Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Pisces new moon of 2013

The new moon occured on March 11 at 7:52 PM GMT. It was in Pisces. There were six planets in Pisces at the time: Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, and Mars, putting tremendous concentration in one area of the zodiac, thus expressing the Piscean qualities at this time everywhere in the world. Typical Piscean characteristics include trust, subservience, self-sacrifice, unselfishness, confusion, being imposed upon, being burdened by thankless tasks often self-assumed. Pisces gives understanding and sympathy. Pisces is changeable; nothing is certain in it. The new moon in Pisces marks a good time for sensing things out and allowing for possibilities of change in ways that are unanticipated. Nothing is certain in the world at this point. Changes will come nonetheless. Trust intuition.
Mercury at the new moon is retrograde. It is also square and in mutual reception with Jupiter in Gemini. This produces a lot of wasted thinking, plans made and changed, and confusions that will have to be tolerated for the time being.
Mars at the new moon is at 29 degrees Pisces. This shows that Mars is at the end of his tether, and apt to make impulsive moves later regretted. Mercury retrograde guarantees changes of mind and lots of regrets. The best thing is to be flexible and open to new ideas and possibilities while biding time.

The north lunar node is at 19 degrees Scorpio, conjunct the star Serpentis. 19 degrees Scorpio is the most malefic degree in the zodiac. It means that the way things are going we can get into hot water. This is a forewarning. The spring equinox chart shows the moon forming a T-Square with Uranus, Mars and Pluto, a violent aspect pointing to developments in the months ahead.

The new moon in the UK happens in the 6th house, the planets in Pisces spanning the 5th and 6th houses, bringing all this Piscean energy into the areas of diplomacy, services and labor. Saturn is in the 2nd house retrograde and in mutual reception with Pluto in the 3rd, while Jupiter is in the 8th. Jupiter is the dispositor of all of the planets in Pisces resonating in the areas of international finances and debt, with nothing constructive being done, just a lot of noise. Saturn retrograde in the 2nd house sextile and in mutual reception with Pluto has a cooling affect on the economy, but is not altogether bad for it. Rather, it seems to favor some significant real estate deals, Mercury retrograde notwithstanding.

The new moon in the US puts Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, and Mars all in the 8th house of debt. Mercury in the 8th house is square to Jupiter in the 11th. There is a lot of bickering and lying, and useless quibbling in Congress, none of which will accomplishing anything but wasted time and money; the country is at a loss.

The new moon in Bruxelles, therefore the EU has Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Sun in the 5th house of diplomatic dealings. Mercury in the 5th house is square Jupiter in the 8th showing useless discussions about the debt with no solutions. Saturn rising in the 1st house in Scorpio shows a a lot of frowning characters unable to figure their way out the mess they made.

The new moon in Moscow has Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Sun in the 4th house of the land itself. Mercury in the 4th house is in zodiac square and mundane trine with Jupiter in the 8th showing that all the confusion about money is being used to Russia's advantage. Russia is developing her resources, most probably in the area of oil and gas. Saturn in the 1st house is in mutual reception with Pluto in the 2nd. The outlook is restrained, secretive, and seriously involved in financial plans for the future.

The new moon in Beijing has Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 2nd house with Mercury square Jupiter in the 4th house. Big financial developments are afoot, and they involve a precarious housing bubble that is beginning to implode. Neptune in the 1st house says that the outlook is confused. Saturn in the 9th house in mutual reception with Pluto in the 12th shows trouble behind the scenes involving foreign interests overshadowing the Government that may be running into possible trouble, as shown by the north node conjunct the star Serpentis in the 10th house.

The new moon in Sydney has the Moon, Sun, Mars, and Uranus in the 1st house. The new moon is conjunct the Ascendent, marking a new beginning in Australia. Mars in the 1st house shows the mood impatient especially with regard to finances, possibly involving international dealings. Mercury in the 12th house is square to Jupiter in the 3rd showing misleading news from the media and Government connected with land and real estate. Could be tricky dealings going on behind the scenes.

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