto in the 4th house,
5. trine Venus in the 10th house.
6. parallel Jupiter in the 12th house,
7. trine Mercury in the 11th house,
8. conjunction Uranus in the 7th house.
These 8 aspects show some shilly shallying that will delay any real resolution. It confirms the Moon's 6th house placement, saying that the matter is not going to get resolved anytime soon.

The aspects viewed separately are as follows.
1. The trine Sun in Leo in the 10th house shows how powerful the DNC is. It also shows powerful people supporting them. These include the President, and the top executives of corporate and financial circles. Moon rules the 10th house. It involves the President and the people behind him. They will do everything to save face.
2. The Moon trine Saturn retrograde in the 2nd house, no matter how you slice it, shows serious trouble coming up, and it will cost the party heavily. Saturn rules the 4th house, undermining the power of the DNC. The Wikileaks dealt a severe blow to them. Moon trine Saturn also shows a long time holding on. But, Saturn in the 2nd house, and ruling the 4th house, shows the end of the matter with the party seriously damaged.
3. The Moon sextile the Part of Fortune in the 9th house shows favors from judges. However, the Part of Fortune applying by minutes in the same degree to exact square the lunar node in the 11th house shows serious trouble nonetheless. The node in the 11th house signifies the Congress. Fortuna or any planet in the same exact degree as the lunar node, and applying by minutes to exactitude, warns of disruption about to come. The convention will be disruptive.
4. Moon square Pluto retrograde in the 4th house is another disruptive sign. The 4th house is the end of the matter. The DNC is damaged. Pluto rules the 2nd house, and is in mutual reception with Saturn by house rulership, Saturn ruling the 4th house. This means that however they may try to get out of the problem they get in deeper. The mutual reception puts retrograde Pluto in the 2nd house showing that it will cost them heavily willy nilly. The Mutual reception also puts Saturn in the 3rd house showing that they will try to suppress news, as usual. Their media will not report everything in an attempt to protect them, but will try to hide their dirty laundry by misdirecting the public attention, casting blame and aspersion at their rivals, the GOP, and, as it turns out, Russia !
5. Moon trine Venus in the 10th house shows the support of powerful women in top circles as well as from the general populace, as Venus rules the 1st house.
6. Moon parallel Jupiter in the 12th house is protective and softens the blow.
7. Moon trine Mercury in the 11th house shows support from sharp, clever people in the Congress, giving it all legal spin and brilliant trickery. Mercury rules the 9th house of law.
8. Moon conjunct Uranus in the 7th house. The matter does not end well. Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries is afflicted.

The chart seen from the 2nd house. The 2nd house is the house of what's coming up, or the future. In this chart we have Mars and Saturn retrograde in the 2nd house. This simply means trouble coming up. The 2nd house also shows the cost. Mars and Saturn show it will cost severely. Saturn retrograde says extremely heavily. This is extremely unfortunate.

The chart seen from the 4th house. The 4th house is the end of the matter. Pluto retrograde there is destructive. Its mutual reception with Saturn shows that attempts to get around the matter only get them more deeply entrenched.

From this point until the Democratic party is radically reformed, as shown by the Moon's conjunction with Uranus, they are seriously damaged. And that reform will not be more democratic.

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, wrote, "Justice will catch up with those who invent lies and those who swear to them."

Raphael Simons. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Astrological prediction on the Hague ruling on the South China Sea

A horary chart was cast on July 12 at 10:08 PM in NYC on the question what the Hague ruling would come to. The South China Sea arbitral tribunal in The Hague delivered a one-sided ruling in the case initiated by the Philippines. It is my opinion that there are a few reasons for attempting to do away with China's legitimate territorial claims. First and most obvious is the oil in the South China Sea. If the area is claimed by the Philippines, a willing puppet of the western powers behind this developing conflict, the multi-national oil companies located in the west will get to take the oil. Secondly, China is not included in the TPP negotiations. This has far reaching implications, especially if the TPP goes through. You can connect the dots.

The horary chart shows the following. The ASC signifies China and the DSC signifies the west. The ASC is ruled by Uranus, and the DSC is ruled by the Sun. The question came up if the situation would lead to a war. For that to happen the rulers of the ASC and DSC would have to be in afflictive aspect, either by opposition or square, and in the angles (the 1st, 10th, 7th, and 4th houses). Here we see the Sun coming to square Uranus confirming that conflict is developing, but the square is happening between the 2nd and 5th houses. It means economic conflict is coming.
The 2nd house is also the house of what's coming up. We see Uranus in the 2nd house. China is concerned about her territories, holdings, and wealth. The Sun coming to Square Uranus shows the west moving to challenge it. The ruler of the 2nd house is Mars. Mars is in the 9th house, in Scorpio. The 9th house has to do with foreign trade. We also see the Moon in Scorpio, the sign of her fall, applying to conjunction with Mars. The Moon's final aspect in this chart is that conjunction. It is a bad sign. It says there may very well be conflict, and, if so, it will affect trade relations and financial agreements. There is a way out. The Moon is in mutual reception with Venus by house placement. It shows diplomacy.

Raphael Simons 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Theresa May: Chinese astrological portrait

Theresa May was born on October 1, 1956 at 10:55 AM. (The astrological time of her birth was rectified by Theodore White).
The Chinese signs of the year, month, day, and hour of Teresa May's birth are  Fire Monkey, Fire Rooster, Metal Ox, and Water Snake, respectively.
She was born in the 8th lunar month on a day designated as fair and stable. This characterizes what she wants: to be fair, just, and to keep things stable. This is her essential motivation.
The chart has 7 Metal, 3 Water, 0 Wood, 3 Fire, and 3 Earth. There is an extreme imbalance in the chart between Metal and Wood. She can have quite a delemma taking sides. When Wood comes up in progressions she has difficult challenges. This imbalance of Metal and Wood can cause her to change sides expediently to adjust to, or take advantage of wherever it is she feels power, or to get around difficult conditions. The chart shows that she can be unstable, taking one side or another. She's a good negotiator. But this quality can also bring her career into turmoil.
Predominant Metal makes her shrewd, cutting edge, sharp, and skillful. No Wood brings up big challenges for her in years and cycles that bring up Wood. Such cycles show up for her between her ages 18 to 38, and then between 58 to 78. As you can see, she, at age 60, is currently in a Wood cycle. She needs to exert command, and she will get stiff opposition from several sides.
Theresa May's ruling element is Metal. She was born on a day of Metal in Metal Season, and Metal overwhelms her entire chart. Her vital element is Water. Water would have signified children if she were able to have them, but, because, as her chart shows, she wasn't able, it signifies her career. Her career is of vital importance to her life.
May's chart deity is called Amiable. This defines her career. While she is generally friendly, she is very independent. She will shift alliances according to what is expedient. She acts independently, and her moves can surprise others.  Her birth Star is 7 Metal. This makes her a shrewd judge of character. She is a subtle, sociable, and cool character. She is able to weigh the different sides with equanimity. She is highly sensitive, questioning, and resourceful. It takes her a long time to make up her mind, and she does not trust easily. Her decisions and insights can take others by surprise. She is very happy in her work, and thrives among those who work enthusiastically along with her. Where others are unsupportive, she will tend to lose interest. She succeeds by shrewd planning and perserverance. She has excellent social skills and is appreciated especially in her professional circle.
She has strong self-discipline, is clever, and is an able leader. She shines in Government. She has good foresight. Her chart, nonetheless shows that her career may tend to be unstable and tumultuous.
There is a Knife Blade in her chart. It shows that she can be unbending, obstinate, and resentful of others' opinions, and that she can be a risk taker.
May's progressed chart shows her from her age 58 to 68 to be in a Metal Rabbit cycle, and from 68 to 78 in a Metal Tiger cycle. Both of these show her forced to stand up and assume the position of power. Metal Rabbit (58 - 68) completely revolutionizes her career. This year, 2016, the year of Fire Monkey, is a pinnacle year for her. Metal Rabbit, the sign for her cycle, 58 - 68, galvanizes her personally. Metal is her birth element. She is very strong. Rabbit, however, a Wood sign, promises to make this a challenging period. It will test her mettle. She's got opposition to contend with. Her Administration will not be uneventful. She, however, is tough, commanding, and shrewd. She can even be cold and ruthless.
2016 is a pinnacle year for May. She is strong. Her vital element is abundant this year. It is very fortunate for her career.
2017 looks like a dramatic year for her career. It is the year of Fire Rooster. May was born in the month of Fire Rooster. Rooster fights with Rooster. She will have much to contend with. Her vitality is strong in 2017; she will take a dominant position and will shine out; she will show strong discipline and cleverness; and will be able to get a good following, which is needed. She has a huge job in reforming and unifying the diverging trends in the Government. 2017 looks like a make or break year. The 10 year cycle she is in, from 58 - 68, Metal Rabbit, being opposite the sign of her career at birth, Fire Rooster, is transformative for her career, and could possibly break it. The sign of 2017, Fire Rooster, is the same as the sign of her career at birth chart: Fire Rooster. 2017 appears to be critical. It brings her career into a crisis make or break point. She has a lot going for her, however, therefore a good chance of succeeding. Her birth star, 7 Metal, is also in the house of 2 Earth, showing every step she takes making it better and better, while every step could be hard. 7 Metal in a year of Rooster is in a good place and has protection.
Looking beyond 2017, 2020 is a pivotal year in May's life.

Raphael Simons.