Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lunar Eclipse of August 5th-6th, 2009

The Lunar Eclipse, at 13 degrees Aquarius, was penumbral, meaning the earth's shadow didn't entirely cover the surface of the moon, but what appeared was a ring of light around a dark center. The eclipse was partially visible in North and Central America at Moonrise (right after Sunset); it was completely visible over most of South America, the entire Atlantic, most of Europe except for Finland and Russia, all of Africa and most if the Arabian Peninsula; and was again partially visible at Moonset, i.e., at Sunrise on August the 6th, in western Asia, including western India, western China, and the far western part of Indonesia. The eclipse appeared at the zenith over Reykjavik, Iceland. If the eclipse has any affect on earthquake or volcanic activity anywhere in the world it will have some connection to pressures exerted in this part of the earth. There is a volcanic seam on the bottom the mid-Atlantic and Iceland; the eclipse was directly above this volcanic seam. Iceland is situated in the north mid-Atlantic, and is a volcanic island.
As far as the possible political affects of the eclipse go, in the mid-heaven, or zenith, of Iceland, it points to an upset, and possible defeat of the government there due to that country's financial troubles.
The eclipse over Washington DC occured in the 12th house calling attention to crime and instigators of crime in the country; subversive elements; kidnappings for ransom; spies and a behind the scenes condition - a skeleton in the closet - known only to the Government. The dispositors of the Eclipse Moon in Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn. These planets are in the 1st and 7th house of the chart for Washington DC. Mars is applying to exact square aspect with Saturn from the 4th house. Mars in the 4th house denotes trouble for the Government coming from those who are in angry opposition to the Administration. It also points to fires in public buildings, mining disasters and Earthquakes. There very probably will be more earthquake activity in the US coming up as seen from this eclipse chart. Mars in the 4th house adversely affects the land, buildings that sit on the land, and the real estate market. Because Mars squares Saturn in this chart, the affects of Mars will be greatly intensified. Eclipses in fixed signs (and Aquarius is a fixed sign) are more likely to touch off earthquake activity than eclipses in cardinal or mutable signs. Saturn in the 7th house of the chart for Washington DC is unfavorable for foreign affairs and produces awkward and unexpected complications of a serious nature. Uranus in the 1st house of this chart denotes turbulence and discontentment among the people. What is most noteworthy in this chart is that Saturn and Uranus being the dispositors of the Eclipse Moon in Aquarius come to exact opposition with one another from the 10th to the 17th of September. It is probable that by mid-September international affairs will become more complicated than they already are, and the people will be more restless than they already are.
On the other side of the world, in Delhi, India, the eclipse happens just below the western horizon in the 6th house. This spells trouble for the public health and the general condition of the working classes. There is also trouble brewing in India in the police force.
The affects of a lunar eclipse last about three months on average. For each of us personally, the eclipse, unless it exactly aspects our natal planets, means nothing personal. If you have a natal planet at 13 degrees Aquarius and the eclipse conjuncts that planet, the affairs of that planet will be upset periodically for three months. If you have a natal planet at 13 degrees Gemini, Libra, Aries, or Sagittarius, the eclipse will trigger very positive affects in your affairs. If you have a planet at 13 degrees Leo the eclipse will frustrate the affairs of that planet from time to time for three months.

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