Friday, September 6, 2013

The Virgo new moon

The new moon occurred at 7:37 AM EDT in DC. Sun and Moon were in the 12th house sextile Jupiter in the 10th house. This shows possible benefits coming to and from public institutions this month. But Jupiter being opposite Pluto and square Uranus limits the benefits.

Mars is in the 11th house square Saturn in the 2nd house. There is serious fighting in Congress (11th house) having to do with the nation's future (2nd house) and with financial problems the country is facing.

Pluto is retrograde  in the 4th house square Uranus retrograde in the 7th. The country reacts against the idea of war. Uranus afflicted in the 7th house is bad for foreign affairs. It depresses foreign trade, damages foreign relations, and it threatens war. Because Uranus is retrograde, war at this time is not altogether likely. Retrograde denotes backing down.

Jupiter in the 10th house is afflicted. It doesn't show war, but it does show financial difficulties and damage to the national honor.

Venus is conjunct the star Spica in the 2nd house. This says that as bad as the economic picture looks there is reason for hope in the future.

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