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Theresa May: Chinese astrological portrait

Theresa May was born on October 1, 1956 at 10:55 AM. (The astrological time of her birth was rectified by Theodore White).
The Chinese signs of the year, month, day, and hour of Teresa May's birth are  Fire Monkey, Fire Rooster, Metal Ox, and Water Snake, respectively.
She was born in the 8th lunar month on a day designated as fair and stable. This characterizes what she wants: to be fair, just, and to keep things stable. This is her essential motivation.
The chart has 7 Metal, 3 Water, 0 Wood, 3 Fire, and 3 Earth. There is an extreme imbalance in the chart between Metal and Wood. She can have quite a delemma taking sides. When Wood comes up in progressions she has difficult challenges. This imbalance of Metal and Wood can cause her to change sides expediently to adjust to, or take advantage of wherever it is she feels power, or to get around difficult conditions. The chart shows that she can be unstable, taking one side or another. She's a good negotiator. But this quality can also bring her career into turmoil.
Predominant Metal makes her shrewd, cutting edge, sharp, and skillful. No Wood brings up big challenges for her in years and cycles that bring up Wood. Such cycles show up for her between her ages 18 to 38, and then between 58 to 78. As you can see, she, at age 60, is currently in a Wood cycle. She needs to exert command, and she will get stiff opposition from several sides.
Theresa May's ruling element is Metal. She was born on a day of Metal in Metal Season, and Metal overwhelms her entire chart. Her vital element is Water. Water would have signified children if she were able to have them, but, because, as her chart shows, she wasn't able, it signifies her career. Her career is of vital importance to her life.
May's chart deity is called Amiable. This defines her career. While she is generally friendly, she is very independent. She will shift alliances according to what is expedient. She acts independently, and her moves can surprise others.  Her birth Star is 7 Metal. This makes her a shrewd judge of character. She is a subtle, sociable, and cool character. She is able to weigh the different sides with equanimity. She is highly sensitive, questioning, and resourceful. It takes her a long time to make up her mind, and she does not trust easily. Her decisions and insights can take others by surprise. She is very happy in her work, and thrives among those who work enthusiastically along with her. Where others are unsupportive, she will tend to lose interest. She succeeds by shrewd planning and perserverance. She has excellent social skills and is appreciated especially in her professional circle.
She has strong self-discipline, is clever, and is an able leader. She shines in Government. She has good foresight. Her chart, nonetheless shows that her career may tend to be unstable and tumultuous.
There is a Knife Blade in her chart. It shows that she can be unbending, obstinate, and resentful of others' opinions, and that she can be a risk taker.
May's progressed chart shows her from her age 58 to 68 to be in a Metal Rabbit cycle, and from 68 to 78 in a Metal Tiger cycle. Both of these show her forced to stand up and assume the position of power. Metal Rabbit (58 - 68) completely revolutionizes her career. This year, 2016, the year of Fire Monkey, is a pinnacle year for her. Metal Rabbit, the sign for her cycle, 58 - 68, galvanizes her personally. Metal is her birth element. She is very strong. Rabbit, however, a Wood sign, promises to make this a challenging period. It will test her mettle. She's got opposition to contend with. Her Administration will not be uneventful. She, however, is tough, commanding, and shrewd. She can even be cold and ruthless.
2016 is a pinnacle year for May. She is strong. Her vital element is abundant this year. It is very fortunate for her career.
2017 looks like a dramatic year for her career. It is the year of Fire Rooster. May was born in the month of Fire Rooster. Rooster fights with Rooster. She will have much to contend with. Her vitality is strong in 2017; she will take a dominant position and will shine out; she will show strong discipline and cleverness; and will be able to get a good following, which is needed. She has a huge job in reforming and unifying the diverging trends in the Government. 2017 looks like a make or break year. The 10 year cycle she is in, from 58 - 68, Metal Rabbit, being opposite the sign of her career at birth, Fire Rooster, is transformative for her career, and could possibly break it. The sign of 2017, Fire Rooster, is the same as the sign of her career at birth chart: Fire Rooster. 2017 appears to be critical. It brings her career into a crisis make or break point. She has a lot going for her, however, therefore a good chance of succeeding. Her birth star, 7 Metal, is also in the house of 2 Earth, showing every step she takes making it better and better, while every step could be hard. 7 Metal in a year of Rooster is in a good place and has protection.
Looking beyond 2017, 2020 is a pivotal year in May's life.

Raphael Simons.  www.raphaelsimons.com

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