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The Year of Metal Tiger in Chinese Astrology: Predictions

The Chinese Lunar New Year began at New Moon, February 13 - 14, 2010. This is the year Metal Tiger. The month is Earth Tiger. The day is Wood Sheep, and the hour in Washington DC is Fire Sheep.

For the world in general this is going to be a turbulent year with pronounced dangers of violence. People and governments will become angry, go to extremes and get into fights. Patience is lacking. Acts of terrorism are likely. The vital element, or watchword, for the world, as shown by this chart, is strict maintenance of law and order. The danger lies in defiance of order. The wrong people will try to take the lead and make heros of themselves. Many people will suffer.

Alliances between nations appear to be shaky. Fortunes are unstable. Quarrels will strain international relations. The chart shows the powers of the East far overbalancing the West. This is good for neither the Asian nor Western powers. China is now too strong. If China does not curb its growth, but continues as it has been going, it will see economic upsets coming.

The chart has an extreme preponderance of Wood and Fire elements. It is overly Yang. This points to storms and heat especially in spring and summer. There are going to be floods especially on the east coast.

The chart has two very interesting stars. They say that by studying the signs and practicing divination, astrology and religion the noble-minded will come through difficulties unscathed.

For the US in general the chart is favorable for all professions involving financial and commercial matters; money management; entrepreneurship; investing and trading. Playing precious metals is good. If you play the stock market, however, be very cautious after the summer. It will take more than 2010 for the economy to turn around. The elements in the world are severely out of balance.

If you were born in the year or day of Monkey, Rat or Dragon this is an important year for you to make a significant change. Either travel, change residence, make an important career change, or change your house around. Metal Tiger is such a strong sign that if you don't do any of these things, you will become extremely discontent, waste a lot of time and money and/or clash others.

If you were born in the year or on the day of Snake, Tiger year will be a challange for you. Tiger is friendly to Pig, Horse, Dog, Rabbit and Dragon, and is neutral to Ox and Sheep. To find out how you will fare this year you may want to get your own personal Chinese astrological chart reading done.

Reduced to an I Ching hexagram, the beginning of this year of Metal Tiger yields hexagram 32, line 2. It says the great person stands firm and does not change direction. Changes come with the changing seasons. This is a time to persevere. Be calm and adapt to the time. If you maintain balance you will have a good year. Going to extremes is not wise.

by Raphael Simons
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