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An astrological view of autumn equinox

Autumn equinox came on September 23 at 9:22 AM, GMD. The charts give a vastly mixed picture. This is what appears.

The Sun at 00:00 Libra, in the same degree as the north lunar node 00:53 Libra, and Saturn at 00:23 Sagittarius, points to a potentially fateful, or fatal event coming this fall. Any planet, especially a malefic (in this case, Saturn) in the same degree as the lunar node, no matter from which sign, points to a fatality. Both the Sun and Saturn are approaching exact conjunction and sextile the node, respectively. This may point to a number of events all interconnected, but the effect appears fateful, or fatal.
In the US the Sun and north lunar node are in the 2nd house. The 2nd house has to do with the economic conditions of the country and an unstable stock market. Saturn is in the 4th house. The 4th house has to do with the land itself. Because Saturn is there, and, at the time of the equinox is also square to Mars, it could point to a mining disaster, severe weather events, or a big earthquake which, if it did happen, would affect the economy. We must also note that the shadow of the total lunar eclipse coming on September 28 and running across the Americas may confirm this. Other possible readings for Saturn in the 4th house include collapse of a building or failure of elements of the infrastructure, and a general slowing down of the real estate market for the fall quarter, and possibly more houses going into foreclosure.
In the UK and EU the Sun and north lunar node are in the 11th house, and Saturn is in the 2nd house. Saturn is square Mars in the 10th house. This points to upsets in the governments, connected to financial issues. Mars in the 10th house square Saturn, with Mars ruling the 7th house points to volent fighting in Europe. Mars afflicted in the 10th house also points to failures in governance and deaths in high circles. Leaders are in disgrace, and are losing the support of the people.
In the region of Moscow down through the Middle East the Sun and north lunar node are in the 10th house with Saturn  conjunct the Ascendant and in the 1st house. There are huge upsets in the government circles. It is probably pointing at Syria. Saturn in the 1st house square Mars in the 9th house points to religious conflicts. Terrorism will continue with disastrous consequences for many people. Many will be massacred.
In China the Sun and north node are in the 7th house with Saturn in the 9th house square Mars in the 7th. This brings challenges in international relations and trade.

A mitigating aspect is found with Venus. Venus in Leo is in mutual reception with the Sun. But, as it doesn't take the Sun out of the degree of the north node, the mitigation does not entirely save the day. What Venus in mutual reception with the Sun does is make the entire situation more flexible. What Venus does, since she is the Sun's dispositor, and because she forms trine aspect with Uranus, is soften the otherwise bad signs. In the end you can say it could have been much worse.

Venus is the dispositor of the Sun. Venus' aspects will therefore bear on the situation, and in this case, in a favorable way. Venus is forming a trine aspect with Uranus, bringing great luck and a stroke of genius.
In the US Venus is in the 12th house and Uranus is in the 8th. This points to spiritual forces working for the good of this land and people. Because the Sun is in the 2nd house it points to increasing prosperity. The stock market will behave erratically, but there will be gains, possibly windfalls. Also, the Moon is in the 5th house, forming a trine aspect with the Sun. This is very fortunate. Whatever upsets are coming in the US this fall will be mitigated by these aspects. Jupiter is in the 1st house of the chart for the US, showing an increase in business and trade, and increasing prosperity. But, Jupiter is in opposition with Neptune in the 7th house. This dampens the upswing to a degree, and warns of treachery, schemes, double dealing, and secret plots from rogue foreign sources, possibly involving hackers or cyber attacks.
In the UK and EU Venus is in the 10th house with Uranus in the 6th. It is possible that the turmoil and violent disturbances that will be developing will force the governments to pay better attention to improving services for their own people.
In the region of Moscow down through the Middle East Venus is in the 9th house with Uranus in the 5th. This points to diplomacy. This will help mitigate the violent situation so that it does not blow up altogether.
In China Venus is in the 7th with Uranus in the 2nd. The stock market may take some surprising turns, have some welcome surges. Venus in the 7th house points to foreign investors. The Chinese chart for the equinox has the north node, the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus all in the 7th house. This gives tremendous emphasis on Chinese foreign relations this fall.

Mercury at the equinox was retrograde. It was applying to square Pluto. This is not a good sign. It points to treachery in diplomatic and business dealings.
In the US Mercury is in the 2nd house with Pluto in the 5th. This shows crooked stock market manipulations. Venus is the dispositor of Mercury. Venus is trine Uranus. The insiders stand to gain huge windfalls.
In the UK and EU Mercury is in the 12th house with Pluto in the 3rd. This points to lying, media manipulation, and potential dangers of terrorist activities in the streets and in public transportation. Pluto, in Capricorn and intercepted in the 3rd house, points to the underground, possibly meaning subways and tunnels. Venus, the dispositor of Mercury, is in the 10th house trine Uranus in the 6th. The governments will do well to avoid strikes and insubordination in military and police services. Both Mars, ruler of the 7th house, and Venus, ruler of the 1st house, in the 10th house of the UK and EU charts point to troubles that the governments will face coming from their own people and from foreign elements. Mars square Saturn in the 2nd house shows serious economic pressures and wide spread poverty. Jupiter in the 11th house opposite Neptune in the 4th shows agitation against the government coming from people.
In the region from Russia down through the Middle East Mercury is in the 11th house with Pluto in the 2nd. Pluto rules the 12th house, and Mercury rules the 7th. It shows international criminal financial dealings for the sponsoring of terrorist groups. The fact that Mercury is retrograde makes it more underhanded. Pluto is at direct station, giving this fact tremendous emphasis.
In China Mercury is in the 10th house with Pluto in the 2nd. The Government is connected unfavorably with secret money and market manipulations.

Pluto was at direct station at the equinox. Because it is in Capricorn, it gives tremendous emphasis to matters of political and corporate organization. The direct station greatly accents the affects of Pluto through the fall season. While we have seen some of this already in the US with Boehner announcing that he is stepping down, and the ugly noise around Martin Shkreli, we find in the equinox chart of Australia Pluto in the 10th house square Mercury in the 7th. International treachery will cause extremely difficult problems for the government. Pluto in the 10th house square Mercury in the 7th, and square Uranus in the 1st house could bring strikes and violence. The people are becoming fed up.

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