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Van Cliburn: a Chinese astrological portrait

The great American pianist Van Cliburn died of bone cancer on February 27, 2013 at age 78. He was born at the new moon of July 12, 1934 at 11:45 AM. The Chinese astrological signs at the date and time of his birth are as follows. The year was Wood Dog, the month was Metal Sheep, the day was Wood Monkey, and the hour was Metal Horse. This shows Van Cliburn to have been a very hard working, ambitious, clever personality with high aspirations. As shown by his birth stars, Cliburn was a sanguine personality, and believed that his work was of benefit to the whole world, and, considering that his winning of the Tschaikovsky piano competition in Moscow in 1958 signaled a turning of the tide in US/Soviet relations, his work was, indeed, of benefit to the world. Capable of great vision and humanitarian works, Cliburn's artistic and humanitarian achievements also won him the US Medal of Freedom in 2003, and the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation in 2004.

The balance of elements in Cliburn's chart is 4 Fires, 4 Earths, 4 Metals, 1 Water, and 3 Woods. Water is extremely weak. Water rules bones. Cliburn's Vital Element was Metal; Metal protects Water. Metal in Cliburn's chart was very strong from birth all the way up to age 39. Between 39 and 69 Water became vulnerable, but was strong enough to carry him through. But from age 69 to 79, most noticibly from 74 to 79 Water was totally exhausted, and it was in this period that Cliburn contracted the cancer that ended his life. The age cycle of 69 to 79 has very strong Earth, Wood, and Fire, all which combine to kill Water, in other words, Cliburn's bones. This year, 2013, the year of Cliburn's death, is the year of Snake. Snake in Cliburn's chart is his death star. Had Cliburn not gotten this cancer, his death star would have come up at age 99. If this situation were looked at in the light of traditional fenghui, it would show that to have prevented his death in this period of his life, it would have been recommended that he move to a cold, dry climate at age 69. Cliburn was living in a hot, humid climate. Hot and humid exhausts Water element. Water element is cold. Metal, which protects Water is mountain air. Had he moved to a place like Switzerland or to Colorado, and had proper care earlier, he would have been able to live longer. Cliburn's chart shows strong Metal emerging again at age 89. Metal is what protected his life.

With Metal so strong up to age 39 Cliburn rose to meteoric fame in his early 20s. In 1958 at age 23 he won the Tschaikovsky competition. 1958 was the year of Earth Dog. It shows a huge gain for Cliburn. In 1962 at age 28 Cliburn set up the Van Cliburn International Music Competition. 1962 was the year of Water Tiger. Tiger for Cliburn is traveling star. It signifies a major development and change in his career.

In 2012 Cliburn performed his last concert, and was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer. The year 2012 was Water Dragon. Dragon is called the grave of Water.

Born on a day of yang Wood, the signs of Cliburn's year, month, day and hour of birth show him working very hard in his earliest years, the sign of Cliburn's year of birth being Dog. Sheep, being the sign of Cliburn's month of birth shows him to have been a lucky man, but when Water was wiped out between age 69 and 79 he became sick. Monkey, the sign of Cliburn's day of birth shows Cliburn, even with his ambition, to have been easy-going. Many people loved him. Horse, the sign of Cliburn's hour of birth, shows him to have been lucky and wealthy.

Had his cancer been discovered and stopped earlier, and the right precautions been taken, Cliburn would have reached his life's pinnacle at age 79 to 89. The Chinese astrological chart shows his illness starting at or right after age 69. It was not diagnosed until he was already 77.

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