Saturday, May 4, 2019

New Moon, May 4, 2019

The New Moon came on May 4th at 11:47 PM GMD, and 6:47 PM EDT in Washington DC.

This new Moon is at 14 degrees Taurus, points out, among other things, finances. They are crucial. 14:11 Taurus is square it's solstice point in Leo. The financial state of the world is crucial and plays an important part in whatever is happening.
In this chart Jupiter is in opposition to Mars, and trine to Mercury and Venus.
Jupiter opposite Mars is also square Neptune.
Saturn and Pluto are conjunct the lunar South Node.
This is a very bad chart.

The chart for UK has Jupiter conjunct the ASC at 22 Degrees Sagittarius, opposite Mars at 22 degrees Gemini. The people are enraged. A wave of rage is over Europe. There is a lot of conflict. The elections in France are coming this month.
The opposition of Jupiter and Mars is partially mitigated by Venus in the 3rd house and Mercury in the 4th. It would seem that the media is distracting the people. Neptune, ruling the 3rd house, is square Jupiter and Mars. Not only is the media distracting the people, it is engaged in lying to the people as well. Venus who rules the 10th house represents Teresa May. Venus is in the sign of her detriment, and will fail in her attempts to compromise the situation. She is trying to appease the people and failing. With Mars in the 7th opposite Jupiter and the ASC, the country is in danger of armed conflict. Mars in the 7th house shows international interference in the matter as well. Mercury is in the 4th house and rules the 7th. In sextile with Mars and trine Jupiter, it must arrive at a solution, but Mercury is square Saturn and Pluto, this is very troublesome. Teresa May must leave if there is to be an end to all this trouble.
Saturn and Pluto are in the 1st house conjunct the South Lunar Node. This shows the people very fearful. They are without leadership.
Parliament is ruled in this chart by Mars. Mars is in opposition with Jupiter, showing opposition of the people. The will of the people is at odds with Parliament. Mars is also square Neptune showing the violence could easily get out of hand. The Parliament is in crisis.
Saturn in the 1st house conjunct the South Node is extremely afflicted and will work much evil. Ruling the 2nd house, it affects the banks, the stock market and the money in general; square Venus, it is fatal for Teresa May; Square Mercury, ruler of the 10th house, it adversely affects even the queen, as well as people in high places in Britain. Neptune is also in the 2nd house adversely affecting the finances.
These aspects will have a deep effect on the EU as well.
Teresa May will leave in disgrace.

In Washington DC, the picture is somewhat different. The New Moon is in the 7th house, definitely beginning a new phase in international trade relations that directly involve the President. Finances are of primary interest.
Jupiter is in the 2nd house opposite Mars who rules the 2nd house. This indicates possible losses of money. The stock market will be erratic. Jupiter in the 2nd house is opposite Mars in the 8th, and both are square Neptune in the 5th, putting big stress on the market.
Saturn and Pluto are in the 3rd house, conjunct the South Node and square Venus and Mercury in the 6th. This means that there could be railroad accidents and/or an unsatisfactory condition in trade. Venus and Mercury in the 6th house show some trouble and increasing crime in lower circles.
The ASC is at 29:56 degrees Libra. The outlook tends to be anxious. The people are at the edge of their seats. The main tensions are in the 2nd, 8th, and 5th houses, and in the 3rd and 6th houses, so this is internal rather than external. The people want more money, and they want work to move forward. If the markets are adversely affected, frustrations will run high.

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