Sunday, January 1, 2012

The world Zeitgeist at New Year 2011

A chart made at Greenwich, UK at midnight January 1st, 2012 gives us somthing like a snapshot of the new year now beginning to unfold. It shows us the Zeitgeist, or the mood of the world going into the new year.
The planetary aspects are fairly much equally divided between hard and easy. On the hard side we have Sun square Moon, Moon square Pluto, Sun square Uranus, Mercury square Mars, Pluto square Uranus, and an opposition between Saturn and Jupiter.
On the easy side we have Sun trine Jupiter, Jupiter sextile Neptune, Pluto trine Jupiter, and Saturn trine Neptune.
The Sun is conjunct Pluto. This is a year of needed transformations in all areas of organization. Sun conjunct Pluto also says that criminal, underworld characters are at play in it and advises to stay clear of criminal activity. The hard aspects also tell us that this is a year for needed break throughs in face of complications, and challenges. Notable figures will leave the scene forever. We can anticipate plenty of political arguments, conflict and fighting; it does not necessarily mean a new war coming, but could. If the forces in the world opposing such conflict back down there can be a new war; it hangs in a balance. The year promisses to be turbulent. There will be increasing conflict between the tyrants and those who protest them. Saturn's opposition to Jupiter shows ambivalence in business. We can expect business still to be unstable.
Looking at the easy side, the Sun trine Jupiter brings prosperity and growth. Jupiter and Saturn in good aspects with Neptune give hope for social and economic reform. Pluto trine Jupiter reforms and resolves complications. There is reason for hope.
There are 4 planets in cardinal signs, 3 planets in fixed signs, and 3 planets in mutable signs. The Sun and Moon are in cardinal signs. The year brings a lot of activity and change. Moon in dexter square Sun is forcing break throughs. Uranus behind the Moon says that we can expect some changes to be disruptive and occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Moon between Uranus and Jupiter says improvements are coming; the future looks better than the past. The Moon is in her 1st mansion. This brings many changes in business. The job market will be changeable. The Moon in this position encourages us to be proactive. Don't look for miracles; make them happen.
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