Friday, May 4, 2012

What the full moon of May 6th shows

The full moon occurs on May 6th at 3:36, GMT. May 6th is Super Sunday, a day of key elections in Greece, France, and Germany. Planets showing general political trends are Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter, representing the wealthier, more conservative forces, is peregrine, combust, in a critical degree, and opposite the Moon, thus in a fairly weakened condition. Moon opposite Jupiter shows that the position held by the conservative economic forces is approaching a turning point.
Saturn, representing the poorer people, and the working classes, is exalted, yet retrograde; opposite Mercury and trine Venus. Saturn is in a somewhat stronger position than Jupiter.
Saturn and Jupiter are in a quincunx aspect, showing that adjustments must be made. Status quo is going to change.

Using Geodetic equivalents, Mercury is at the zenith of Athens opposite Saturn at the nadir. This shows severe disagreement between the people and the Government. No option is going to work now. The election is going to bring out more despair.
Looking at the national chart of Greece, Saturn in the full moon chart is conjunct Greece's natal Uranus in the 4th house. The discontentment is being galvanized. The trouble connects to foreign involvements. Uranus rules Greece's 9th house. Nothing offered at this election will resolve the crisis in Greece.

Looking at the national chart of France, the Sun and full Moon form squares with France's natal Uranus at 15 degrees Leo. This stresses the economic crisis in France. Neptune in the full moon chart is at 2 degrees Pisces, exactly square France's Mars. Mars rules the Mid-heaven of France's national chart. This presents a major threat to the current Government. Transiting Neptune is also opposite France's Pluto. The country is deeply discontent.

In the chart of Germany we see Uranus coming to opposition Germany's Sun. Uranus is now at 6 degrees Aries. Germany's Sun is at 9 degrees Libra. Because Uranus turns retrograde at 8 degrees Aries in July, it doesn't reach the exact opposition with Germany's Sun until April, 2013. From there Uranus will make square aspects with Germany's Neptune and Saturn.

The current changes in Europe will weaken and compromise Frau Merkel's position in Europe. It may take another year to completely undo her Government. Using geodetic equivalents Uranus comes to the zenith at Berlin in two years, or April 2014. Germany will undergo some deep changes up to and through that time.

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