Thursday, March 10, 2016

An astrological view of the solar eclipse of March 9

The solar eclipse came on March 9 at 2:07 AM GMT. It was at 18:56 Pisces.

A solar eclipse in the middle section of Pisces, according to tradition, presages tidal waves. This eclipse was fully visible over Indonesia. There is a strong probability of seismic and tsunami activity coming to Indonesia and that region as an effect of this eclipse. It could also cause a volcanic explosion. When this happens could be this month, or any time within a year at most, as repercussions of solar eclipses tend to spin out over time.

And eclipse in Pisces unleashes chaos.

The effects of this eclipse for the world in general, looking at the planetary aspects are as follows.

The eclipse in Pisces is exactly opposite Jupiter in Virgo. The polarity of Pisces and Virgo has generally to do with labor and services, public health, food, and military services.
Pisces has generally to do with issues of asylum, hospitals, prisons, charitable institutions, crime, secret military, and terrorism.
Virgo has to do with health, food, military services.
The eclipse opposite Jupiter points to serious upsets in the migrant situation, probable terrorist activities tied to transportation, streets, roads, bridges, ships. The situation is a big mess.
The eclipse is exactly conjunct Germany's Moon (of the chart of German political unification of 10/3/1990). So, this eclipse brings trouble to Germany's legal system, law courts; shipping and trade relations; and foreign relations, overshadowing and potentially upsetting affairs of the federal government. The Moon is also the people in general. The people, as shown by this eclipse, are very deeply distressed. The eclipse may divide the people.Germany is in for a year of trouble. Merkel will probably be voted out in the upcoming elections.
The eclipse also points to epidemics, possibly affected by migrant populations, or by deliberate criminal activity.
There will be food shortages, possibly tied to failed crops, problems with food processing, and/or problems with international food transport.
There will be large losses of money spent on migrants. This will increase the general poverty.
Crime will rise.
Secret military activity will increase.

Jupiter is involved in several aspects that are triggered by the eclipse. These are as follows.
Jupiter is closing a tight square with Saturn.
Juipiter is quincunx Uranus, and Saturn is trine with Uranus.
Jupiter is trine Pluto, and Pluto is square Uranus.
In a nutshell, these aspects point to a spike in underground criminal activity, especially theft, involving people in high places. It also suggests huge sums of money being used for secret criminal activities possibly linked to terrorist activities.

At the eclipse, Mercury was also applying to conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is Mercury's weakest sign. In conjunction with Neptune, lots of confusion, trickery, and lying especially running through the media can be expected. In the political situation, this can mean rampant underhandedness, and scandal mongering.

The effects of this eclipse, especially for NYC, are bad for the market. The eclipse, as well as Mercury and Neptune, show up in the 5th house in NYC. The 5th house rules speculation. What is means, in a nutshell, is that the stock market will be erratic through the coming months. We see both Mars and Saturn in the 2nd house. Mars is square Mercury and Neptune. Saturn is square Jupiter and the eclipse. Fluctuations will involve some sharp drops.

The upside of this is that there are a lot more events in the heavens that can mitigate this one's effects. I would not, however, advise wearing rose colored glasses, Pisces notwithstanding.

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