Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Astrological prediction for June elections in Greece

As noted in an article in Der Spiegel (http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/greece-to-hold-new-election-in-june-after-coalition-talks-collapse-a-833373.html)  new elections will be held in Greece, probably on June 17th. The lunation chart prior to the election was drawn up to see what is unfolding. The lunation prior to the election is the lunar eclipse of June 4th. The eclipse at Athens is at 1:04 EET.

The lunar eclipse is at 14 degrees Sagittarius in the 3rd house opposite the Sun in the 9th house in Athens. This eclipses international relations; Greece is not about to conform to the expectations of the EU.

The important significators for the outcome are Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn is at 23 degrees Libra in the 2nd house exactly trine Mercury at 23 degrees Gemini in the 10th house; Mercury rules the 10th house. Jupiter is at 28 degrees Taurus in the 9th house conjunct the Pleiades. The chart favors the working class and the poor, as shown by Saturn, over the conservative and wealthy international class, as shown by Jupiter. Jupiter conjunct Pleiades spells trouble; it gives the conservative Eurocrats something to grieve about. Mercury in the 10th house trine Saturn in the 2nd shows the Government of Greece coming around to the people. It is only a matter of time before Greece defaults. The time for that, if not sooner, will be toward the end of this year.

Saturn in the eclipse chart is exactly conjunct the natal position of Greece's Uranus. Mercury is also trine that position of Uranus. Uranus in the natal chart of Greece (July 24, 1974 at 4:00 EET) is in the 4th house. The Government is changing radically in face of popular opposition to the austerity measures.

Jupiter in the eclipse chart is exactly square the natal position of Greece's Mars. Mars in the natal chart is in the 2nd house. This shows huge losses that cannot be prevented, much to the dismay of the international community. Greece is in revolt. The election will not favor the EU.

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