Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall time in Chinese astrology

Chinese fall season began on August 7, with the new moon. The Chinese seasons run as follows. Spring  starts on February 4, Summer starts on May 5, Fall starts on August 7, and winter starts on November 7. The Chinese seasons start mid-point the western seasons, and the western seasons start mid-point the Chinese seasons. So, for example, the fall equinox comes exactly mid-point the Chinese fall season.

Metal is the element of fall. Metal is contractive in energy. It sets boundaries and is reflective. It is the cutting edge. It is the time of harvest and slaughter. Metal is weapons. It is also mirrors and cosmetics. So Metal also represents high fashion and fine arts as well as wines and delicacies.

The signs for the year, month, day and hour at the beginning of this fall are Water Snake, Metal Monkey, Wood Snake, and Earth Tiger, respectively. Because these signs yield 14 yangs and 2 yins this fall is dynamic. It favors taking initiative and acting creatively.

The element count of the chart has 5 Metals, 4 Waters, 2 Woods, 3 Fires, and 5 Earths. The general force is contractive, so it is best to focus on specific aims and not veer off course through this season.

The vital element shown in this chart is Water. It favors home, education, and research.

The chart has one knife blade. It is in a position that warns of accidents, possible disasters, and danger to children especially later in the season.

The weather may become unusually cold, and there are indications of either much rain or snow periodically through the season.

To modify the worse predictions, the chart has three Tien Yi stars. Tien Yi is a deity whom all demons fear. She is the luckiest of all stars and resolves most predicaments.

The chart also has the Proper Authority deity. This favors people working in civil service, government, administration, management, and legal and legislative fields.

The chart also has Robbing Star. This warns of increasing crime through the fall.

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