Sunday, April 27, 2014

The 4/29/14 solar eclipse as seen in Chinese astrology

The solar eclipse on April 29 at 8 degrees Taurus comes at a time of sharp cosmic tension due to a grand cardinal cross involving the planets Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, respectively. The eclipse is visible over Antarctica, Indonesia and Australia. It presages crises with forced changes in the world over the coming months; also increasing seismic activity and storms. This eclipse presages trouble in business and trade, and destruction to corn and other food crops as well. There is growing tension between west and east. Western sanctions against Russia would be a very bad sign if they happened.

As seen in Chinese astrology we are in the year of Wood Horse; and the eclipse, being a new moon, marks the month of Earth Snake. Earth Snake, in itself, is a violent combination. The combination is called Knife Blade. In the earth it indicates violent events like earthquakes and storms. In the human world it indicates bad-tempered, arrogant people being angry and reactive. In the political and business spheres we will see insane behavior increasing over the coming months.

Earth Snake and Wood Horse combine to generate strong Earth and Fire. It is hot and dry. We will see great heat developing the coming months that will cause disastrous storms especially in the Indian ocean and western Pacific.

Looking at this from another angle, Earth Snake is a combination that produces Wood. And Wood Horse is a combination that produces Metal. Metal kills Wood. The sign of the year clashes with the sign of the month. This clash forces change. The Earth in Earth Snake also combines with the Horse of the year to produce opportunities for prosperity through all this discord. This means that this is a time for aggressive opportunists. Crisis brings opportunity. The force generated by this eclipse is very dynamic and should be used intelligently.

To see how this eclipse moon interacts with you personally you want to have your own western and/or Chinese astrological chart drawn up and read. But, generally speaking, Earth Snake interacts most favorably with Ox and Rooster, more or less favorably with Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, and Dog, and it clashes with Rat, Tiger, Monkey and Pig, and, because Earth Snake is a knife blade combination, it clashes with Snake. Knife blade means no tolerance. Be careful of getting into fights.

The year, month, day and hour of the eclipse, according to the Chinese calendar, when reduced to an I Ching hexagram gives us hexagram 21, line 6. Hexagram 21 is called Biting Through. It is am omen of disaster. It advises making sacrifices to get rid of evil spirits and bad influences. In other words, it means let go of bad attitudes and behaviors now. Worry will dissipate; happiness will come. The hexagram also speaks of criminals thrown in jail.
The 6th line of this hexagram warns of the danger of being deaf to counsel. It gives the image of someone's neck being locked in an instrument of torture and unable to hear. It means bad luck for the heedless and arrogant. Incorrigibility brings bad luck.

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