Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mercury at superior conjunction with the Sun

Mercury came to superior conjunction with the Sun today, 3/14, at 13:17 GMT. A generally overlooked point in astrology, this, according to this writer's research, is a very noteworthy moment in Mercury's path.

Mercury has two conjunctions with the Sun, the superior conjunction and the inferior conjunction. The superior conjunction happens when Mercury is exactly conjunct the sun from the Sun's far side, in other words, when Mercury is facing the outer space from the perspective of the Earth. The inferior conjunction happens when Mercury is exactly conjunct the Sun from the Sun's near side, in other words, when Mercury is directly between the Earth and the Sun.

The important thing to note when Mercury is at Superior conjunction the Sun is if it is also conjunct a star. For if it is also in conjunction with a star it serves to transmit the light, or intelligence of that outer star through the Sun to the Earth thus influence mundane matters for the time of that conjunction.

The superior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun happened today at 23 degrees Pisces 51 minutes. Looking at the star maps, Mercury was also in conjunction with Markab.

Markab is a second magnitude star. Second magnitude is fairly strong and its influence can be felt. Markab was described by the ancient astrologer Ptolemy to be of the nature of Mars with Mercury. In other words, Markab has an argumentative influence. It is said to give honors and riches, as well as danger from cuts, blows and fire. See if the news from yesterday, today and tomorrow confirms any of these indications.

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