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The full Moon of 3/12/17 in astrology

The full Moon came on 3/12 at 2:55 PM GMT, or 10:55 AM EDT.  The Sun is at 22:13 Pisces, and the Moon is at 22:13 Virgo. Moon is in a T-Square with Mercury and Saturn. Mercury 27:31 Pisces is square Saturn 27:18 Sagittarius. And there is a T-Square of Uranus 22:40 Aries opposite Jupiter 21:21 Libra retrograde, square Pluto 19:01 Capricorn.

In the UK and EU the Moon is in the 2nd house, showing a full awareness and a coming of changes or a turning point in matters of economy. Mercury is the dispositor of the Moon and is ruler of the 2nd house. Mercury in the sign of his fall and square Saturn shows that these changes are disadvantageous. Opposite Moon, Mercury shows headaches to come. Mercury is in the 8th house of debt, and Saturn is in the 5th house of diplomatic relations. An afflicted Mercury in the 8th house shows changes coming to the Privy Council. The Privy Council is a formal body of advisers. Its membership consists of senior politicians who are members of either the House of Commons or the House of Lords. 
Jupiter is in the 3rd in T-Square with Uranus in the 9th, and Pluto in the 5th. Jupiter in the 3rd retrograde shows talks delayed. They pertain to foreign trade and matters of diplomacy. This pertains to Brexit, no doubt.
Moon in the 2nd house afflicted by Mercury and Saturn shows great uncertainty and fluctuation in the money and stock markets with resultant losses.

The chart in Washington DC has Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in the 11th house, giving emphasis to affairs in Congress. Moon is in the 5th house opposite the Sun and Mercury in the 11th, square Saturn in the 7th. Saturn, in mundane trine, eases tensions to a degree, and allows for productivity, so that, even though there is considerable tension especially between Congress, (11th house), and diplomats, (5th house), they may be sorted out, but not without considerable pains. Saturn in the 7th house is just not good for foreign affairs, and will bring up problems with foreign powers, danger of depressed foreign trade, and long term difficulties especially involving Arab countries. (Saturn is in Sagittarius; Sagittarius rules all Arab countries).
Mercury rules the chart at Washington. The Ascendant is Gemini 7 degrees. Mercury is in the 11th house in the sign of his fall, Pisces, square Saturn, conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. The general outlook is a bit troubled. The press, also ruled by Mercury, is making sure of that.
The President is ruled by the 10th house and its ruler. In the 10th house we have Neptune. Neptune is domicile in Pisces, and is semisextile Venus, but Venus is in mutual reception Mars, putting her in sextile Neptune. Venus sextile Neptune is a very fortunate aspect. The President appears to be acting independently and eludes attention. Venus' sextile Neptune comes from interception. It also suggests a woman, unknown because of interception, helping him.
Uranus, the ruler of 10, is in 10 opposite Jupiter retrograde in 5, and square Pluto in 8. The President, although under a lot of fire, rises above his opposition. Uranus is surpassing Jupiter and Pluto. Nonetheless, Jupiter in 5 causes failure in speculative adventures. Uranus in 11 runs into extraordinary difficulties in dealings with Congress, and Pluto in 8 shows losses of money. The matter of Obama care is a mess.
Generally as long as Mars is in Taurus and Venus is in Aries (until April 2) it's a good period for cutting deals. The mutual reception means there's nothing you can't get out of that you got in to.

Generally the effects of the full Moon last two weeks until the next lunation, but can last for 6.

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