Monday, August 29, 2011

The astrological view of the New Moon.

The new moon came on August 29th at 4:05 AM GMT, or August 28th at 11:05 PM EDT. At first glance we see a grand trine formed by the lunation and Venus in Virgo with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This grand trine promises that more sanguine conditions will develop during this month despite whatever else is shown. The grand trine in Earth signs says that we are entering a month in which we will see growth in business and finances. The lunation trine Jupiter will bring a period of general improvement and growth. Jupiter is the ruler of the New York Stock Exchange Mid Heaven. The grand trine involving Jupiter indicates a general upward trend in stock prices this month.
Looking further, we see Mars in Cancer separating from square Saturn in Libra. This shows the harsh conditions from last month overshadowing and influencing the current lunation period.
In the lunation chart we also find Mercury in Leo applying to exact trine the North Lunar Node in Sagittarius to bring some alarming news from afar.
Looking again at the chart of the New York Stock Exchange, we see that Mars is the co-ruler of the Mid Heaven. The Mars square Saturn aspect together warns that even though the trend of the NYSE is up this month, there is a probability of some sell-offs in light of what is happening abroad, especially in the EU.
The lunation chart interacts with the chart of the Summer Solstice (June 21st). We see that in the Summer Solstice chart there was an exact quincunx aspect between the Moon at 10 degrees Pisces and Saturn at 10 degrees Libra. In the lunation chart, we find Jupiter at 10 degrees Taurus. Jupiter is now forming a Yod aspect with the Summer Solstice Moon and Saturn. The point of the Yod is Saturn. It says that imbalances and unanswered needs experienced through the summer are now at a point demanding adjustments. Looking at the the chart for the UK this points to matters involving communication and the Government. The Government needs to be in better communication with the street and the neighborhoods. Looking at the chart for the US this points to matters involving the nation's unhappy outlook with serious emphasis on jobs. The lunation chart has Saturn in the 6th house trine the Summer Solstice Venus in the 9th. This means that the US will see an increase in jobs coming from foreign employers.
The chart for DC has the Ascendent conjunct the malefic star Algol. Algol is the most evil star in the heavens. The Ascendent forms a square with Neptune in the 10th house and with Mercury in the 4th. Mercury is in exact trine with the North Node in the 7th. We can expect some very ugly talk, fear mongering and gossip to come up this month in and about political circles. Algol inclines toward mob violence. Malicious talk and propaganda is deliberately being aimed at arousing the public's wrath. The lunation trine Jupiter will serve as a buffer.
Saturn at the lunation is exactly conjunct his natal position in the US chart of July 4th, 1776. This New Moon marks the Saturn Return of the USA. We find ourselves in a severe financial and political crisis. SAturn in the USA natal chart is square the Sun and in a grand trine with Mars and Uranus in Gemini and the Moon in Aquarius. This indicates that, being in this crisis, we may look forward to a period of constructive development coming.
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