Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The May / June, 2009 Lunation

The lunation period beginning with the new moon on May 24th and culminating with the full moon on June 7th, as read from Washington D.C., shows the following developments in the U.S. The new moon falling in the 12th house points, on the one hand, to an increase of crime and trouble in connection with hospitals and prisons, and on the other hand, to possible legislative developments that aim to benefit the poor and improve housing conditions especially in impoverished locations. Legislation in this area, however, is likely to be held back, and by full moon, crime and poverty along with poor conditions in hospitals and prisons will only have worsened. Crime is to be linked to deaths by bad drugs. The new moon chart shows sudden and unexpected developments in Government circles that will require careful management. These developments appear to involve international relations and international trade and will loom up in importance by full moon. These developments also point to big business, the stock market, public expenditures, and government bail outs. On a positive note, the entire lunation period favors developments in the areas of publishing and entertainment.
In Chinese astrology, the lunation period shows a general tendency to worry; this seems to be the general emotional tone in the country throughout the entire summer. It is not the strongest time for business, and there is a tendency for people to become intolerant of one another while indications of romance are present, a rather dangerous emotional atmosphere. The Chinese chart points out the necessity of cultivating calm reflection in order to remedy tendencies of poor planning and indecision. Reduced to an I Ching hexagram, the time of the new moon gives us hexagram 27, The Corners of the Mouth, line 6. The symbol of this hexagram is a dragon hidden in a deep pool. It advises to hold to good actions and keep far from evil ones. Perseverance brings luck. Pay attention to providing nourishment, and be mindful of speech. Line 6 advises to keep on trying despite difficulties and you will get through the danger of the time as if there were no danger at all. The advice of the 6th line, especially for people in positions of power, is to nourish others impartially. Recognition of responsibilities will bring good fortune.

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