Friday, September 21, 2012

Chinese astrological-I Ching view of the equinox

The year, month, day and hour of this fall equinox reduced to a hexagram gives us hexagram 45, Gathering. While the day and month are in a relationship of conflict, suggesting an atmosphere of general discord, this is a fortunate hexagram for fall. The hexagram has the image of a carp. When the carp jumps over the dragon gate it meets with success. This is a good time for making improvements, for perseverance, to make great efforts, and to see influential people. You must achieve self-renewal by inner efforts.

The hexagram is ruled by yin Metal. Yin Metal is the power of reflection. It means charm and illusion. It is artful. This is a time for socializing, parties, and polite interaction. Yin Metal is wine and perfume. It is also the cutting edge of fashion. Look and act your best to tune in and make progress. Trust your feelings but don't over estimate your luck. If it comes to contracts make sure you read the small print. This is a romantic period, but it could also come to naught when the glamor wears off. Reflect.

The total count of elements in the Hexagram with the day and month is 5 Metals, 2 Waters, 3 Woods, 6 Fires, and 7 Earths. Earth is strongest. The hexagram needs to build Water. Strong Earth shows lots of building up of resources. But, if the resources are not used correctly the energy will become stiffled and  give cause for grief. Building Water means building up your business. Focus on, and put your energy into your creative interests. Find avenues for expressing yourself in productive ways. Wood element is good. That means that money is circulating. The 6 Fires against the yin Metal advise bravely, but politely taking a stand in face of challenges. Diplomacy is essential.

The 'Self' line of the Hexagram is Snake. The day is Dog, and the month is Rooster. Self must produce. This may be exhausting. Neither the hexagram nor the trigram in which this Snake is found support Snake. Snake is facing Dog and Rooster. This means that without nourishment Snake must build in order to gain. Don't ask for too much; go forward with what resources you already have. Snake is lucky, nonetheless. It has a good relationship with Rooster. Good fortune comes in the long run if you play your cards right. Be far-sighted, not short sighted.

The advice is to have a goal, to specialize, to be receptive to spiritual impulses and let yourself be drawn into what you instnctively know you should be doing. Don't second guess yourself. Inner work for self-improvement will help you achieve a better foundation if you need it. You must rely on and trust your own resources while allowing yourself to be drawn into what feels most appropriate. Face whatever challenges you meet courageously.

In feng shui the hexagram points to the North area of your home, room, or office. Put something green in the North to encourage harmony and encourage the development of money.

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