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The Future of Bank of America in Astrology

In view of the current buzz about Bank of America, the astrological charts were drawn up to get an objective view of the matter. Here is what the charts show.
Bank of America, according to the FDIC was founded on October 17, 1904 in San Francisco. It was founded by Amadeo Giannini, and was originally called the Bank of Italy. On July 31, 1998 the Bank of America was acquired by Nations Bank, and, according to the DJIA, July 31, 1998 is the most recent incorporation date of the Bank of America. Comparing the charts of 10/17/1904 and 7/31/1998 we find that on 7/31/1998 Uranus was exactly conjunct the 10/17/1904 Moon, the 7/31/1998 Moon was exactly trine the 10/17/1904 Mars, and the 7/31/1998 Venus was exactly square the 10/17/1904 Mercury, showing us the clear relation between these two incorporation dates. Uranus conjunct Moon and Moon trine Mars show rapid change and growth since 1998. Venus square Mercury is the proverbial fly in the ointment; not everything was good.
Looking at the 1904 chart, we see the progressed and converse progressed Moon coming to conjunction the natal Moon in about two years, or 2013 - 2014, telling us that an old cycle is ending and new period of development is about to come. At the same time, in 2013 - 2014, the progressed Sun will be in conjunction with the natal Saturn in Aquarius; the Sun is applying to conjunction Saturn in the 6th house. This is not the most fortunate aspect. Popular opinion does not favor the bank. The bank is laying off personel. The bank is going through an increasingly difficult period in business, and is paying for its mistakes.
Progressed Jupiter is now opposite the 1904 natal Sun. This shows confusion in business and legal dealings through this and next year. The bank will again be accused of fraud. The converse progressed Venus conjunct natal Neptune concurs. Progressed Mars is applying to square the natal Moon to bring increasing discontentment and mistrust between the bank and its clients over the next couple of years. Converse progressed Merury and Mars are coming to conjunction showing sharp practice. The bank may lose a lot of customers. The converse progressed Sun quincunx the natal Moon shows the bank's need to make adjustments in face of the likelihood of business losses. The solar arc directed Uranus is conjunct natal Mercury. The bank is inventing new instruments. Converse directed Mars is conjunct the malefic star Algol in the 10th house. Someone in a top position in the corporation is going to be axed.
Looking now at the chart of 10/31/98 we see the following. The 1998 incorporation happened when Mercury was in retrograde station. By progression, Mercury went retrograde in 2000. He is reaching inferior conjunction the Sun this year, between 2011 and 2012. Inferior conjunction says that Mercury is strangled. This is bad for business. The converse progressed Ascendent/Descendent of the 1998 chart is coming this year to conjunction the Nodal Axis, the Ascendent conjunct the North Node. This shows the bank in a critical moment having to define where it is going. The inferior conjunction of Mercury with the Sun is not helping. Converse progressed Mars is trine the Moon. This will help; it promotes new directions, new regulations, increase and expansion, new instruments and innovations. The bank needs to innovate. The directed Ascendent is coming to opposition natal Jupiter in 2012 while directed Venus is trine natal Jupiter. Directed Jupiter is now sextile natal Uranus. The bank will be looking for ways of expanding. Directed Mars is now at 29 degrees Cancer, soon to enter Leo; the bank is at the threshold of a new development. The converse progressed Mid-Heaven is conjunct Pleaides this year signifying top management in trouble.
Progressed Mars is coming to trine natal Jupiter in 2014 - 2015, and in 2015 the progressed Saturn turns retrograde. This, following the period of 2011 - 2012 when progressed Mercury is at inferior conjunction the Sun shows the company going through what may be another buyout. It is possible that Bank of America will become something else in the middle of this decade. Mars trine Jupiter in 2014 - 2015 shows dynamic expansion that cuts out of what appear to be strangling conditions shown by Mercury in inferior conjunction the Sun and Saturn at Retrograde Station. Saturn, in the 1998 chart, is in the 8th house and rules the 5th. It signifies international banking relations connected to the stock market. When Saturn turns retrograde in 2015 some ties will break. New alliances will be made. It also signals a turning point for share holders.
Bank of America appears in the next four or five years to be coming to a process of significant reorganization, possibly involving another buyout.
We note how the transits of Saturn affect Bank of America. In the 1904 chart we find Mercury at 14 Libra, the Sun at 23 Libra and Jupiter at 25 Aries. Saturn has just passed over Mercury in August. He will pass over the Sun in November, and oppose Jupiter at the end of November and beginning of December. Then Saturn will turn retrograde and oppose Jupiter again in April, 2012, and pass over the Sun again in May, 2012. Then again, Saturn will turn direct and pass over the Sun in July, 2012 and oppose Jupiter in August, 2012. So the depressive affects of Saturn are being felt by the bank through much of 2011 and 2012.
In the 1998 chart we have Venus at 14 Cancer and Mars at 16 Cancer. Transiting Saturn was square Venus in late August and square Mars in September, confirming the difficulties pointed out above.
We then note how the transits of Uranus through Aries will affect Bank of America. Taking the charts for 1904 and 1998 together, we have Venus at 14 Cancer, Mercury at 14 Libra, Mars at 16 Cancer, Sun at 23 Libra and Jupiter at 25 Aries. Uranus will be aspecting all these all the way through into May, 2017. Bank of America is going to enter a period of significant change and reorganization through the coming few years. This cannot help but affect the organization of all the banks in the world as they are all interrelated in one way or another. It is not unreasonable to think, therefore, that the entire banking system of the world is going to enter a period of restructuring, especially through to 2015.
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