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The Lunar Eclipse of 12/10/11 in mundane astrology

The lunar eclipse occured on December 10th at 2:33 PM GMT. The eclipsed moon was at 18:08 Gemini, in conjunction with the star Bellatrix (the Warrioress) and square Mars denoting lots of harsh words and rattling of swords in the world. A lunar eclipse between 10 and 20 degrees of Gemini denotes sudden movement of armies. The time is perilous. We can give three months for the effects of the eclipse to unfold. It certainly heats up matters.
Mars at the lunar eclipse was square the lunar nodes. This adds to the tension and supports the likelihood of violence.
Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is the despositor of the eclipsed Moon. Mercury was retrograde at the eclipse. This means that people change their mind, go back on their word, and lie. Trickery and betrayal register.
The eclipse interacts with the Fall Equinox chart; the Fall Equinox was on 9/23/11. We note that Uranus turned from retrograde to direct on the day of the eclipse, and that Uranus, at 00 degrees Aries, is in opposition to the Fall Equinox Sun This denotes a crisis in authority, autocratic political figures seizing power illegally, with consequential anger and potential rebellion among the people. The political atmosphere is tense and angry. Uranus at 00 degrees Aries is on a critical degree, denoting a crisis. Uranus is coming to square Pluto, now at 6 degrees Capricorn. The content of this crisis is going to unfold in the world in a most complicated way over the coming four to five years.
The Sun at the eclipse is in conjunction with the Fall Equinox north lunar node at 18 degrees Sagittarius. This means that the actions indicated in the Fall Equinox chart are now at a point of going forward, the north node denoting opening and expanding. To get a better sense of what this means, read this writer's analysis of the Fall Equinox.
The lunar eclipse is in the 7th Lunar Mansion. The 7th Lunar Mansion runs between 17 and 30 degrees Gemini. Its influence is exercised mainly in the mental and intuitive plane. The nature of this Lunar Mansion suggests that whatever violence develops will start with harsh words, lies and betrayals of trust.
We should watch what is happening between the EU and the UK now. In addition, we should watch countries ruled by Gemini, including the USA, Belgium, Egypt, the west of England and Wales.
The eclipse was visible over the far West of the USA and the Pacific. Watch for seismic activity in Ring of Fire. San Francisco is ruled by Gemini.
The eclipse charts for the UK and the EU have the eclipsed Moon in the 1st house and the Sun in the 7th house. This shows international tension. Mars is in the 5th house. This shows fighting in diplomatic circles. Mercury is in opposition to the Ascendent, showing plans falling through, and people changing their minds and going back on their word, causing losses. The Ascendent of the eclipse chart in the UK is at 25 degrees Taurus, conjunct the star Algol. Algol is one of the most malefic stars in the heavens. It shows the matter getting out of hand and people losing their minds. Political fighting between the UK and the EU is rancorous. In the context of transiting Pluto, the situation between the UK and EU will probably come to a major, seriously difficult crossroads late in 2012 and 2013.
The eclipse chart for the US has the eclipsed Moon in the 5th house with the Sun in the 11th house and Mars in the 8th house. The eclipse Moon rules the 7th house. This points to diplomatic wrangling. Mars in the 8th house involves the debt and losses of money. Uranus in the 2nd house shows the critical condition of the national economy. The stock market will be extremely unstable. The eclipse Moon opposite the Sun in the 11th house is polarizing the political picture. Mars afflicted in the 8th house of the eclipse chart denotes accidents and deaths by fire and crime. Be very careful through the holidays. Mars in the 8th house also denotes an increase in deaths in the military.
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