Sunday, March 6, 2016

An astrological picture of the GOP in 2016

The Republican party, or GOP, was born on March 20, 1854 at 6:30 PM LMT, in Ripon, Wisconsin, its main objective at that time being the abolition of slavery. Because of the current turmoil in that party, I drew up its natal and progressed charts to see how it shows up and how it might resolve.

The natal Ascendant of the GOP is 4 degrees Libra. There is a lunar eclipse coming on March 9, 2016 at 3 degrees Libra. The eclipse is not visible in the US, therefore won't act destructively on the GOP chart, but, it will signify an important development in the GOP's outlook this coming spring.

The outstanding transits on the GOP's birthday, March 20, 2016 are Venus conjunct Neptune at 14 Pisces, both conjunct the GOP's natal Neptune, and these opposite the transiting Moon, and transiting Jupiter. This shows the party not in the happiest of moods, in a state of confusion, and laboring under no small degree of underhandedness.
It is very significant to note that 2016 - 2017 marks the GOP's Neptune Return. Not exact this year, Neptune returns to its original degree and minute, 14:02 Pisces, in May, 2017. Because Neptune in the natal chart is in the 6th house, the Neptune return brings out the critical question, who are you serving?

In the progressed chart, we find the progressed Mars trine to natal Venus. When the party was born, Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant, was in tight opposition with Mars, foreshadowing the coming Civil War. This year, 2016, we find Mars trine the natal Venus. It gives the party the ability to go forward into new territory, to have success with the public, to make new agreements and deals, accept challenges, take a stand, and profit by using dynamic energy.

In the converse progressed chart, we find the converse progressed Ascendant, conjunct converse progressed and natal Uranus, square converse progressed Mars. These are potentially disastrous aspects that demand revolutionizing, and can break up the party.
Converse progressed Saturn is square natal Venus warning of serious errors of judgment, unfavorable publicity, harsh criticism, and huge losses of money, The old guard appears to be killing the party.
Converse progressed Venus is sextile natal Jupiter to tell us that all is not doom and gloom, and that the party will do well to expand its vision.

In the Directed chart we find the Ascendant conjunct the natal Neptune, and the Descendant, conjunct Mercury opposite the natal Neptune, pointing out, yet again, the underhandedness of unscrupulous people causing chaotic conditions to undermine the party's better interests.
The directed Mid Heaven is square natal Neptune. This gives very bad publicity to the party. The worst things are being said.
The directed Mars is square natal Uranus. The factions of the party champion lost causes, and many in the party are upset and angry.
The solar arc directed Moon is sextile the natal Sun and square the natal Mars showing opportunity born out of conflict.

The party is being crippled, and needs to be revolutionized.
Transiting Uranus comes to trine the natal Moon this April 2 - 18, and then again next November 27 - January 29, 2017. This does bring new ideas.
Another hopeful sign is that Jupiter enters the 1st house of the natal chart in later September. This will give the party a more hopeful outlook.

Come November, the progressed Moon forms no aspect; the converse progressed Moon forms square to converse progressed Sun; the directed Moon form trine to natal Sun and Mercury, and square to Natal Venus. The party is struggling.

All in all, it looks like tremendous conflict through which the party has a good chance of being renovated, reorganized, revolutionized, and/or regrouped. There is the danger that it will fragment, and it will be very difficult for the party to get a handle on the treacherous elements that are undermining its better interests at this time. The party is in turmoil. And it is not the fault of Trump. He didn't invent the heavens, nor did he found the GOP. He's sailing on rough seas. And the country is in turmoil.

This article in no way offers to predict who will win the upcoming election.

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