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Astrological view of the super moon on 3/19

The full Moon is on March 19th at 6:11 PM GMT. It is called a super Moon as it is far closer to Earth than normally, and therefore exerts an especially strong magnetic pull on the Earth. The Moon is below the equator at about 5 degrees South declination. 5 degrees South may affect the area of Northern Peru and Southern Equador. Notwithstanding, the strong magnetic force of the super Moon will affect violent events of one kind or another on the entire planet. Confirming this, we find that the full Moon and Sun are exactly square the Nodal Axis and they are also exactly square the Lunar Eclipse of 12/21.

It is also important to note that at the time of this super Moon Jupiter and Saturn are within close orb of opposition to one another. The opposition of Jupiter and Saturn is triggering more Solar activity. The Solar flares to come will activate more Earth activity.

The full Moon is also in tight opposition with Uranus at 00:26 Aries. Exactly square the December 21st Lunar Eclipse (29 degrees Gemini), the super Moon will trigger more repercussions from that eclipse, the most recent being when Uranus was at 29 degrees Pisces square the eclipse degree at last week's earthquake and tsunami with all its catastrophic developments.

The Lunar Eclipse on 12/21 occured at 12:00 Noon over Japan. This guaranteed that Japan would be struck by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions within three months. It has happened. The super Moon will probably bring more. It will affect the Ring of Fire. The latitude of Japan is between 130 degrees and 148 degrees East. These latitudes also include Kamchatka Pennisula, Eastern Indonesia and New Guinea, in other words, the Western side of the Ring of Fire. The super Moon will trigger more activity in this and other regions.

Looking at the chart for Japan, the full Moon and Saturn are in the 8th house with Mars, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd house. This shows a tremendous loss of wealth for Japan and a spike in the death rate. The Moon afflicted by Uranus shows coming panic and many deaths. The full Moon activating the 12/21 Lunar Eclipse may possibly bring more seismic activity in Japan. It is also possible that the situation of the nuclear reactors will turn for the worse.

Looking at Pakistan we find the full Moon in the Mid Heaven. Opposite Uranus, this full Moon brings potential seismic activity to the region, and it says that there is a lot of popular unrest and trouble in the Government. The Government is unpopular. Moon afflicted in the Mid Heaven shows scandals in Government circles. The Moon opposite Uranus in the 4th house shows that radical revolutionary forces are in opposition to the Government. Uranus is on a critical degree. This means that the opposition to the Government is critical and very dangerous. There may be another assassination. The Ascendent is at 29 degrees Scorpio bringing a weeping matter to Pakistan and the part of Assassination is at 19 degrees Sagittarius exactly square Mars. There will be a notable act of violence. The picture is ominous.

The full Moon and Saturn in New Zealand are in the 7th house opposite Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury in the 1st house. In light of the eclipse of 12/21, this full Moon may bring more seismic activity to New Zealand as well.

We also note that Mars will be at 29 degrees Pisces on April 1st. That may also trigger a repercussion from the 12/21 lunar eclipse. This full Moon is contributing to it.

Looking at the UK, the full Moon at Greenwich is on the Ascendent opposite Uranus in the 7th house. There are earthquakes in Britain sometimes. The Ascendent in the new Moon chart for UK is at 29 degrees Virgo exactly square the 12/21 eclipse, and the Mid Heaven in the new Moon chart for UK is at 29 degrees Gemini exactly in conjunction with the 12/21 eclipse. The entire country is in a state of tension and the Government is having no small degree of trouble. We note that the eclipsed Moon on 12/21 in Britain was just below the Western horizon, and the super Moon of 3/19 is just above the Eastern horizon. This is an interesting configuration. It says that British relations with foreign powers are at a critical juncture.

Greenwich is at 00 West longitude. Following that line South, we cross through Western France, Spain and Portugal and down into Western Africa. This entire region has the super Moon on the horizon. Any area in this region prone to earthquakes is now vulnerable. Whether earthquakes happen or not can here not be said with any certainty.

The full moon chart for Libya has the moon in the 12th house opposite Sun and Uranus in the 6th. Saturn is rising in the 1st opposite Jupiter and Mercury in the 7th. Mars is in the 6th. It points out fires and accidents and insubordination in the military. Afflicted Moon in 12 points to crime. Uranus in 6 points to explosions with loss of life. Saturn in 1 opposite Jupiter produces distress, poverty, disease.

Looking at the US, the full Moon is in the 3rd house opposite Uranus in the 9th. This warns of an increase in road accidents and a possible air crash. Uranus in the 9th house also suggests an emergency situation arising in one of the states.

A Johndro locality chart was made for California. In California we find the full Moon on the 7th house cusp opposite Uranus in the 1st house. We also see the meridian, i.e., the Mid Heaven and the Nadir exactly in conjunction with the Lunar Nodes, the Mid Heaven conjunct the North Node. There is the danger of an earthquake on the West Coast.

Looking further in the US, the super moon appears at the nadir opposite the Sun and Uranus in the 10th house in the entire Western half of the continental part of the country from approximately 95 degrees West to the West coast. This possibly will bring seismic activity to whatever areas there are that are prone to such. The area of the West as shown by the super Moon is also experiencing a great deal of political tension, as the charts show opposition to Government.

95 degrees West longitude also extends down into Mexico in the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca. The super Moon is therefore at the nadir from this area westward to the Pacific coast including California Baja.

All of the above delineated charts point to areas on the earth that may have seismic activity as a result of the 12/21 lunar eclipse as activated by this super Moon. The Western side of the Ring of Fire appears to be most vulnerable.

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  1. Well said, Raphael. You've pinned the tail on the donkey. This world is in utter chaos at this point and this Super Moon has show it quite clearly. Thank you for your clarity. Warmly,Eileen