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Astrological view of the lunar eclipse of September 28, 2015.

The lunar eclipse happened at 3:39 AM, GMD, September 28, or 10:49 PM, EDT, September, 27. It was at 4:39 Aries. The effects of the eclipse last three months, or through the entire fall season on and off depending on planetary transits to the eclipse degree.

The eclipse was visible from central Asia, west across Europe, West Africa, the Atlantic, North America and South America, as well as part of Antarctica. The total eclipse was visible in Western Europe, West Africa, the eastern part of North America, and all of South America.

The eclipse was at the zenith of the sky at the longitude of Montreal, New York City (ca.74 degrees west), and down through the Caribbean, and through Colombia and the western part of South America. This may cause seismic and volcanic activity in areas along that line that are prone to such. It is possible that earthquakes can be triggered along other fault lines in North or South America as well. The eclipse can also cause fires, and/or volcanic eruptions. It will also bring violent weather. A hurricane may come to the east coast of the US.
The eclipse was opposite Mercury retrograde in Libra, and trine Saturn in Sagittarius.
Saturn was forming a T-square with Mars and Neptune. Mars was the Moon's dispositor, therefore significant. The Moon trine Saturn invites the T-square to manifest.  A T-square of Saturn, Mars, and Neptune is destructive, potentially chaotic, and does not help mitigate the effects of the eclipse. This eclipse is therefore destructive.
Mercury retrograde opposite the eclipse doesn't help either. It causes stress and poor, dishonest, unreliable, and broken communication.

The eclipse at the zenith at NYC is significant for the world, as NYC is a major financial capitol, and is the main seat of the UN. Aries, the sign in which this eclipse happened, is also in the mid-heaven of the chart of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). The eclipse at the zenith in NYC brings trouble, quarrels, and unpopularity in and to the government, and is problematic for business. The eclipse opposite Mercury retrograde in the 5th house causes diplomatic tensions, quarrels, bad faith, confusions, and agreements and decisions that won't long be kept. Lots of vain posturing went on in the UN. The stock market will continue to behave erratically this fall.

The eclipse was in the descendant in the Middle East as seen in the eclipse charts for Egypt, the entire Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. This eclipse seriously aggravates already violent activity in the region. International relations there are unstable and are prone to change. The eclipse opposite retrograde Mercury in the 1st house there says that no one can be trusted to keep their word. Trickery is the order of the day along with enmity and rivalry. It is also a dangerous time for the House of Al Saud. This eclipse is also extremely unfortunate for women in the region.

A lunar eclipse in the 1st decanate of Aries points to fires. It produces sensational public events, quarrels, fights, riots, murders, wars, movements of armies, squandering of money, deaths of heads of states, and insanity.

Countries ruled by Aries, therefore also affected by this eclipse, include England, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Syria, and Israel. The cities of Florence and Naples are under Aries as well. There could be an earthquake in Italy.

The eclipse in the charts for the UK and EU is in the 8th house, opposite Sun and Mercury in the 2nd. Huge amounts of money are being lost. This eclipse is unfortunate for the governments. Many deaths will come to the people. There could be sickness. This eclipse is bad for the health of Europe as a whole this fall. It also brings an increase in crimes of violence. It also points to the death and/or failing of a woman in a high position. Merkel is in a bad position.
In the UK and EU charts Mars is rising conjunct the Ascendant opposite Neptune in the 7th house, and square Saturn in the 4th. Jupiter is also in the 1st house opposite Neptune. In a nutshell, Europe and the UK are in turmoil. It is violent, and it involves those who are coming into Europe from abroad.

The eclipse in the chart for Washington DC is in the 11th house opposite Sun and retrograde Mercury in the 5th. This affects Congress adversely. There is a loss of a member shown. Boehner announced his resignation just before the eclipse. There may be a death in that circle as well. The eclipse also points to loss of this county's popularity abroad, and to the possible loss of an ally. There is also a lot of discord between the parties now. Neptune, in this chart, is in the 10th house opposite Mars and Jupiter in the 4th house, and square Saturn in the 6th. This is bad for the Government. The Government loses power and/or popularity. The square of Saturn to Neptune and Mars points to tensions between the Government and the military. It also points to discontentment among the working class, and much illness coming up in this country this fall.

The repercussions of the eclipse will be short and sharp, as none of the slow moving planets will set it off.
Venus will oppose and trigger the eclipse degree November 12.
Mercury will oppose and trigger it October 16. The Moon will oppose and trigger the eclipse degree October 11.
Mars will oppose and trigger the eclipse degree November 19 - 21.
The Moon will square, oppose, square, and come then to conjunction the eclipse degree every week. The effects of these aspects can gradually lessen over a three month period.

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