Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Horary astrological view of the decision of China and Russia to drop the dollar

Upon reading an article telling that China and Russia have cut a deal, cutting out the dollar, the question came up what affect will that have on the dollar. A horary chart was made in Albuquerque, NM at 10:45 PM on November 24th to find out. Here is what it says.

Mercury rules the 2nd house of this chart. The 2nd house shows the dollar. What happens to Mercury happens to the dollar. Mercury is at 23 degrees Sagittarius in the 5th house and is forming a square aspect to Jupiter in the 8th house, a sextile to Neptune in the 7th house, a square to Uranus retrograde in the 8th house and a sextile to Venus in the 3rd house. While all is not well all is not without hope. The situation, nonetheless, is difficult.

Mercury in the 5th house shows that the bank is speculating on the dollar. The dollar is being gambled on. The Fed is risking disaster at the expense of the people.

Mercury's first aspect square Jupiter in the 8th house shows inflation and much squandering of money coming. Mercury's second aspect sextile Neptune in the 7th house shows secret deals being made with foreign banking institutions and governments. Mercury's third aspect square Uranus retrograde shows repeated troubles with these international banks involving sudden catastrophes such as what we see happening now in Europe, disintegrating conditions and paralyzing circumstances, and foreign banksters attempting to move in to take over, dominate and control this country's financial mess. Mercury's final aspect is sextile Venus in the 3rd house showing the matter will, despite all, yield an opportunity to make an improvement. Still, losses are inevitable. The dollar will lose its value along with the Euro. The Euro may tank. Europe will turn against the banksters and the EU may be undone or severely compromised. When Spain goes under the whole structure of the EU will unravel.

Now, the Moon's aspects are important to note. The Moon is what shows the course of development and change along the way. The Moon is at 16 degrees Cancer in the 11th house. Behind the Moon is Uranus at 26 degrees Pisces. This means that the current state of affairs has an important connection to events of the nature of a reorganization involving international financial dealings that happened ten weeks ago, or sometime in the middle of this past September. The announcement made by China and Russia was carefully planned. The insistence of Bernanke to speculate on the value of the dollar tipped the scales. Our relations with Russia and China will change as a result.

The Moon is separating from square aspect to Saturn showing the belabored economic crisis this country has been in these past many months and under which we are laboring still. The Moon is forming a counterparallel to the Sun, a trine to Jupiter, a counter parallel to Pluto, a trine to Uranus and a square to Venus. The final aspect of the Moon is a square to Venus showing that the matter, indeed, will involve a loss and a waste of money. Moon forming trine to Jupiter gives hope for money increasing and Moon trine Uranus suggests productive international relations. But the square Venus being the last aspect the Moon forms says that we, in fact, do need to guard against coming losses.

The dollar will suffer. The banks are up to tricks. The Fed is gambling.

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