Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Full Moon of 11/10/11 in Astrology

The Full Moon came on 11/10 at 8:18 PM GMT, or 3:18 EST. The Moon is at 18 degrees Taurus and the Sun is at 18 degrees Scorpio. Mars, the dispositor of the Sun is at 29 degrees Leo opposite Neptune at 28 degrees Aquarius. Mars is also conjunct the star Regulus. The opposition of Mars and Nepune involving Regulus intensifies the energy of Mars which, at 29 degrees Leo, is extremely impatient and potentially explosive. In the UK the opposition of Mars and Neptune occurs between the 3rd and 9th houses, denoting dangers of road accidents and heated arguments. The Moon is in the 11th house opposite the Sun in the 5th. The political situation is tense, especially with relation to what is developing in the EU.
The further east we go the more the oppositions of Mars and Neptune, Sun and Moon come into focus on the earth. Looking at Athens we see the opposition of Mars and Neptune in the 2nd and 8th houses showing dire financial conditions with possible bank failures and panics likely. The Moon in Athens is in the 10th house showing changes in the Government. Jupiter is also in the 10th house. Jupiter, fortunately, gives some protection to Greece in this very difficult time.
Going further east, we find the Full Moon exactly at the zenith, and the Sun exactly at the nadir in Iran. We see Mars rising in the 1st house conjunct the Ascendent opposite Neptune in the 7th house of the chart for Iran as well. This is a sign of violence. If not military, it suggests the possibility of an earthquake in the area of Iran (or 51 degrees east longitude). Looking at the opposite side of the world, the Moon is at the Nadir and the Sun is at the zenith off the west coast of North America, and Alaska. Seismic, or volcanic, activity could occur there as well.
Because of the violent nature of the aspects shown in the chart for Iran, the chart for Israel was also examined. In Israel, Jupiter and the Moon are at the zenith. Jupiter in the 10th house is in a grand trine to Mars in the 1st house and Pluto in the 5th house. While Jupiter protects the country, this grand trine, accompanied by Mars opposite Neptune in the 7th house, suggests a warlike tone developing, an aggressive spirit, and possible military activity. Neptune in the 7th opposite Mars house shows treachery on the part of foreign powers, with probabilities of clandestine attacks.
The charts for both Israel and Turkey are identical. The entire region from eastern Europe, and the Middle east all the way to Iran is extremely tense. There is a sense of high alert everywhere in the region. Conflicts in the region can easily be started. Earthquakes are also highly possible. Mars at 29 degrees Leo is at the end of his tether and is out of patience. Reckless actions are a big danger. Not only does this bring danger to international affairs, but internal conflicts are highly likely in the region these coming days as well.
The Full Moon at Washington DC is in the 1st house. The Sun and Saturn are in the 7th house. Saturn casts a shadow over the whole chart, showing troubled international relations now. Jupiter, rising in the 1st house, however gives the country cause for hope. Jupiter is in grand trine with Mars in the 6th house and Pluto in the 9th. This favors the job market, possibly bringing about legislation that favors workers. Mars in the 6th house opposite Neptune in the 12th, on the other hand, shows dangers of infections being spread in public places, especially hospitals and prisons. It also shows dangers of violence from police, and possible fires or accidents in hospitals, prisons, and military installations. Neptune in the 12th house opposite Mars also points to dangers of drug and pharmaceutical related deaths. Be careful.
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