Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Astrological insights into the Boston Marathon bombing.

A chart (using the Koch house system) made for this unfortunate event in Boston 2:50 PM EDT, April15, 2013 shows the following. Mercury, Uranus, Sun and Mars were in Aries in the 8th house, and the Moon was in Gemini, intercepted in the 10th.

The event was deliberate (the Moon was applying the sextile the Sun, ruler of the 12th house).
The Moon waxing tells us that the activity will gain impetus, registering more and more to slowly complete activity in the matter in hand. There is a great deal of investigation going on.

The Moon was between Jupiter and Saturn, showing that a well-intentioned act in the past falls short now. The party involved appears to have split off from a larger group in order to take independent radical action, probably an alien. There is defiance in it appearing to come from behind the scenes arguments, vexatious developments, disobedience, a break, and rash actions.

The Moon in the last decanate of Gemini says that the action, while sudden, was long planned, and long thought out.

The Moon in the 10th house and intercepted shows a public event, but triggered in secrecy from within a room or vehicle or enclosure nearby. It may have been triggered from a cell phone.

The Moon in the Aquarian decanate of Gemini shows someone taking radical action, or a radical, anarchistic, rebellious, eccentric, extremist type taking action. It shows change without notice that is disruptive and political. Whoever did this appears to have taken advantage of the bomb drill happening that day.

The nature of the event is shown by the Sun. The Sun in the 8th house, ruling the 12th shows large scale damage, involving deaths and injuries, and involving investigations. It also may point to public moneys, books under examination, bankruptcy and financial losses.

The 12th house shows the event involving misadventure, clandestine activity, ambush, behind the scenes hushed-up matters, and persons represented as social misfits, unfortunates, criminals, ambushers, informers and liars, and involving misinformation, and the police.

The stellium of Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Mars in Aries in the 8th house is extremely violent. Sun conjunct Mars in Aries is deadly. There is much to question in this event. It is not wise to jump to conclusions and use the event to promote a pet theory. Something very underhanded,  secretive and criminal appears to be involved in  it. There are those who will use this event opportunistically to push their political agendas.

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