Saturday, March 26, 2011

Horary astrological view of Germany's future

A horary chart was drawn up on March 26th at 5:05 MDT in Albuquerque NM (106W39; 35N05) to look into the question of Germany's future in light the condition of the Euro and the EU bailouts coming up. As shown by Saturn rising retrograde in the 2nd house of this chart serious and repeated trouble is coming up; it involves money and the need to protect the national security. Saturn mutual reception Venus says that Germany will look for the way out.

Venus is the ruler of the 2nd house. We see her at 29 degrees Aquarius in conjunction with Neptune in the 6th house. The 6th house says the coming matter is distressing. Both Venus and Neptune at 29 degrees is saying that those in distress are at the end of their tolerance. Venus, denoting the money, conjunct Neptune shows loss. Neptune rules the 7th house of international relations. The German economy is being drained by the untenable demands of the EU. This is going to cause big political trouble for the current Government.

The Moon in this chart is forming square aspects to Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter and Mercury are in the 8th house. Jupiter rules the 4th house and Mercury rules the 10th. The 4th house is the people and the 10th is the Government. The people are at odds with the Government over the matter of economic losses. Frau Merkel's Government is already becoming unpopular. The federal elections coming in 2013 are happening at the time when Pluto is in conjunction with the Euro's Sun at 10 degrees Capricorn. The Euro will be in big trouble. Because of the severe consequences of the bailouts of Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain, involvement in the EU will become extremely unpopular amongst the German people and that will bring them into conflict with the current Government. It is not out of the question if the Mark is restored.

The Moon in this chart is in Capricorn square to Saturn in the 2nd house. This brings severe economic demands on Germany, depresses the markets and makes inroads in German business and industry.

Germany's ties to the EU may be seen in the relation between Mercury and Jupiter in this chart, also between Mercury and Neptune. Mercury rules the Ascendent, meaning Germany itself; Jupiter and Neptune rule the 7th house, meaning the other nations of the EU. The Moon is square Jupiter and Mercury. This brings strife to Germany's relations with the other members of the EU. We also see in the 7th house Mars and Uranus. Mars in the 7th house reaffirms strife, and denotes possible breakings of ties. Uranus is coming to square Pluto. This denotes crisis conditions developing in Germany's relation to the EU. The EU is in a weakened condition. The German people will have had it. We can see the problems in the EU reflected in the degree of strife that is now developing between the German people and the Government.

We also note, Jupiter is in opposition with Saturn. Jupiter rules the 4th house. The 4th house is the end of the matter. The opposition of Jupiter to Saturn spells serious losses of money and a breaking of economic ties. Saturn in mutual reception Venus shows Germany getting out of the burdens. The people will force the Government to change its relation with the EU.

The Moon afflicted in Capricorn in the 5th house also shows the German cultural scene suffering seriously from the imperialistic designs of the EU that have been draining Germany of its wealth. Watch the German people. The days of Merkel's Government and its entanglement with Bruxelles are numbered.

Raphael Simons

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