Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The solar eclipse as seen in astrology

The solar eclipse at 21 degrees Scorpio was at 10:19 PM GMT, November 3. The affects of a solar eclipse unfold over one to three years, the first year being the most significant. 21 degrees Scorpio is in the 3rd decanate of that sign. A solar eclipse in the 3rd decanate of Scorpio denotes the rise of a tyrant, and the hatred of the people against their rulers. We now have in the United States a surprising movement of people to secede. It won't happen at this time, but it is an ominous sign of the deep discontentment of the people that has been brewing for years as well as secretive maneuvering involving certain individuals in the military, political circles, and the Government.

The eclipse happens in the 19th lunar mansion. This lunar masion, called Azarala, unsettles commercial activities, but favors the persuit of personal ideas; it is a good time to go hunting, as it were. Mars, the dispositor of the eclipse is forming sextile aspect with Neptune. This favors the adventurous spirit that the eclipse is showing.

Scorpio, the sign in which we find the eclipse, is ruled by Mars and Pluto. The aspects of Mars and Pluto are Mars sextile Neptune, and Pluto square Uranus. These say that the affects of the eclipse are mixed good and not good. We see also that Mercury is retrograde and is exactly square Neptune, and that gives Mars licence to do some pretty adventurous mischief, so the eclipse has an air of danger of treachery. The square of Mercury and Neptune is very significant, as it denotes fraudulence and underhandedness in world affairs. It also denotes scandals happening everywhere.

The eclipse was visible in the far southwestern Pacific, and passed over northern Australia. It reached total in Australia at 9:19 AM on November 14, in the 11th house. This denotes upsets in Parliamentary affairs. Mercury is also in the 11th house and, square to Neptune in the 3rd house, denotes deceptions by the press. There are also dangers of mishaps while traveling, especially on water. Mercury retrograde also rules the 10th house. Applying to square Neptune, who rules the 4th house, it appears the Prime Minister or other leading figure in the Government would wish to avoid a potentially chaotic quarrel with the opposition; some ugly and distorted things will come out. The media in Australia, as shown by this eclipse, is in the dark, and is distracting the people and lying about something. Mars is in the 12th house showing trouble behind the scenes.

The eclipse in New Zealand was at 11:19 AM in the 10th house. It is telegraphing a significant earthquake or volcanic eruption to come over the course of the year. The solar eclipse in the 10th house is also very unfortunate for the Government. The eclipsed Sun rules the 8th house of this chart, and denotes the death of a leading figure in the country, very possibly someone in the higest circles of the Government.

The eclipse in the UK and the EU was in the 4th house denoting the land itself, and the opposition to the Government. Harsh winter conditions will develop. The eclipsed Sun rules the Ascendent of this chart. This denotes that the people are tremendously upset. Serious problems in the Eurozone are coming. Pluto will transit the Euro Sun and UK Sun to bring worse turmoil in this region in December and into 2013. Pluto is square Uranus. Deep organizational crises are working out. Greece is at the brink of defaulting. It may happen in December. In the eclipse chart for the UK and EU we have Mercury square Neptune in the 7th house denoting treachery and double dealing on the part of foreign powers. Mercury rules the 2nd house. The 2nd house is the treasury and banks. Double dealing involves money and banking. Europe is vulnerable to international crime, plots, schemes, secret attacks, and scandals.

The eclipse in the USA was in the 6th house with Mercury in the 6th house square Neptune in the 10th. A scandal in the military involving the Administration is unfolding. The press is involved as shown by the Moon ruling the 3rd house of the chart. The eclipse happens in interception in the 6th house. This shows that the trouble is very deep and that much of it escapes attention. There is more to it than is being revealed. Mercury ruling the 2nd house square Neptune in the 10th house mutual reception Uranus in the 11th house shows alot of tricky business involving the economy, the Congress and the Executive branch of the Government. The eclipsed Sun ruling the 4th house is showing that the opposition to the President, while eclipsed, is involved in a deep and secret way in what is showing on the surface to be a scandal involving Petraeus. There appears to be some deep power brokering happening involving the military, the highest circles of the Government, and the economic forces. The eclipse does not show international conflict coming. Jupiter who rules the 7th house of this chart is retrograde and in the 1st house. It shows foreign powers disinclined to conflict with the US at this point. The eclipse Sun ruling the 4th house also shows that the opposition to the Administration is extremely discontent. The Sun at 21 degrees is on a critical degree. The discontentment is being experienced as a crisis. This explains the secessionist movement.

Mercury is the ruler of the Ascendent of the USA eclipse chart. Mercury is retrograde. The people will back down. There won't be any secession at this time. The movement is running into confusion as shown by Mercury exactly square Neptune. It is possible, from what this chart looks like, that people in the Government and/or military are involved in this secessionist movement. The eclipse Sun rules the 4th house. The 4th house is the opposition to the Administration. The eclipse happens in interception in the 6th house. It involves the military, and interception means secrecy. It is this writers opinion that there is a connection between the recent firings of Petraeus and other high ranking military personel and the secessionist movement; it is possible that the secessionist movement is in part triggered by individuals connected with the military and opposed to Obama. This is more complex than it may appear to be.

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