Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama's Inauguration as seen in astrology

President Obama was inaugurated in two ceremonies, the first and more important being January 20 at 11:56 am, and the second being January 21 at 11:56 am. The first ceremony done privately was the start of his second term of office, and the second one was a public display. Charts made for both ceremonies reveal very different things. The first chart is the more important. It tells what is going to happen. The second chart is also important. It modifies to some degree what the first chart shows.

The first chart is simple. The Moon is exalted in Taurus in the first house, forming only one aspect: a square to Mars. Mars rules the 7th house and is in the 10th house in mutual reception with Saturn. Saturn is just below the horizon in the 6th house opposite the Ascendent. These are the most significant aspects in the chart. In a nutshell they point to conflict. Moon in the first house denotes the public. Square to Mars denotes public discontent continuing through Obama's second term. Mars in the 10th house ruling the 7th is a classical sign of much military activity and possible war. It also shows illness and death of major figures in the highest circles in the country, also much trouble in the Government. Mars in mutual reception with Saturn casts an opposition with the Moon, denoting that there is no way around trouble. The mutual reception point of Mars is in the 7th house, showing grave dangers of international disputes and war. While the President tells the nation that the wars are ending, the chart strongly points toward more war. It may be that new wars will develop. Time will tell.

Looking more deeply into the chart, we see the Moon at 19 degrees Taurus exactly opposite the malefic star Serpentis. Moon is in the 1st house and rules the 4th. The Moon here clearly represents the people, and opposite Serpentis shows that the people are facing the most evil star in the heavens. Serpentis is in the 7th house, denoting trouble brewing abroad. There is one mitigating aspect; the Moon is trine to Venus in the 9th house. This means that international figures are working for peace, and may succeed to some degree in preventing the undesirable. On the other hand, Pluto, who is conjunct Venus in the 9th house and square Uranus in the 12th, shows the international community in considerable tension and exerting pressure from behind the scenes on the American Government. There is no way that the US Government will not be deeply entagled in the developing international turmoil. Looking further, we see Jupiter in the 1st house trine Mercury and the Sun in the 10th. This is very positive. It protects the people, and strongly favors the Administration, its difficulties notwithstanding.

Looking at the second chart, made for January 21, we see the Moon still in the 1st house but now in Gemini square to Neptune, and trine the Sun, Mercury and Mars, and Sextile to Uranus, mostly very good aspects. The chart is sanguine and strongly favors the Administration. Mars in the 10th house in mutual reception Saturn still points to international trouble, possibly to war, but trine to the Moon tells a different story. It says that if there is military conflict we can expect victory.

In both charts the ruler of the economy is Mercury. Mercury is in Aquarius combust the Sun, and trine Jupiter. This says that while the economy is weak it is being boosted, and should improve. The second chart has Moon conjunct Jupiter and trine to Mercury and the Sun. This gives tremendous encouragement for improvement of economic conditions through this Administration.


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