Monday, August 8, 2011

Chinese astrology report: Chinese fall season.

Chinese Fall season started at 5:49 AM, Beijing time, on August 8th, in other words 5:49 PM EDT on 8/7 at Washington DC. Chinese Fall season, or the season of the element Metal begins exactly mid-point the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox. It coincides with the Druid festival of Lughnasadh, the beginning of the harvest season, and this harvest season has certainly gotten off with a bang. While Western astrology doesn’t work with the cross-quarter days, Chinese astrology does. They are very important days when the Sun’s energy is at the most fixed points in the Zodiac. These points are called the Gates of the Earth. They are 15 degrees Aquarius, 15 degrees Taurus, 15 degrees Leo and 15 degrees Scorpio. We are now at 15 degrees Leo. The conditions we see around us in the world today are a strong indication of the conditions that will continue into November. We are in perilous times.

All things considered, the Chinese astrological charts were calculated for Washington DC. What these charts say has meaning for the entire world.

The signs are as follows. Metal Rabbit is the year sign; Fire Monkey is the month sign; Wood Horse is the day sign; Water Monkey is the hour sign. The star is 2 Earth.

The element balance shows 4 Metals, 4 Waters, 2 Woods, 2 Fires and 3 Earths. The situation of Fire is extremely weak: the Fire of Fire Monkey is turned to Water by the Metal Rabbit, and the Horse (a Fire sign) of the Wood Horse is rendered void by the Metal Rabbit. This indicates a sudden implosion. Look at the stock markets. Up to this time there was a continual expansion. Now there is implosion. We may reasonably expect the markets to remain dangerously unstable through the coming months.

The chart has a sign called Knife Blade. This warns of impulsive, violent actions. People are panicking and losing their money. They won’t listen and will resent advice. Dare devils can lose their fortunes. Complementing this is a star called Robbing Star. The chart has two Robbing Stars. It means exactly what it sounds like.
In addition to the Knife Blade the chart has two indicators called End and one called Death. Combined with Knife Blade and Robbing Stars these spell a radical, violent reaping happening in the world. Look at all the violence now. The Reaper is rampant in the world.

There are 10 Yang elements and 4 Yin elements in this chart. The over balance of Yang means strong forward momentum. We find the strongest overbalance in Yang Water. There are 4 Yang Waters. This is generating fear in the world. Fear turns to panic.

The chart style is called Secondary Resources combined with strong Imposing Authority deities. Secondary Resource deities favor looking for alternatives. They also favor all secret, behind the scenes activities and working by occult means. This is a good time for psychics and astrologers, and suggests that much is happening behind the scenes in secrecy. Imposing Authority deities break barriers and favor adventurous and risky actions. The void Horse in the chart spells unstable and inauspicious fortunes. Coupled with the void Horse and the Knife Blade the Imposing Authority deities can bring ruin to reckless people who are unaware of what is happening behind their backs.

The month star 2 Earth puts the year star, 7 Metal, in the house of the Abyss. This means that the energy of the time is such that those who know where they are going are now on the road to their destination for good or ill, and those who don’t know where they are going are now stuck in a rut. 7 Metal in the house of the Abyss yields two I Ching hexagrams: Limitation and Oppression. Notwithstanding, 7 Metal can be productive in this position if it doesn’t entertain unrealistic illusions. The advice is don’t try to force your way out of difficulties. Accept where you are and go with the flow; everything changes.

The month star, 2 Earth, in addition, puts the star of destruction in the house of the Mountain. This means destruction to and from banks. The month star then puts the star of banks, 8 Earth star, in opposition with the star of destruction. Many banks are in serious trouble.

To help clarify the meaning of all of this, an I Ching hexagram was derived from the Chinese year, month, day and hour (this being the 9th hour of the 8th lunar day of the 7th lunar month of the 27th year of the current cycle). The resulting hexagram is #49, Revolution. And the line is the 3rd line. It says starting right now is bad luck. Openly persevering is dangerous. When talk of revolution has gone around three times it will start. Grudges are deep rooted. The force of the discontentment will rise of itself. Hasty decisions bring unfortunate results. Be careful not to engage in petty disputes. The advice is to work for the support of others; only changes having the support of others will work.

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  1. Raphael
    You cut like a knife through all the Neptunian confusion and call it what it is: a time of utter chaos and change. Thank you for your enlightening blog. Warmly, Eileen