Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New Moon of 12/24 in Astrology

Following the winter solstice, the New Moon at 2 degrees Capricorn was on 12/14 at 6:07 PM GMT. The Moon's outstanding aspects are its conjunction with Pluto, square Uranus, and trine Jupiter. The Moon is also forming parallel aspects with Venus and Mercury. Saturn is trine Neptune, and Mercury is square Mars. We also notice that Jupiter is changing direction from retrograde to direct.
While the Moon is drawing our attention to the coming Uranus square Pluto aspect, she is also pointing to Jupiter's trine with Pluto. That with her parallels with Venus and Mercury are telling us that this month will bring some positive developments and opportunities to the world. Moon trine Jupiter favors commerce and trade. It brings growth. Moon parallel Venus says the same and favors social activities, festivities, and theatrical events. It also favors diplomatic relations and affords opportunities for international understandings. Moon parallel Mercury favors commercial activities, publishing, science, and speech making. This is a significant time to listen to what political figures are saying. All in all, despite the growing tensions shown by Uranus coming to square Pluto, this is an active month for business. It opens a window of opportunity.
The Saturn trine Neptune aspect points to the people benefiting through some political reforms in the making. Trade and the markets will benefit through this Saturn/Neptune aspect.
The Mercury square Mars aspect points to coming arguments. Mercury square Mars believes that the pen is sharper than the sword. It would suggest that the interests of business and commercial interests have a good chance to override the current sword rattling, at least for the time being.
The New Moon was in the 22nd lunar mansion. The 22nd lunar mansion enhances personal power, but does not favor making loans, nor does it does favor speculating. But, it will help you if you are trying to get out of a tight spot. On the personal level, the 22nd lunar mansion casts a shadow over marriage, and cautions about dealings with women in the family. Be careful.
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