Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bernie Sanders in Chinese astrology

Bernie Sanders was born September 8, 1941. The birth hour is not known, but the signs for the  year, month, and day, give us enough to get a good look at his chances to get the Democratic Party nomination.

Sanders was born in the year of Metal Snake, month of Fire Monkey, and Day of Earth Sheep. He is forward looking and has leadership skills. He is also unbending, independent, and is a risk taker. He is fortunate and has friends and allies.

His chart leans on the side of Yang, so he is proactive. The predominant element of the chart is Earth. This makes him practical, controlling, and responsible.

Sanders is in his 70 - 80 ten year cycle. It is Earth Ox. Ox is empty in his chart. Earth Ox clashes with his day of birth, Earth Sheep. Empty Ox spares him, but the cycle is turbulent, hence his political activism at this time.

Looking at him through an astrological system called Nayin, Sander's month of birth and day of birth are both Fire. His 70 - 80 ten year cycle is also Fire. This is good for him. It gathers people around him.

2016, the crucial year, is Fire Monkey year. Sanders was born in a month of Fire Monkey. The signs of 2016 match the signs of Sander's month of birth. This will make 2016 a most challenging year for his career, potentially good. The elements of the year bring him support and make him productive. The Fire of Fire Monkey year combines with the Metal of Sander's year of birth, Metal Snake, to produce Water. Water for Sanders represents the prize. He needs it. It is there. On the other hand, Monkey of 2016 combines with Sander's Snake to produce Water, but this is like poison; it is a clash. There could be treachery. He is up against powerful figures, possibly in the Democratic Party, who secretly work against him.

Looking at a King Wen I Ching reading, asking whether Sander's will win the nomination, it looks like he's in very complicated conditions. It looks like he's got a battle. In the King Wen chart, his significator is empty, meaning, too weak. There may be secret forces working against him.

It appears he has a fair chance, as he is strong, but I would not be surprised if the nomination is taken away from him.

Sanders was born under a Knife Blade. The Knife Blade for him is Snake. It makes him unbending, strong, and tough. In Sanders' chart the cycle of age 30 - 40 was a Snake cycle, in other words, his peak cycle. If this current cycle, 70 - 80 were his peak cycle there would be no doubt of his winning.

Sanders is going to become a very strong force in the Democratic Party between 2015 and 2016. His chance of winning the nomination, to be fair, is questionable.

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  1. Fascinating analysis. What would you say in connection with the two current presidential nominees?

  2. Fascinating analysis. What would you say in connection with the two current presidential nominees?

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