Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon 2/28: predictions and insights

Amidst violent winter storms in the US and Europe and the earthquake we have come to full Moon in Virgo. What makes this full Moon so interesting is that it is exactly opposite Jupiter, Jupiter being exactly conjunction the Sun in Pisces bringing up gigantic tidal affects in the atmosphere that are involved in the storm systems we are experiencing now. To look at this more closely and find out possible future events in several regions of the world the following report is made from charts calculater for Greenwich, UK; Washington DC, Albuquerque, NM; Delhi, India; and various places in the world that resonate to Virgo and Pisces.

Besides the dramatic atmospheric affects of this full Moon the polarity of Virgo/Pisces involving the Moon's opposition to Jupiter suggests that the general health of people in the world is now in likely danger of being affected by contaminated water and spoiled food supplies. In addition, this full Moon is pointing out the need that the whole world is facing to change the conditions of labor as affects the world's finances. Conditions are deteriorating. There are probabilities of a general rise in crime in the entire world. The conjunction of Jupiter with the Sun in opposition with the Moon brings out the worst of Jupiter. Jupiter is now very weak as it is burnt out by the Sun. In opposition to the Moon Jupiter causes over-expansion and extravagance that results in eventual loss, errors of judgement, unjust court decisions, and a proneness to self-indulgence and dissipation that leads to health problems.

The full moon denotes a turning point. If your birthday is today this is a full Moon year for you. In light of the aforementioned, it means that old patterns, especially old addictive patterns or old dysfunctional patterns, are soon to dissolve by necessity and you are coming to have to make big changes in your life. This will be a very interesting year for you. Be careful to protect your health.

Predictions made from this full Moon for the various places in the world are as follows.

Full Moon in the UK was at 4:39 PM today. The Moon was in the Ascendent. Opposite combust Jupiter, the Moon shows, in addition to many changes in the country, ill-health, general restlessness and discontentment. Affairs are now generally unsatisfactory. The weather is something to watch; it is now very unsettled and changeable. Seen from the perspective of the Johndro locality chart method, public discontentment has much to do with unstable financial conditions and losses. There is some probability of death coming to a notable figure in high circles as well.

Full Moon in Washington DC was at 11:39 AM today. The Moon was in the 4th house. Opposite combust Jupiter, the Moon shows plenty of confusion in the Executive circle of the Government, the result of which will weaken the incumbent party. The Executive circle is not as strong as it presumes and is making a foolhardy move with respect to matters connected to health care. Lack of patience is unfortunate. The Moon is besieged between retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn in this chart. That means that one bad move leads to another. Repercussions are to be expected. Seen from the perspective of the Johndro chart, there is a great deal of confusion and discontentment in the Congress. The entire legislature is being affected. The weather is also to be watched. Afflicted Moon in the 4th house shows bad weather conditions.
Full Moon in Albuquereque, NM where this writer is was at 9:39 AM today. The Moon was in the 5th house. Opposite combust Jupiter, the Moon takes away benefits to theaters and the entertainment industry for the time being. There are likely confusions and difficulties in financial matters connected to entertainments at this time. Seen from the perspective of the Johndro chart, the film industry is highlighted. There appears to be a sign of some confusion and discontentment among workers. The Johndro chart also shows heavy expenses, extravagances and potential troubles connected to state officials with the added possibility of coming disgrace to an official. The chart also points to increased in crime in Albuquerque as well as the entire state now, especially in connection to drugs.

The full Moon in Delhi, India was at 10:09 PM today. It is interesting in that it is a mirror image of the chart for Albuquerque. There are confusions in the legislature as affects the entertainment industry as well as schools and matters connected with children. Seen from the perspective of the Johndro chart, the emphasis shifts to problems affecting the national health and labor. The current outlook in India is serious and is connected with past matters as yet unresolved.

Genreal conditions shown by these charts also relate to countries ruled by Pisces, most notibly Europe as a whole, and especially Portugal, Normandy and numerous cities in England where weather conditions are now stormy. Countries and cities ruled by Virgo are also to be noted. These include the New England states and Virginia, Brazil, the city of Paris, Basel, Jerusalem and several cities in England.

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