Monday, August 20, 2012

A Chinese astrological portrait of Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller was born on July 17, 1917 at 1:00 AM. The Chinese astrological signs for her year, month, day and hour of birth are Fire Snake, Fire Horse, Metal Monkey, and Fire Ox, respectively. Fire Snake shows a passionate and volatile character. Metal Monkey shows that Ms. Diller was an ingenious thinker, endowed with tremendous strength, who loved to live on the cutting edge. All the Fire in her chart shows her to have been very lively, and at home in the spot light.

The elements in Ms Diller's chart are 6 Fires, 4 Earths, 4 Metals, 2 Waters and 0 Woods. There are 8 yang elements and 7 yin elements. In spite of there being no Wood, the chart is well balanced; this accounts for her long life. But, when Wood showed up in her chart her life, her vitality began to fail. Wood showed up at age 78 and would have stayed until she was 98. She was very strong; she died at age 95.

Looking at the overview of her life, Ms. Diller enjoyed a long period of good fortune, love, and happiness from her late teens through her 40s, her peak cycle being from age 28 to age 38. It was really in her late 70s and 80s that her career began to decline. Her cycle of age 78 to age 88 was Wood Tiger, and her cycle from 88 to 98 was Wood Rabbit. Both of these cycles weakened her. She suffered heart problems. The heart, in the Chinese system is yin Fire. Ms. Diller had an overbalance of yin Fire in her chart. The two Wood cycles from age 78 to 98 simply intensified the Fire until it ended her life; Wood builds Fire.

This year 2012, the year of Water Dragon increased the power of Wood in Ms. Diller's chart, and that intensified her Fire too much. The Fire that gave her life its dazzle and sense of joy took her out of this life as well. Phyllis Diller was an essentially fiery presence.

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