Saturday, November 23, 2013

What comet Ison at perihelion shows in astrology

Comet Ison will be at perihelion on November 28. The Sun will be at 6 degrees Sagittarius within orb of conjunction with the royal star Antares. Major comets, as a rule, presage coming removals of notable figures from the upper ranks of world leadership as well as dramatic changes in the world's political condition.

The Sun with Ison conjunct Antares adds possibilities of disgrace, ruin, treachery and violence to the world's political drama. Assassinations may follow this comet. It is safe to bet that social unrest in the world will intensify in the coming months. An epidemic may follow upon the heels of this comet as well. If the comet does not break up when it passes through the Sun's corona we will be able to see and tell more from the time it is at perigee.

Sagittarius rules, or strongly influences all of the Arabian nations as a whole, also Australia; Hungary, especially Budapest; Slavonia; Spain; Italy, especially Tuscany; France, especially Province; Belgium, therefore the entire EU; Argentina; Bolivia; Chile; Western Brazil; Eastern Ecuador; Czech Republic; Madagascar; Mongolia; Pakistan; Kenya; Thailand; Siberia; Tibet; The USA east of the Mississippi; and the Vatican.
Places in the USA and Canada influenced by Sagittarius include Alabama; Illinois; Indiana; Mississippi; New Jersey; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Toledo, Ohio; and Toronto, Ontario.

Sagittarius also strongly influences the Church in general. Interesting changes in the organization and position of the Church, whatever denomination, will unfold.

6 degrees Sagittarius affects the 11/22/1943 chart of independence of Lebanon. In this chart we see Mercury at 6 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the mid-heaven at 7 degrees Sagittarius, and opposite Uranus at 7 degrees Gemini. Uranus is the ruler of this chart. There is the second Lebanese independence chart of 1/1/1944. The comet opposes this chart's positions of Uranus and Mars. Mars in this chart rules the 7th and 2nd houses and is in the 8th house conjunct Uranus ruler of the 5th, suggesting  sudden losses and deaths. Conditions in Lebanon may soon become turbulent.

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