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Chinese Autumn Season, 2009: A Chinese Astrological Report

Chinese Autumn began this year on August 7th at 18:07 Beijing time, or 05:07 AM ET. The Chinese seasons always start at the middle of the Western calendar seasons. That is why Chinese Autumn arrives so early. In the context of western astrology, the Chinese seasons begin at 15 degrees the fixed Zodiac signs, Autumn beginning at 15 degrees Leo, Winter beginning at 15 Degrees Scorpio, Spring at 15 degrees Aquarius and Summer at 15 degrees Taurus. In the Chinese system, Autumn is the season of the element Metal. Metal contracts and expells.
The signs for the Autumn chart are as follows: the year is Earth Ox, the month is Water Monkey, the day is Wood Monkey and hour is Fire Rabbit. The predominant elements in the chart are Earth, Metal and Water, and the chart is predominantly Yang. This means that the energy this Fall is strongly and actively concentrative and intent on expelling everything non-essential; more people may lose their jobs. The natural course this Fall will be for all matters to settle, and for non-essentials to be eliminated. The chart, having so much Metal and Water is cold. Fire is weak. Therefore the season calls for Wood. Wood is the vital element for this Fall. That means that it is essential to make decisions. Matters must now be settled, decisions must be made and non-essentials must be thrown out if you are to stay in harmony with the Tao of the time.
Reduced to an I Ching Hexagram, the signs give us Hexagram 44: Coming to Meet, line 1. Its message is: curb evil at its inception. Where you find evil entering your life, check and correct it immediately. If you let it run its course unchecked, it will cause you misfortune.
This Autumn season favors people with a solitary character and those who work in independent professions. This, according to the traditional Chinese indicators, includes teachers, psychics, mediums, astrologers, metaphysicians, scholars, doctors, researchers, people who work behind the scenes, writers, designers and librarians.
Despite its severe indications, the chart has two Tien Yi, or Sky Medicine Stars. Tien Yi is the luckiest of all the stars; it resolves predicaments. The chart also has Tian de Gui Ren, or Heavenly Virtue Star which helps to stabilize life and clear away obstacles. This star is especially good for women who are getting married.
The chart also favors studies and travels as well as friendly interactions between people in business.
The chart, having strong Metal, but relying on Wood, also says that Western powers are strong, but depend on cultivating the creative potentials in the East. In other words, what happens in Asia is key to unlocking the power of the West at this time. Without the needed help of Asia the world will stagnate.

Looked at from the standpoint of the individual signs, the Autumn season, for those born under the sign Pig or Rat, means this is a time for you to increase your knowledge and develope your resources. It is favorable for Pig to work creatively and to be decisive this Fall. For Rat it is important, not only to generate your resources, but to accept the help of friendly people and to avoid conflicts; don't try to force your way against odds now. Both Pig and Rat, needing insights, will benefit by seeing the astrologer or psychic this Fall.
For those born under the sign Ox this is a time for saving up money and for turning your attention to your work. You may be very fortunate if you do.
For those born under the sign Tiger or Rabbit this is a time to assert yourself against odds while yielding to conditions you can't control. For a woman Tiger or Rabbit, this may be a season of love. For Tiger this Fall favors traveling, changing residence, and/or going forward with new work. It may also be a more favorable period for you financially. For Rabbit this Fall calls for creative activity.
If you were born under the sign Dragon this Fall favors you in business and encourages you to build up your money. It is best if conditions in your personal life be peaceful now if you are going to do that, however.
If you were born under the sign Snake or Horse this Fall is the time for you to pay attention and make money. For Horse this is also a lucky time for romance. And for Snake this is a good time for studies and any academic activity, also for using your intelligence to solve any problem you might have in your personal life and/or career.
If you were born under the sign Sheep this is a good time for creative work and for building up your money. It also favors receiving help from friendly people; a door may open for you unexpectedly.
If you were born under the sign Monkey or Rooser the Fall favors building up yourself, and circulating among your peers while acting independently and welcoming competition in business. Monkey may be especially lucky in resolving problems and will find others willing to help when needed. Friendly people are coming your way. For Rooster this is an especially lucky season for romance.
If you were born under the sign Dog this is a season to work hard and build up your money. The elements of the season will give you strength.
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