Monday, September 19, 2011

Mundane astrological view of Mars in Leo

Mars entered Leo at 2:52 AM GMD on September 19th. Entering Leo from Cancer the energy of Mars changes very noticibly. Cancer, his weakest sign, brought out his worst; Leo, a very positive sign for Mars, will increase his powers.
The aspects formed by Mars upon entering Leo give us a good snapshot of what he's up to now. This will have something to say about his influence in the world as he moves through Leo between now and November 10th when he enters Virgo.
Mars, upon entering Leo, is applying to trine Uranus. We also see the Sun applying to sextile Mars, and Venus separating from sextile Mars, and Mercury separating from semi-square Mars. For the most part these are positive aspects that bring a more constructive spirit into the world.
Mars applying to trine Uranus encourages more positive, innovative developments in government undertakings, and gives hope for breakthroughs. Mars sextile Sun favors world leaders. It also brings increases of warlike operations and offers possibilities of constructive reforms to the military. Sun and Mars in sextile generally favor industry as well. Venus sextile Mars favors business and money matters. But, while the current position of Mars is working constructively in the world, as seen by his aspects to Uranus, the Sun and Venus, his semi-square aspect to Mercury shows public anger and political quarreling, accidents in traveling, public demonstrations, possible strikes, and dangers of theft.
The chart made at Greenwich shows Mars ruling the mid- heaven in the 12th house and square the mid-heaven showing an increase in crime and violence as well as possibilities of fires in public institutions. The Government, as shown, is not at all popular with the poor. Mars trine Uranus in the 9th house favors advances in science and technology with the possibility of some interesting discoveries. Mars trine Uranus and sextile Venus shows productive diplomatic activities probably having to do with British relations with the EU. Mars sextile Sun in the 2nd house favors the economic picture for the moment. But, Mars semi-square Mercury in the 2nd house warns of theft and losses in the stock market. The financial imbalance in the UK is not about to be resolved even though the spirit of Mars favors constructive action.
Mars in the chart of the Euro is in the 10th house in opposition with Neptune at 1:03 Aquarius. Neptune rules the 7th house of the Euro chart. This is a chaotic, even explosive influence for the affairs of the Euro zone having to do with questions of partnerships. Interesting to note, the 7th house cusp of that chart is at 29:50 Pisces. Transiting Neptune has been passing over that degree to bring much confusion and distressing news. The positive aspects shown by Mars at this time give some hope that constructive actions can be taken. Mars in the 10th house is showing a need for reorganization.
The chart made at Washington DC has Mars in the 3rd house. This, despite the good aspects, this warns of traffic accidents. Transportation industries suffer losses. The 3rd house Mars also points to deliberate, aggressive manipulations of the news media such as failures to report the protest activities happening on Wall Street at this time. Mars trine Uranus in the 11th house brings angry debates to Congress in reaction to the President's asserting his ideas about taxes. Mars sextile Sun and Venus in the 5th house will bring some exciting entertainments, while his semi-square Mercury in the 5th house will adversely affect schools.
Looking at the chart of the UN, Mars squares the UN Sun at 1:07 Scorpio in the 7th house. Mars is the ruler of the UN Chart whose Ascendent is at 20:04 Aries. Mars' entrance into Leo ushers in a period of quarreling in the UN. The current issue is the question of Palestinian statehood. The positive aspects of Mars can help steer the quarrel in a positive direction.
Mars in the chart of Australia is forming trine aspects with Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury. This encourages positive developments in the areas of international financial relations and trade.
Mars in the chart of South Africa appears in the 6th house of the chart of the constitution square the Sun and Jupiter. This shows a period of tension and difficulties in the Government, public excitment over crimes, and the danger of infectious disease. The positive aspects that Mars has give hope for constructive activity nonetheless.
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