Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joan Rivers' death as seen in Chinese astrology

The signs of Joan Rivers' year, month, day, and hour of birth were Water Rooster, Earth Horse, Wood Snake, and Fire Ox, respectively. Her chart shows someone whose career was totally into entertainment. Her vital element was Water, showing her at her strongest in her 40s through 70s. Her peak cycle, being in her 80s, endangered her life.
Rivers' cycles made death possible in her cycle of 80 to 90. 2014 does not look like the time that she would naturally have passed away. She was killed. Her death was untimely. A natural year for her passing could have been anywhere from 2015, at the earliest, to 2021. The sign of the month in which she went through her fatal surgery is Water Rooster. She was born in the year of Water Rooster. Water Rooster violently attacks Water Rooster. This was obviously a terrible month for her to have had surgery.
Did she have enemies? She was born on a day of Wood. There is only one Wood in her chart. Metal kills Wood. Her chart has four Metals. Metal made her stand out very bravely, even brazenly. It does represent enemies. Yes, she had enemies.
Having only one Wood, and Wood being her ruling element, she had what is called in Chinese astrology a Flying Bird. The legend of Flying Bird is: "Flying Bird gets shot." Her outspokenness contributed to her vulnerability.
The element that killed her Flying Bird is Metal. We are now in the season of Chinese fall, the Metal season. With the lunar month beginning 5/29 , and running all the way up to 11/7, there is strong Metal. Rivers' death happened in the middle of a strong run of Metal. Still, the year doesn't show her death, and it would have been wrong to predict her natural death this year. Next year would have been possible. It appears she was killed.
One Wood with five Fires in her chart made her very outspoken. She was a firebrand, and she always loved being in the limelight. Still, all in all, predicting her death in 2014 seems a stretch. It should not have happened so early.

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