Monday, July 6, 2009

The Lunation Period of June/July

The new moon on June 22 at Washington DC was in the 9th house exactly trine the Ascendent, pointing to favorable developments in international relations, as seen in the summit meeting of the Presidents of the US and Russia. Supporting this, the conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 7th house of the chart also shows a peaceful marriage of sorts. The chart also says that this fortunate development will continue beyond this lunation period; relations with Russia appear to be entering a more optimistic road. The developments between the US and Russia are coming to full view now at the full Moon eclipse. The eclipsed Moon is in the 7th house at Washington trine Saturn. This means that relations with foreign powers are now improving and will continue to improve through talks over time.
Over and against these indications, we have to look at the charts of Iran and Afghanistan. It was 30 years ago that the Islamic Republic of Iran was started. Iran is just past her Saturn Return. Saturn, in the Iranian chart, is in the 1st house, the-house-of-the-people. Repercussions of the Islamic revolution 30 years ago are now happening among the people; there is popular unrest. It is also noteworthy that Jupiter in the Iranian chart is at 29 degrees Cancer in the 12th house. There will be a major solar eclipse of July 22nd at 29 degrees Cancer. This will give Iran something to weep about over the coming months, and will cause plenty of disturbances in Iranian public institutions sich as hospitals, schools, and prisons; a lot of people may land in jail there. Looking further in the chart of Iran, it is possible to say that seriously disruptive events will come up in 2014 - 2015, more than what is happening at present and later on this year and into next. As for Afghanistan, it was 29 years ago that Russia invaded. Repercussions of that invasion will be felt this and next year due to the Saturn cycle. In the chart of Afghanistan Mercury is at 29 degrees Cancer in the 4th house. The coming eclipse on July 22nd will also register in Afghanistan negatively affecting the land, landed interests and cash crops. There will be a concerted effort of the US and Russia to destroy the opium business to arouse the hostile reactions of the farmers connected to the Taliban and related terrorist elements.
The coming eclipses, especially the solar eclipse of July 22nd, are also pointing to a big earthquake, very probably in Asia or somewhere in the eastern hemisphere as the eclpse, a total solar eclipse, will be visible over Asia. Happening at 29 degrees Cancer, it suggests a sunami. A solar eclipse at the end of Cancer also points to disease.
To go back a bit, the New Moon chart of June 22nd shows that there were a number of news-worthy deaths of celebrities in the entertainment field, as well as fatal air crashes. This pattern deserves watching as it may continue through the summer.
The lunar eclipse of July 7th is at 15 degrees Capricorn. A lunar eclipse in the middle of the sign Capricorn is said to bring assaults by soldiers, frequent incursions, robberies and captivities. Capricorn points to Afghanistan - there's trouble brewing there. Capricorn also points to India, Punjab, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Mexico and several other lands which need to watch out for violence. It also suggests pirate activity coming up abroad; I say abroad because the eclipse moon is in the 7th house of the chart made at Washington DC. There will be an increase of US military activity abroad. Uranus is in the 10th house in the DC lunar eclipse chart (July 7th). This means that there will be sudden, unexpected development in Government circles which will require careful management. Nonetheless, it appears the trouble, whatever it is, will be gotten around and averted.

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