Friday, May 10, 2013

The Taurus solar eclipse in astrology

The solar eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus occurred at 1:21 AM GMT on May 10. It was in conjunction with Mars and Mercury at 14 and 17 degrees Taurus, respectively. And it was widely opposite Saturn at 7 degrees Scorpio. The eclipse was visible over eastern Australia, New Zealand and across much of the Pacific, affecting the Ring of Fire where we may expect increased seismic and volcanic activity. The affects of the solar eclipse last over one year.

Where the eclipse appears in the angles of the chart (the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses) is where it has noticeable physical affects in the earth itself. Accordingly, the eclipse appears in the 1st house in Tehran, Iran, in the 4th house in Reykjavik, Iceland, in the 7th house in San Francisco, California, and in the 10th house in Tokyo, Japan and Sydney, Australia. There will be increased seismic and volcanic activity in Ring of Fire in the western Pacific and along the coast of north America and down into Mexico and beyond; there will be earthquakes in Iran, possible volcanic activity in Iceland and/or the Canaries, and possible tremors in the mid Atlantic and Caribbean.

The chart for Iran amplifies the prediction of earthquakes there from the lunar eclipse of April 25. A significant earthquake will very probably happen in the area around Iran, the Caspian sea and the Caucasus this year.

The solar eclipse in the middle decanate of Taurus conjunct Mars opposite Saturn is violent. A traditional reading of a solar eclipse in this part of Taurus points out dangers to travelers, and to women in childbirth.

The solar eclipse in the UK is in the 3rd house. it brings increased dangers of accidents in connection to roads and railways. Stocks in railways may lose value. It also spells losses in areas of literary undertakings, including publishing ventures in books, newspapers and magazines, and internet activity. There is also plenty of arguing and anger on the streets. The 4th house of the UK chart is at 25 degrees Taurus, conjunct the star Algol, saying that quarreling goes to the point of people losing their heads.

The solar eclipse chart in the EU as seen from Bruxelles is almost the same as in the UK. There is a lot of arguing going on. The 4th house cusp of the Bruxelles chart is at 29 degrees Taurus, conjunct the Pleiades. This says that the quarreling becomes a weeping matter.

The solar eclipse in Iran has Mars, Mercury, Sun, Moon, and Venus in the 1st house. Mars is closest to the Ascendent. The country is in a warlike spirit. Mars opposite Saturn in the 7th house is extremely unfortunate. It causes the people to become discontent. There are possibilities of riots, terrorist activity, crimes. The people are angry. If Iran is attacked this year it will be extremely unfortunate.

The solar eclipse in Australia, as well as Japan, has Mars, Mercury, the Sun, Moon, and Venus in the 10th house. An eclipse in the 10th house spells defeat of the current Government. Mars in the 10th house opposite Saturn brings much trouble to the Government, and a notable death in the highest of circles, possibly in the Government.

The solar eclipse in the US is in the 6th house with Mars and Mercury in the 6th house as well. This is unfortunate for the working class; there is an increasing sense of discontentment; the job market is weak. The general health of the people will suffer; Mars, Mercury and the eclipsed Sun in Taurus show a mood of depression. The eclipse in the 6th house also suggests that there may be a notable death in military circles, and that military affairs will tend to be unfortunate.

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