Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Aries new moon in astrology

The new moon in Aries occured April 10 at 10:36 AM GMD at 20 degrees 41 minutes Aries. We had a stellium of Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in Aries, with the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in conjunction, producing a tremendous force that works both creatively and destructively. Sun, Moon and Mars together, in Aries, is brilliant, and shows little patience. The conjunction with Venus does little to temper it. Mars with Sun is extremely hot; there will be some violent storms. 20 degrees Aries is in the 2nd lunar mansion, producing enmity, courage, recklessness, and ambition. This month will be marked by dramatic events. The stellium of Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in Aries points to countries ruled by Aries, namely UK, Germany, (France), Poland, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Japan, and in the United States the mid-Atlantic region. The Stellium in Aries strongly favors taking intelligent action. Six planets in cardinal fire is potentially violent.

The new moon in the UK occurred in the 11th house. There will be heated debates in Parliament. The ruling party is at odds with Labor.

The new moon in Bruxelles, affecting the situation in the EU occurred in the 10th house. We have in the 10th house Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Moon, and Mars. There will be heated arguments in top circles of Government in Europe. Mars warns of violence, and possible military or police activity. There will be much trouble in Government, and the possible death or removal of a notable figure. Europe is in turmoil.

The place where the new moon is most interesting, however, is in east Asia. In North and South Korea, and in China the new moon was in the 7th house with Mars. This is a warning that the situation around North Korea, unless checked, will heat up dangerously. The charts of North and South Korea have the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in the 7th house. Mars rules the 7th house, and Venus rules the 1st in both charts; Venus and Mars conjunct and applying to parallel one another. This points to the danger of conflict. The chart of China has Uranus on the 7th house with Uranus, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus in the 7th house. China cannot help but become involved in an emergency if this continues. Uranus conjunct the 7th house cusp denotes an unexpected emergency in foreign affairs, causing agitation in the country. Uranus is square Pluto in the 4th house of the Chinese chart. This is potentially very troubling for China. The stellium of Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus are in the 6th house of the Japanese chart. If conflict erupts on the Korean peninsula there will be trouble in Japan as well; Uranus and Mars in the 6th house denote explosions and accidents. Uranus is square Pluto in the 3rd house denoting trouble in the neighboring territory. The situation in the far east is very delicate. The Ascendant of Japan is at 26 degrees Libra, a critical degree. If trouble breaks out in Korea it will be experienced as a crisis in Japan.

The new moon in the USA occurred in the 1st house. There we find Mercury, Uranus, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus all in the 1st house. The new moon in the 1st house denotes many changes in the country, and much activity this month. Conjunct Mars, the new moon points to much unrest and discontent. Public health is not good, and affairs are not going well. The new moon, Mars and Venus are in interception in the 1st house denoting frustrated activity. Uranus is square Pluto in the 10th house. The affairs of Government, especially involving international financial deals, debt, austerity, and matters of taxation, are at odds with the people. The incumbent party and its opposition are working together in this. Mars in the 1st house is warlike. The people are angry. And if the situation in the far east gets worse the US will have something to do with it, but is unlikely to go to war.

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