Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Astrological Predictions for Summer Solstice 2009

Summer Solstice came at 5:47 AM GMT in London, or 1:47 AM EDT in Washington DC. The following observations were made for the UK, US and Iran, as Iran has been coming up in the news recently. For the world in general the summer months promise to bring a lot of constructive work with no small degree of mental stress. Where the charts for the Vernal Equinox showed a serious rise in crime, especially in the US, the chart for the Summer Solstice doesn't emphasize crime. This is a good sign of constructive progress towards financial recovery now. The chart for the US shows the public attitude, or national consciousness, becoming more optimistic and cooperative, especially in connection with labor. This means more people will be working. The employment situation promisses to improve. The President's interest in health care reform looks favorable; the people in general support it. The main obstacle shown is the cost. Financial obstacles will have the effect of slowing down, but not stopping health care reform from happening. It is only a matter of time. The financial picture in general shows fluctuations, especially in stocks and in money markets, with strong hopes, nonetheless, of improvement against continuing obstacles. While a lot of people will still be out of work the picture is changing for the better. There are plenty of people in poverty, suffering from ill-health and seriously discontent. Legislation to alleviate the suffering of the poor and to bring about reforms in public institutions is delayed, but will come about in time. Attention in the media is being given to complicated matters abroad. The media, as usual, is hiding something.
The situation in Iran shows serious discontentment and distress among the people in conflict with the Government. At the same time, there is the very positive intention of the religious institutions and institutions of higher learning to make constructive efforts to work with the people. The intellectual class of the country is taking a very positive and constructive position. Considerable discontentment appears to be coming from the working class. The Government is not popular. It is possible there will be some scandals in high places of the Government with disgrace to public officials. Foreign intervention is a problem and is not welcome. There is danger of treachery and double-dealing on the part of Foreign Powers. Already there have been such accusations against the UK. The nation needs to be on guard against plots, and schemes and clandestine attacks from Foreign Powers. Disruptive activities were already brewing this past May. More is likely to happen in August and September, and again next year.
The chart for the UK shows changes coming to the Government. There is a lot brewing in Parliament connected with problems the in areas of communications, transportation, migrations, public discontment, and schools, and in matters related to agencies having to do with foreign countries and international affairs. It appears there will be a sudden and unexpected development in Government circles that may cause the defeat and resignation of someone in a high position. There may possibly be some outrage against the Royals as well. The Chinese astrological chart for the Summer Solstice shows it to be a period that favors creative activity. Action, especially creative action, is vital to the time. The elements of the chart are extremely unbalanced. Changes, therefore, are inevitable. Translated to an I Ching hexagram, the Chinese astrological calculations give us hexagram 21, line 6. Hexagram 21 is called Biting Through. Time to get rid of evil spirits. Biting, or cutting through brings success. It is a favorable time to execute justice. The 6th line warns of not listening. The advice given is don't be deaf to counsel; incorrigibility leads to bad luck.

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