Monday, August 3, 2009

A Chinese Astrological Portrait of President Obama

Allowing that the given date and time of his birth is correct, President Obama was born in the year of Metal Ox, month of Wood Sheep, day of Earth Snake and hour of Wood Dog. The predominant elements in President Obama's chart are Fire and Earth. These elements give him a big heart and the ability to take in huge amounts of information. President Obama is an intuitive type. He has the ability to see the entire picture in a flash and to act on the spur of the moment. He also has a tendency to worry a lot and to want to take care of everybody. To him the entire nation is family and he aims to do right by it, at least according to his vision of what right means. President Obama has learned to be tough through emotionally difficult times in his life. He has power to earn respect and to break through all barriers. His chart has a configuration that shows up in Chinese astrology in the charts of many historical heroes. In other words, he's a heroic type. He is authoritative, aspiring, vigorous, alert, firm, persevering, highly competitive, combative, decisive and bold. He is not afraid of hardship, and he loves challenges. He upholds justice and stands up under pressure. Under extreme pressure he may become intolerant, especially toward those who work under him. He intends to get his way as best as he can. He tends to be rigorous and places great emphasis on discipline. Those working under him will find it difficult to keep pace with him. President Obama glows with vitality. He is bent of carrying things through to the end. He has the distinctive ability to envision the future and will work tirelessly to make what he sees come true. He is in tune with the mass of people of the land and he champions the underdog. Because he lives and thrives in an atmosphere of challenge, he is sure to invite and meet up with serious opposition along the way. President Obama's opposition may try to destabilize his career, but will not be able to derail it. At worst, he can escape unscathed. He has great luck.
The astrological indications for President Obama in 2009, the year of Earth Ox, point to challenging times. President Obama's energy, foresight and determination are being tested. 2009 is characterized by ups and downs for President Obama; it is an adventurous year and he is turning a corner. He has plenty to worry about. People around him whose help he wants are not all in agreement with one another or with him. Political divisiveness seriously challenges him. This kind of opposition, however, is nothing new to President Obama; DC is his playground. All the trouble he is having is making him stronger and more resourceful. Trouble with opponents will build up through the year. In 2010, the year of Metal Tiger, troubles previously kept quiet will surface to intensify the challenges. The second half of 2010 will be marked by fighting; President Obama will be confronted by loud and trenchant opposition as he nears mid-term. This will be a precarious time for the Democratic party and for the people working under President Obama as he grows less tolerant and puts more pressure on them in face of the opposition; his leadership will be put to the test. In the second half of 2010, President Obama will be entering a new 10-year cycle in his Chinese astrological chart. This new cycle shows probabilities of surprising events to come. While President Obama's vitality and creativity will increase he will have some fights, or major challenges, to deal with, especially in the years and months of Tiger, Snake and Monkey. If President Obama is re-elected, and he is most probably going to be, the years of Snake (2013) and Monkey (2016) will come in his second term. When challenged, President Obama will act decisively to overwhelm his opposition. The year of Metal Rabbit, 2011, shows President Obama all the more forceful in driving his agenda forward. If he is thwarted in getting his way, 2011 will be fraught with frustrations for him. The probability is that 2011will show a combination of the two, i.e., he will get his way to large measure and he will be angered by attempts to undermine him.
President Obama acts as a catalyst in this country. It is most likely that we will see the economic conditions changing for the better and becoming healthier through the coming months and years even though President Obama's detractors would have us believe otherwise. It is highly probable that President Obama will be re-elected for a second term.

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