Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Astrological view of the Libra Full Moon

The full Moon is on October 12th, at 3:07 AM, GMD. Moon is at 18:25 Aries opposite Sun in conjunction with Saturn in Libra. At the new Moon Remove Formatting from selectionon September 27th, Saturn was at 18 degrees Libra. At this full Moon, the Sun is exactly on that degree and the Moon is exactly opposite that degree to fully magnify and bring out the affects of Saturn now and in the days to come.
The Sun conjunct Saturn is not fortunate for Governments and people in positions of authority. Sun conjunct Saturn points to the current unpopularity of top Government figures, and denotes obstacles to state and legislative affairs. It is also unfortunate for trade, labor, social affairs, the general health, and conditions of the land, possibly denoting volcanic activity.
The Moon opposite Saturn is also unfortunate for financial affairs and trade, and points to State affairs going poorly. Parliaments and Congress see difficulties. The Moon opposite Saturn points to suffering caused by unemployment, and to poor harvests. This is a terrible time for Somalia. It also points to trouble with banks and the stock market. This aspect of the Moon opposite Saturn happening now is particularly interesting in light of the current protest against the banks.
The full Moon happens at the nadir at about 120 degrees east longitude, or the Lesser Sunda area of Indonesia where we find Anak Krakatao, the volcano that has been threatening to erupt. The Sun and Saturn are at the Zenith.
The full Moon happens at the zenith at about 60 degrees west longitude, or the area of the Lesser Antilles. This could trigger seismic, or volcanic, activity in the Caribbean area as well.
The full Moon at Greenwich has the Moon in the 8th house opposite the Sun and Saturn in the 2nd pointing out the serious economic difficulties faced by the UK.
The full Moon at Berlin also has the Moon in the 8th house opposite the Sun and Saturn in the 2nd pointing to the same conditions that affect the UK now. Saturn afflicted in the 2nd house denotes financial stagnation and want of activity in all financial matters affecting the entire Euro Zone. Mars at 13 degrees Leo is applying to sextile Saturn. This promisses a constructive, stabilizing influence coming. But, the current picture is seriously poor. Mars in the 12th house in the UK and in the Euro Zone warns of increasing crime.
The full Moon at Washington DC has the Moon in the 11th house opposite the Sun and Saturn in the 5th house. This points to serious discord in Congress as well as difficulties in diplomatic relations and serious concerns over the stock market. Saturn afflicted in the 5th house causes crime against women and children, and warns of dangers in places of public entertainment. Mars applying to sextile Saturn from the 3rd house warns of violence on the streets. The involvement of Mars brings police involvement. Beware of violence and police brutality if you are participating in the protests.
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