Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan in Astrology

The real problem in Ryan's chart is the T-square involving opposition Jupiter/Saturn, both square Sun and Venus in conjunction. Saturn is in the 5th house, Jupiter in the 11th; Sun and Venus in the 2nd. Jupiter is the ruling planet involved in the T-square. His ruler, Jupiter opposite Saturn, square his Venus, with Neptune conjunct the ASC make him a candidate for cancer, beside a trickster in the money department.

His Neptune conjunct his ASC rules his 4th house, and Saturn is moving toward his 4th house. This orients him to his community, the community he represents. He acts out their ideals: those of Ayn Rand and the Neo-Cons. He champions their agenda. The Neptune conjunct ASC is trine Mars in his 4th house and sextile Pluto in his 10th, Mars and Pluto are not in opposition. He fights for his ideal, and community. He identifies with his community (Neptune ruling the 4th conjunct the ASC). The problem is that community that sets itself against the majority of the people. Ryan fights for the neo-con gang of which he is 100% a part.

Neptune is semisquare Mercury in the 2nd house. But, the stronger aspects to the 2nd house are Sun conjunct Venus both square Jupiter and Saturn. Venus square Saturn is the most difficult. It makes for very complex issues over love and money, using others, being hurt, feeling unloved, hurting and abusing others, being denied and denying. Also Venus is combust. He is not all too happy. Neptune on the ASC says that he is not what he seems to be. His personal and ideal outlook based on striving for his gang covers over a deeply unhappy condition in his life. The T-Square, if unworked out, can convert the Neptune/ASC trine to Mars into a force of sheer madness.

Where Neptune is in a person's chart is where the person can fool him/herself based on the house Neptune rules. In Ryans case, he fools himself based on his community (4th house), family, father, and end of life.
Ryans ASC is at 0 degrees SAgittarius. 0 degrees any sign is a threshold, not knowing what is inside. Ryan is naive in a fundamental way. With Neptune on his ASC at 00 degrees, he entertains unrealistic fantasies involving his outlook in life based on his community. He is deluded by the people, or community, that support him. Neptune rules addictions. Ryan's addiction to the fantasies of Ayn Rand is screwing his ability to see. Sagittarius rules seeing.We could say that Ryan, with ASC at 00 Sagittarius conjunct Neptune, is blind.

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