Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter season 2012-2013 in Chinese astrology

Chinese winter season began this year on November 8 and will end on February 4, 2013. This year, the year of the Water Dragon has 13 lunations. While Chinese new year often begins in Chinese spring season, this year began in winter season. It contains two beginnings of springtime, February 4, 2012, and February 4, 2013. The year of Water Snake begins on February 10, 2013. This is a long year.

The new year chart for Water Dragon showed a strong overbalance of Water element. This points to cold and wet conditions. This winter brings it out. The new year chart had 7 Water, 3 Wood, 2 Fire, 4 Earth and 1 Metal. 7 Water suggests floods, and a very cold winter later this year, especially on the east coast of North America and in Europe. So far we have had a devastating storm on the east coast with massive flooding in which many tens of thousands of people lost their homes, and now there are floods in the UK. At the beginning of the Water Dragon year Europe was experiencing an arctic winter.

At the beginning of the winter season, at around November 8th, the east coast of the US, and areas of the mid-west and Canada endured a hurricane with devastating floods. Now there are floods in the UK.

The chart for this winter strongly reemphasizes Water element. The winter chart made for the US has 6 Water, 2 Wood, 1 Fire, 3 Earth, and 4 Metal. The winter chart made for the UK has 7 Water, 2 Wood, 0 Fire, 2 Earth and 3 Metal. Water is extremely overbalanced. The East coast of the US, Canada, and the UK, not to mention Europe, will probably experience severe coditions this winter. Water element is particularly strong later in November through January.

In the realm of human emotions, this intensity of Water comes out as fear. Fear will pervade social and political relations this winter. Water is also secretive. That means that much will not be revealed directly, and a lot of false information aimed at arousing fear will circulate. All the end of the world mania that has been developing is seen in the imbalance of the elements in Nature. It doesn't mean the end of anything. But it does mean that people are collectively expressing the negative negative side of Water. The positive side of Water is CONCENTRATION and CALM REFLECTION. The part of wisdom tells us that through this intense energy we can reflect calmly so that we can become better attuned to the natural course that will bring us to grow later on.

If you wish to apply this understanding to fengshui, it would make perfect sense to clear a space in your home where you can sit, walk, stand, and/or lie down and bring yourself into a state of calm, clear reflection and concentration. The appropriate color for this energy is deep blue. Giving into fear takes in the poison of the Water Element. The poison of Water element causes bone, nerve, and brain disorders, sexual dysfunction, and falling hair. Time of Water calls for collecting, concentrating and bringing the Chi to stillness. Do this even though the world is prone to fits of terror and hatred now.

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