Monday, March 7, 2011

March madness in mundane astrology

The New Moon occured on March 4th at 8:47 PM GMT; 3:47 EST. It is the third lunation of the winter quarter.

We note that Saturn, now Retrograde, is exactly conjunct Saturn's position in the Winter Solstice and Solar Eclipse charts of Dec. 21, 2010 and Jan. 4, 2011, respectively. This times a reconsideration of judgements involving organizational affairs made by governments and businesses at the beginning of the winter. The controlling powers (including the bankers) are stepping back for reevaluation.

We also note that the new Moon is exactly sextile the January 4th Solar Eclipse degree (13:38 Capricorn) and that that Solar Eclipse was square Saturn. This enables the Eclipse square Saturn to act now; business organizations, government and law are working together in ways not altogether favorable for the world. The Solar Eclipse square Saturn and now the lunation quincunx Saturn tell us that mistakes in judgement will have a price. Saturn in Libra shows where there is potential for serious trouble to develop. China is ruled by Libra.

The lunation is also trine the Winter Solstice position of Venus. This increases wealth for certain people.

In the lunation chart itself we note that Neptune is 28:58 Aquarius and the North Lunar Node is 28:58 Sagittarius, exactly sextile to the minute. Very remarkable. What this is saying is that there is absolute certainty of nefarious activities going on in the area of Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules the Arab countries. What is being reported by the media is not at all what is happening over there. There is no small degree of undercover treachery happening. Nefarious, underhanded plots are being hatched. The North Lunar Node is square Uranus at 29 degrees Pisces denoting explosive developments. Note: Uranus at 29 degrees Pisces is exactly square the Lunar Eclipse degree of December 21, 2010 at 29 Sagittarius. Impatience leading to precipitous actions is to be anticipated. The people are at the end of their tether and are thus open to being manipulated by the secret forces precititating the so-called revolutions.

What the above is saying, in a nutshell, is that some are getting rich through the trouble in the Arab countries while injustice weighs heavily upon the people of the world.

This month of March, 2011, during the current lunation period, we note Saturn is coming to exact conjunction the US natal Saturn at 14 degrees Libra. It is Saturn Return time for the USA, in other words, a time of recogning. Saturn comes to 14 degrees three times this time around. The first time was late November and early December, 2010. This second time is from March 20th to April 2nd this year, and the third time is from August 20th through 29th this year. The one happening March 20th to April 2nd is by far the most interesting. Jupiter comes to opposition Saturn between March 27th and 31st; Jupiter will be at 14 degrees Aries, Saturn at 14 degrees Libra. Especially interesting, 14 degrees Libra is China's position of Neptune and Mercury; Neptune rules China's 2nd house, in other words, their money. This Saturn Return is generating a serious matter of concern between the US and China and it will bear upon the entire world. It is also important to note: The opposition of Saturn and Jupiter, that directly involves the US and China, is in affect at the Spring Equinox. This means that the complicated affair between the US and China over trade and money will take the entire astrological year, starting this Spring Equinox (March 20th), to develop. Watch US-China trade and financial relations this year.

Even more interesting, in light of the above, we note: Uranus is going into 00 degrees Aries on March 12th and will be on that degree until March 28th. This means that the Spring Equinox (00 Aries) the Sun will be exactly conjunct Uranus while Saturn is opposite Jupiter to intensify the nature of the events that will unfold during the year. Again, watch the relationship between China and the US. The playground is called Oil. Oil is wealth. The value of the dollar is going down. The price of oil is going up. The turmoil in the Arab countries as well as the developing tension with China is tied to the deteriorating condition of the dollar.

A very interesting point to note about the exact conjunction of the Sun and Uranus at the Spring Equinox is that it puts a very special Arabian Part on the Ascendent everywhere in the world. This Part is called the Part of Catastrophe. For the astrologers, it is calculated: ASC + Uranus - Sun. There will inevitably be sudden, violent, even catastrophic events in the world this year.

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