Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The June 13 full moon in western and Chinese astrology

The full moon came on June 13 at 00:13 AM EDT. It was at 22 degrees Sagittarius in the 10th house at Washington DC signifying changes in Government policies. The Moon is in mutual reception with her dispositor, Jupiter, in the 5th house, pointing to diplomatic affairs. We see the President changing his mind with respect to the developing conflict in Iraq, for example.

At the full moon, we also see a T-Square involving Mars, Pluto, and Uranus in the 8th, 11th, and 2nd houses, respectively, pointing to the on-going difficult financial issues in this country affecting business and banking. The full moon may bring a minor temporary correction to real estate prices.

We also see Venus exactly opposite Saturn, Venus in the 3rd house and Saturn in the 9th, in a sense obstructing international commerce, communications, and trade, and pointing to some blackout of news. This aspect also does not favor travel.

The planets in the chart of the full moon are widely scattered. This diffuses energy, and makes it difficult to focus on any one area other than those hinted above.

In Chinese astrology, the signs for the year, month, day, and hour of the new moon are Wood Horse, Metal Horse, Wood Rabbit, and Fire Rat, respectively. The balance of elements is 4 Fires, 2 Earths, 1 Metal, 1 Water, and 3 Woods. It is extremely active, and not concentrated; the energy expands. The yin-yang balance is 7 yin and 3 yang. Nothing innovative is favored at this time, but it favors ending what was already begun, and releasing what is useless.

Boiled down to a I Ching hexagram, it gives us hexagram 49, line 3. Hexagram 49 is Revolution. It favors the signs Tiger and Rabbit. It suggests a break coming after a period of bad luck. The road is opening. It is favorable to reform the old. If you persevere, disappointment will disappear.
Unfortunately this hexagram is not good for summer, so the energy is not strong enough, and you will have to exert yourself. If you have bad habits, attempts to change them may lead to frustration. Consider carefully what changes you want to make.
Line 3 says starting now is bad luck. You need to think it over and over. When talk has gone around three times, you may start and people will believe you. Changes cannot happen unless others agree with you. Work for the support of others first.

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